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Best Betting Sites in Belgium for 2023

Belgium is a country full of passionate people who love various things, and sports betting is certainly one of the activities that make them happier. Luckily, there are many sports betting sites in Belgium that bettors can use and each of them offers something unique.

Be that as it may, many fresh bettors don’t know where to begin, and to help them, this text will deal with all kinds of information regarding online betting – how to start betting, how to choose online bookmakers, favorite sports and markets, but also a list of the best sports betting sites in Belgium for 2023.

🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Belgium Players in Sep 2023

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⚖️ Belgium Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Belgium Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

In Belgium, people are fortunate to benefit from a 2011 law that regulates the gambling sector on the Internet. Thanks to this measure, operators wishing to engage in online sports betting on Belgian territory are required to obtain a license from the CJH – the Belgian Gaming Commission. Created in 1999, this institution controls this sector and has the power to sanction fraudulent bookmakers.

The Belgian law of 2011 stipulates that gaming operators wishing to offer online sports betting must meet very specific conditions. Indeed, the latter must, first, be established in Belgium. Therefore, they have no choice but to own a license for their physical games which must be recognized by the CJH. If this is the case, these gambling companies will have to apply for an additional license to offer sports betting on the web.

As a result, bookmakers domiciled abroad are simply not authorized to offer sports betting to Belgians at the risk of being heavily sanctioned. In addition, sites with advertisements that could encourage Belgian punters to place their bets on a virtual bookmaker not licensed by the CJH are also contrary to Belgian law and risk legal action. However, bettors will not be punished by law if they place their bets on illegal bookmakers, but they will then have no recourse if the latter does not pay their winnings.

The Belgian Gaming Commission has a leading role in sports betting legislation on its territory. Indeed, the institution has 3 important missions listed below:

  • First, the CJH has an advisory role to legislators. Indeed, the latter regularly propose bills to them to improve the control of gambling sites.
  • Secondly, this institution has the heavy task of distributing licenses to virtual bookmakers. To do this, the CJH will carefully check the files of the various candidates. The commission will check, for example, the fairness of the available bets, the financial management of the company, the services offered, etc. The institution’s investigation usually lasts 6 months. The CJH distributes 5 kinds of licenses, classified from A to E for physical gambling as well as 3 other licenses for the virtual industry: A+, B+, and F1+.
  • Thirdly, the CJH also works with Belgian legislation. The institution has the possibility to prosecute and sanction dishonest bookmakers. To do this, the commission is placed under the aegis of the Belgian Ministry of Justice. And beware of those who do not respect the law in force since the latter can be sanctioned with a fine of up to €100,000. And that’s not all since they can also be ordered to be banned from carrying out their activity in Belgium – in the most extreme cases, they will incur a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Belgium?

Placing sports bets in Belgium is a legal activity, both online and in land-based bookmakers.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Belgium

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Belgium

It may seem obvious but it is essential to place your sports bets with a quality bookmaker. Be careful when browsing the Internet because search engines are full of bookmakers who do not offer you the same services. To take a concrete example, you must make sure to play on a legal platform that ensures your safety. It would be a shame to lose money unnecessarily on an unscrupulous bookmaker. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the most important criteria to look for.

✅ Types of Bets in Belgium

When you bet online in Belgium, you are entitled to expect your bookmaker to widen the field of possibilities. This materializes in particular at the level of the range of bets offered and the number of odds available. The best Belgian operators put more than 30 disciplines at your disposal, with real prospects for winnings and the presence of all types of bets.

Of course, you will be able to bet on most competitions organized around the world. To take the example of football, which remains the most popular sport among Belgian bettors, you can place bets for the most famous championships (Premier League, Liga, Jupiler Pro League) and for those disputed in more exotic countries (Bolivia, Armenia, Iran, Argentina).

✅ The Bonuses Offered at Belgian Betting Sites Online

As you know, and in accordance with the current law on gambling, we are not authorized to reveal the number of bonuses offered by online sports betting sites in Belgium. However, sometimes a welcome offer is available when you register, whether it is a first bet refunded or a bonus on your first deposit. Going for offers that best suit your capabilities is always recommended.

✅ Mobile Apps

In the space of just a few years, the habits of players have changed considerably. More and more of us are placing sports bets from a smartphone or tablet, and operators have therefore had to adapt accordingly. The best operators put a free mobile application at your disposal, which allows you to bet online with the same comfort.

