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Best Sports Betting Sites in Denmark for 2023

Danish players can enjoy the best betting sites with a Danish license to the fullest, as long as they play with authorized and regulated bookmakers. The best online gambling sites have a lot to offer, and they will surely satisfy all your betting preferences and expectations.

And while betting on sports can be a lot of fun, some players are also interested in other gaming products often found together. Keep on reading this article to find the best sports betting sites in Denmark, how to find them, and what to expect.

🏆 4 Best Sports Betting Sites for Denmark Players in Mar 2023

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⚖️ Danish Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Danish Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

The Danish Gaming Authority regulates all bookmakers and all betting sites in Denmark. It is a legal requirement, so if you see a betting site that does not have a suitable logo, you should avoid it. The gaming authority ensures that all rules are followed and that you as a player can feel safe in every way. Then they are there for you as a player.

If you see logos that mean a betting site has licenses and is regulated, this only means good. Of course, players do not want to be fooled for games or payments. Everything is essential to keep track of.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Denmark?

Yes, online sports betting is entirely legal in Denmark, as long as you always check the license. It is challenging to get approval from the internationally respected betting organization, as online sites in Denmark must pass numerous controls, tests, and verifications.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Denmark

There are several sports betting sites in Denmark, so sometimes, it might feel tough to choose the right one. Indeed, every sports betting site will offer something different, and it is up to a gambler to choose what suits their needs.

Bearing that in mind, here are some criteria you should pay attention to.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Denmark

✅ License and Security

A credible Danish bookmaker protects users from fraud. Online betting sites that have been in business for many years are expected to have a better quality of their services.

You should always make sure that you are playing on reliable and regulated online betting sites. Players cannot be easily fooled, and you can tell that it is a trustworthy casino by ensuring that the license is in place. All betting sites need a Danish license for games. Such casinos are safe to bet in as they provide reasonable protection against fraud and cyberattacks.

✅ Game Variation: More Is More

The number of sports you can bet on these days in Denmark is quite surprising. Gone are the days when the only bet you could place was on football matches. Now you can bet on just about every professional sport worldwide, from online basketball betting to online tennis games, as well as a whole host of other sports. Danish betting sites consist of many sports, tournaments, leagues, and betting markets.

Having a wide selection of bets is an essential feature of the best online betting sites. Different players prefer to bet on various sports, and having a large selection can satisfy a more extensive player base. In case of a bad race, you can always change the sport and switch to another betting market to break the losing streak, but we advise you to stick to sports and markets you understand.

✅ Bonuses and Promotions

A welcome gift for new customers!

Most bookmakers with a Danish license are always eager to impress new players, so you will often find sports sites that want to entice you with a first deposit bonus. Usually, welcome bonuses will match your first deposit up to a certain amount. Or the service might reward you with extra bets and free bets.

Getting a welcome bonus is usually not a problem at all, and it does not take much for you to gain access to it. Usually, you have to make your first deposit, and the bonus is yours. Some betting sites have additional requirements to access your best betting bonuses, so reading up on various terms and conditions is good.

It is always essential to read the applicable terms and conditions for bonuses. Bonuses often have one or more requirements before you can withdraw your winnings, so it is to your advantage to know what needs must be met.

✅ Compatibility and Experience

In recent years, we have seen many betting sites