✅ The Free Benefits at Belgian Sportsbooks

Sometimes there are small details that make all the difference. To start, it is best to consult precise statistics on each match in order to establish your prognosis by having all the elements in your possession. Over time, the cash out has also become essential insofar as this feature allows you to stop a sports bet in progress if you ever doubt the outcome of your betting slip.

Similarly, players appreciate the fact that they can follow certain matches live via a streaming service. Among the other free advantages, the prediction contests are often rich in emotions and guarantee great rewards such as two places to attend a Jupiler Pro League match. Finally, if you like to vary the pleasures, know that your bookmaker can have a space reserved for casino games and poker.

✅ The Quality of Customer Service

If necessary, your Belgian bookmaker must provide you with concrete help at all times. With this in mind, you must be able to count on reliable, practical customer service available 7 days a week. We also believe that this offer must be established on at least two media: live chat and email, email and telephone, or phone and live chat.

✅ Payment Options Available at Belgian Betting Sites

At the same time, each deposit and each withdrawal must be made in a completely secure manner and as soon as possible. Several payment methods are available to you, such as bank cards, transfers, electronic wallets, and prepaid tickets.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Belgium

How to Bet on Sports in Belgium

Many Belgians make money by having fun betting on the most varied tournaments and events on the planet. And the beginnings do not have to be difficult – simply follow this easy step-by-step guide and learn how to make your first bet online.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Choose a Good Bookmaker in Belgium

To start your journey, you need to choose a good sports betting site in Belgium. This is an important step, and in this regard, you must be careful not to come across gambling sites that are fake or attempt to deceive customers. It is also worth paying attention to the bonus offered by each bookmaker.

You can choose one of them to start with and then you can create accounts with the other bookmakers to take advantage of the bonuses offered. For more help, use the guide provided below or simply try bookmakers from our list.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Register at a Belgian Betting Site

You will need to create an account before placing bets. You can do so by visiting a betting site in Belgium that you wish to join and clicking on the “Register” or “Join” button. From there, you will be redirected to a form that needs to be filled out. Use your real personal information – this is mandatory in order to complete the registration as you will need to provide proof of your identity. Create your username and password, confirm the registration, and you’ll all set up.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Deposit and Claim Bonuses at Sportsbook in Belgium

Once you’ve registered with the sports betting site in Belgium of your choice, it’s time to deposit and enjoy your bonuses. You do not have to pay anything to register on the betting sites, but you must deposit to make your first bet and also to win the bonuses. Each betting site usually has its own means of deposit and withdrawal but they are more or less quite similar in Belgium. It is up to you which one you consider the best option.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Make Your First Bet as a Belgian Player

After the whole process of selecting a good bookmaker and making the first deposit, it’s time to bet. If you don’t know which event to place your first bet on, just access the predictions and follow the advice of the experts. You can also choose to make your own bets and follow your intuition, but we know that some help is always welcome.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Belgium

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Belgium

If you don’t live in Belgium, you might have been surprised that the country has only won one Winter Olympics medal in the last Olympics. But longtime residents know they don’t expect much from winter sports. Since the start of the Winter Games in 1924, Belgium has won a total of six medals.

Lacking the mountains of France and the snow of Norway, Belgium is much more invested in fair-weather and stadium sports, both as competitors and as supporters. So if you want to know how to join your Belgian brothers in cheering on the local team and bet on them, try these sports instead.


From the dazzling Red Devils national team to hundreds of professional and amateur clubs, football is arguably Belgium's most popular sport. Belgian Pro League matches attract up to 25,000 fans, and the league's top clubs (including Anderlecht, Club Brugge, and Standard Liège) have won one or more European Cup finals.

The Red Devils are, indeed, credited with being one of the very (very, very) few institutions that bring together the three regions of this country in solidarity. And it shows on sports betting sites in Belgium when the Devils make a match. The women's team, meanwhile, is called the Red Flames, and they finally got the public attention they deserved when they qualified for the European Championships for the very first time.

For those who want to try a little footy themselves, there are many amateur leagues around the country for adults and children, and most of them welcome internationals.


When it comes to lasting images of Belgian life, tourists may not remember football, but they do remember cycling. The large number of locals cycling to school, work, or the grocery store leaves an impression. Add to that the number of people who ride the country's scenic bike paths on weekends, and you have a national obsession.

It's no different in the professional arena, where cyclists are revered. Belgians go to great lengths to attend the many road races, lining up along the route to raise their fists in the air as their favorite cyclist passes. Betting on such competitions is like a nice hobby.


Despite the popularity of the two big names above, tennis is the most-watched sport on television in Belgium. Perhaps because matches rarely take place in Belgium, two-thirds of Belgians watch sport on TV every year. Additionally, due to constant tournaments and ease of understanding the sport, it is very popular among Belgian bettors as well.

Interest in tennis increased dramatically in the 2000s when Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters were at the top of their game, both ranking number one in the world at different times. Clijsters retired in 2007 but made a comeback in 2009 so remarkable it made headlines around the world.

Field Hockey

Belgian field hockey teams are consistently at the top of their rankings at the European level. Both men (Red Lions) and women (Red Panthers) have reached the Euro Hockey final. Watch some videos on the internet to see how enthusiastic Belgian hockey fans can be. Some sports betting sites in Belgium offer this sport as well.

💵 Types of Bets in Belgium

Types of Bets in Belgium

There are dozens of different types of bets that are available at sports betting sites in Belgium and naming them would not be an easy task at all. Instead, the most popular and crucial types of bets will be named which will help both experienced and newbie players alike.

For example, if you want to place a bet on the victory of your favorite football team, but you are not really sure of yourself, it would be wise to turn to a double chance bet which will allow you both to bet on the victory and the draw of your favorite team. Here are some other examples.

➡️ Football Betting in Belgium

Football has the most diverse bets which are just one of the reasons why this sport is so popular among bettors all around the world. Naming all the bets used in football is impossible, therefore, here is just a taste of the top bets in Belgium.

➡️ The Accumulation Bet

It consists of accumulating several bets to multiply the odds and therefore obtain a fairly high potential gain! For example, if you decide to place a bet of 100 euros on a victory of FC Barcelona against FC Valencia at odds of 1.80, of Manchester City against United at 2.05 then Bayern Munich against Dortmund at 1.75, the total odds for this selection are 6.45, earning you 645 euros if these 3 selections are correct.

➡️ The 1st Goalscorer Bet

Here, the objective is to determine which player will score the 1st goal. It is therefore the ideal way to be quickly fixed on the result of your bet while benefiting from fairly high odds.

➡️ The Live Bet

Football is greatly represented in live betting platforms in Belgium and it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. Trying your luck live means ensuring higher odds than before the match while giving yourself the opportunity to confirm your analysis by watching the first minutes of play.

➡️ Tennis

Tennis is the second most popular discipline in terms of betting and also benefits from specific types of bets that every tennis expert regularly uses.

➡️ 1st Set Winner

A bit like the 1st goalscorer bet, it is possible to bet on the winner of the 1st set in tennis. Some athletes are known to start their matches with a bang and therefore have a better chance of winning the 1st set.

➡️ Over/Under

The Over/Under the type of bet is present in most sports and is always popular among bettors in Belgium as it provides a 50-50 chance. The principle is simple – the sports betting site in Belgium will offer a certain number and players will have to guess whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the set number. For example, the number of gems, aces, etc.

➡️ Basketball

Basketball, and especially the NBA, is also very popular everywhere, Belgium included. The number of matches available each week is substantial, allowing you to place bets on profitable types of bets.

➡️ Best Scorer of the Game

The best known is probably the “best scorer of the meeting” selection. Rather than trying to determine which team will win the game, you can opt to bet on the player who will score the most points in the match.

Naturally, you’ll have many other options, such as over/under bets, match winner, the total number of points, etc.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Belgium

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Belgium

Odds are one of the most important things to consider when betting. The higher the odds are, the more will the bettor earn. For each match or sporting event offered, the bookmakers in Belgium associate a rating with each result (winner, score, difference, etc.). In the so-called decimal odds system – this figure is a number greater than 1 and can include up to two digits after the decimal point.

For the bettor, the odds provide two important pieces of information:

  • Multiplied by the money invested, this figure allows the bettor to know the potential amount of his winnings.
  • This figure also gives a theoretical estimate of the probability of this event occurring.

This is the main lesson to remember: the higher the rating, the lower the chance of an event occurring and the higher the gains and the risks taken.

✅ How Bookmakers Set Odds in Belgium

Knowing that a raw odds of 2.00 amounts to a probability of 50% (i.e. 1/50 x 100), the odds displayed on sports betting sites reflect the probability that an event will occur. But there is something else included, a way in which bookmakers earn money constantly – the bias on odds and margin of bookmakers.

Indeed, bookmakers, like any business, aim to make a profit. Take for example the case of a Rolland Garros final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. If the operator gave a probability of 50% to each result (Nadal winner or Federer winner) and therefore odds of 2.00, and that all the sums collected on the two players were equal, the bookmaker would win nothing. In this case, we speak of a fair game, i.e. a game where the money played is entirely returned to the players. This brings us to the odds bias. The bias or margin is a number that bookmakers enter into the odds calculation algorithm, a number that allows them to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome and lowers the odds for the bettor.

Now that you know that, let’s get to the heart of the matter and discuss the famous return to players rate. This rate, being an average, can be higher or lower for certain events. By calculating the RTP for a football match between, let’s say, Belgium and Wales by using the formula below, we can extrapolate the probability of an event estimated by the operator.

Margins are always present but some are way too high. For example, a normal margin will be around 4-6%. For those who are too lazy to get out the calculator, there are sites that offer ultra-practical margin calculators.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Belgian Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Belgian Online Betting Sites

Always present on sports betting sites in Belgium, bonuses work as an incentive for bettors. But unfortunately, due to the betting laws in the country, we cannot name the exact bonuses offered by bookmakers. Instead, the best types of bonuses will be explained below.

Although the welcome bonus is the most popular, there are other possibilities that a betting site user can take advantage of. By using the available bonuses you can both increase your chances of winning, and make your money pay more, especially in sports promotions.

Here are 7 types of bonuses on betting sites and why you should take advantage of them.

🎁 Welcome Bonus at Belgian Sports Betting Sites

The first and most popular type of bonus on sports betting sites is the welcome gift. This bonus is only available to new users of a platform, as an incentive for the initial steps within the site. There is no rule about the welcome bonus award, but in general, promotions involve a percentage on top of the first deposit amount.

In practice, when registering on a sports betting site and making the first deposit, the user receives a percentage of that amount as a bonus – whether 50%, 100% or 200%. It is important to be aware of the occasional need to insert a promotional code at the time of registration and the limit amount to cover this deposit.

🎁 Refund/Cashback Bonus

Another option among types of bonuses on sports betting sites is the jackpot bonus. The accumulator bet is a method in which the bettor makes predictions in different matches and markets within the same ticket. As this is a very popular type of bet, several houses reward their users with a certain “cover” in case of errors.

Thus, when betting on games selected by the online sports betting site in Belgium, in addition to following other requirements, the bonus returns part of the amount invested in case you are unlucky in your predictions.

🎁 Payment Method Bonus at Belgian Online Sportsbooks

Bonus types on sports betting sites also include different payment methods. In order to encourage users to use a certain deposit method, many online bookmakers offer these bonuses. In this way, whenever the bettor uses a specific deposit method, he wins a bonus, which can be double the deposited amount or another prize.

In this case, it is always good to be aware of the bonus validity time. Unlike the welcome bonus, which usually has a period of use of weeks, the deposit method bonus can expire in days.

🎁 Bonuses in a Sport or Championship

A sports betting site in Belgium usually offers a series of modalities and championships for its users. However, some sports stand out more than others in popularity. This is the case with football, basketball, and tennis.

In order for bettors to get to know other sports, many online gaming platforms give special bonuses to those who bet on a certain sport or championship. The prize is usually simpler, such as the return of part of the amount bet in case of an error in the guess or similar. Either way, this bonus can be a great way to get to know sports different from the ones you’re used to.

🎁 Risk-Free Bet in Belgium

One of the most common behaviors of new gamblers is to be afraid to make a prediction and end up losing money. To avoid this situation, one of the types of bonuses on betting sites is the so-called risk-free bet.

The objective here is simple: completely refund the bettor if the guess is incorrect. Of course, there are some rules, such as the selection of specific matches, a deadline to participate in the promotion and even a maximum refund amount. Still, it is one of the types of bonuses on sports betting sites in Belgium that most attract new players, second only to the welcome bonus in popularity.

🎁 Special Events

Some sports betting sites in Belgium also feature a promotion that includes specific days and times. In this type of offer, when betting on the day and time range indicated by the online bookmaker, the bettor receives different advantages.

The bonus can be a percentage on top of the deposit made on time, the guarantee of a risk-free bet, or participation in a draw for prizes. Generally, it is necessary for the user to register to participate in the bonus, as it is not the type of promotion that all bettors like to be a part of.

🎁 Specific Results in Games

To close the list of types of bonuses on sports betting sites, there are promotions that give something in exchange for specific results. In this case, there are two most popular modalities. The first of these is the advance payment offer – when placing a single bet on selected games, if the team you choose has a number of points ahead, the house pays extra for your guess. This payment is not withdrawn if the opposing team draws or even turns the game around.

Another promotion of specific results in games is the bonus when the match is played without any goals. Some sports betting sites refund the ticket value when this happens.

💳 Payment Options at Belgian Betting Sites

Payment Options at Belgian Betting Sites

There are many options to choose from when selecting a payment option in Belgium. Some important information about all options will be provided below. Let’s kick off with deposit methods:

Visa Credit Card – Visa bank cards are very widespread throughout Europe, including Belgium. Therefore, you can use this means of payment to fund your player account on all sports betting sites in Belgium. Generally, operators do not charge any fees for deposits made via a Visa card, but it is still advised that you check this information beforehand on the site. After entering the 3-digit security code located on the back to credit your account, your money will be immediately available for sports betting.

MasterCard – MasterCard card is also a very popular payment method in Belgium. If your banker did not give you a Visa card, he certainly offered you a MasterCard card. Your money will be immediately transferred to your gaming account and you can start placing your bet.

Maestro – Although the Maestro card is not the most widespread in Europe, it nevertheless remains a very common payment option in Belgium. As proof, Belgian bookmakers all offer this deposit option. It should be noted that Maestro belongs to the MasterCard company. If the bookmaker has the Maestro option, then the MasterCard option must also work on the site. Operators do not include any fees for your deposits made with Maestro.

Skrill E-Wallet – The Skrill e-wallet was recently acquired by its competitor Neteller. However, Skrill continues to operate and allows thousands of Belgians to make their deposits. This is an interesting solution for bettors who play on several bookmakers at the same time and wish to have a single virtual wallet for all their transactions. Skrill charges around 2.5% when you load your account with a bank card. This is the price of simplicity and security.

Neteller – Neteller is today the leader in payments via electronic wallet in Europe. To be able to use Neteller on a bookmaker’s site, all you have to do is create an account on the Neteller site and fund your account using a bank card or a prepaid ticket. Thereafter, you will use your Neteller credentials to deposit into your player account.

Bank Transfer – This payment option is ideal for players who do not have one of the bank cards mentioned above. However, the transaction processing time is longer than other available methods and varies depending on your bank.

Paysafecard Prepaid Card – A prepaid card is a relevant solution for players who do not wish to disclose their personal data when making an online payment. You just have to buy this coupon in one of the authorized points of sale by selecting the amount of your choice and using it on the site of your bookmaker. Simple and efficient!

Ticket Premium – This payment method is available on more than 400 gaming sites, whether poker, video games, casino, or sports betting. Ticket Premium allows you to make your deposits without having to divulge your personal information and thus guarantees fully secure transactions.

In terms of withdrawal methods, if you have deposited money via a Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro card, it is very likely that your bookmaker will offer to withdraw the same card. The withdrawal will usually be credited to your bank account within two business days.

When it comes to Neteller or Skrill e-wallets, this is the fastest withdrawal option online. The bookmaker will send you your winnings within minutes of your withdrawal request being approved. In addition, the e-wallet withdrawal option is completely free. It is therefore the best choice for punters who have several accounts with bookmakers.

Finally, if you have made a deposit using a Paysafecard or Ticket Premium prepaid coupon, it is very likely that the bookmaker will ask you to make a bank withdrawal. This is the downside of this payment method, which allows you to deposit money but not withdraw your winnings.

  • Visa: As for the processing time for a withdrawal via a Visa card, you can expect to receive your money within 72 hours of your request.
  • MasterCard: not all bookmakers offer the MasterCard credit card withdrawal option. Belgian sports betting sites do not charge any fees for these transactions. MasterCard withdrawals are generally validated between two and three days.
  • Maestro: withdrawal by Maestro card is rarely available online but works as well as the other two credit cards mentioned above.
  • Skrill: With Skrill’s services, it only takes a few seconds, allowing you to deposit your money in several sports betting sites in Belgium at once in order to benefit from the best odds. In addition, withdrawals via an electronic wallet are free.
  • Neteller: With Neteller, everything is done quickly and securely. In addition, bookmakers and Neteller do not deduct any processing fees for transactions.
  • Hipay: less widespread than Skrill and Neteller, the Hipay electronic wallet nevertheless deserves to be known. Indeed, Hipay does not charge any processing fees for withdrawals.
  • Bank transfer: this service remains popular among Belgian punters. However, the bank transfer does not only have advantages and in particular has longer processing times.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Belgian Players?

Belgians will use credit cards most often as they are present everywhere and offer great services. Those who use several betting sites and like to transfer funds instantly will opt for e-wallets though.

👍 5 Expert Tips for Betting in Belgium

5 Expert Tips for Betting in Belgium

  1. The law can be incredibly strict when it comes to illegal gambling (using non-licensed sports betting sites), therefore pay attention to licenses if choosing a bookmaker on your own. The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) will keep you hidden in case you make a mistake.
  2. Live betting is incredibly fun, especially when watching a game from the stands. With the success of the Belgian national football team and major national clubs, it is possible to watch some great games and bet at the same time.
  3. Always keep some spare money aside when waiting for big winnings. Experienced bettors will use the money to “defend” the betting slip, or shall we say, back it up. When waiting for the final game to begin, use some money to counter the prediction on your current betting slip. This way, if the initial betting slip fails, you will recover the amount of money invested, or maybe earn a bit extra, if the odds are high enough.
  4. While football is by far the most popular sport to bet on, it is not as profitable as some other sports. For example, eSports are now hugely popular, and European teams are constantly competing at the highest level. There are clear favorites and frequent tournaments – a goldmine for bettors.
  5. Many online casino sites in Belgium will offer sports betting. Some of these offers can be too good to refuse as casinos can offer great bonuses and promotions that can be used. Join a few casinos alongside bookmakers and see what you like the most.
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Gambling is legal in Belgium and a law from 2011 has made online gambling incredibly well-regulated.

When gambling at legal and licensed gaming houses, online gambling is extremely safe.

Gambling in Belgium is legal and incredibly well-regulated. The bettors can feel quite safe and protected while enjoying online betting.

There is a 500 Euro limit per week for all Belgian bettors. Once a bettor hits 500 Euro, the automatic ban will apply immediately. The limit resets each Monday.

Bettors are free of paying the tax as bookmakers will be the ones that pay gambling tax. The gambling tax for betting houses will vary depending on the three regions. Most often, the tax will go as high as 15%.

All your winnings will be available to collect immediately after the last game on the betting tip has been correctly predicted. From there, it is necessary to ask for a money withdrawal, which will be carried out via your preferred payment method. E-wallets are the fastest, needing several minutes, sometimes up to one hour. Credit cards take around two days while bank transfers take 5-7 working days.

There are quite a few sports betting sites in Belgium. The selection is so vast and diverse that it would be impossible to single out one bookmaker. Instead, as both bettors have different tastes and bookmakers offer different services, the best sports betting site would be the one that makes you as satisfied as you can be.

With dozens of sports available, Belgian bettors can truly enjoy online sports betting. Depending on a bookmaker of choice, Belgians can bet on Football, Tennis, Billiards, Golf, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Motoraces, Basketball, Sailing, Baseball, Handball, MMA, Horse racing, Volleyball, Boxing, American football, Skiing, Table tennis, Water-Polo, eSports, etc.

As Belgium is still enjoying its “Golden Generation” of football stars, it is natural that football is the most popular sport to bet on in Belgium. With the World Cup in Qatar approaching, the number of bettors will surely rise even more when Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois, and the company try to win the silverware.

Odds are one of the most important things to consider when betting. The higher the odds are, the more will the bettor earn. For each match or sporting event offered, the bookmakers in Belgium associate a rating with each result (winner, score, difference, etc.). In the so-called decimal odds system – this figure is a number greater than 1 and which can include up to two digits after the decimal point. Multiplied by the money invested, this figure allows the bettor to know the potential amount of his winnings. This figure also gives a theoretical estimate of the probability of this event occurring.

Betting laws are quite strict in Belgium and there are penalties for people who share information on bookmakers’ bonuses, so we cannot name them specifically. But there are free bets present at some bookmakers, which is a rare bonus always worth collecting.

The sign-up bonus, also known as the welcome bonus, is incredibly easy to claim. Oftentimes, it would be enough to simply create a betting account with a bookmaker in Belgium. As a reward, the bettor is then given a welcome bonus, which can come in many forms. Sometimes it will be necessary to use a promo code to claim the bonus. Finally, some bookmakers ask for the first deposit. All bonuses have their requirements and sign-up bonuses are awarded only once upon registration.

Responsible Gaming is incredibly strong in Belgium and there are many institutions that will help gamblers struggling with any gambling problems. First of all, you can contact your bookmaker and explain the situation. They will help you immediately (it’s one of the conditions of obtaining the license). You can also call SOS SPELEN: 0800 35 777, visit the Gokhulp site or visit a local psychotherapist.

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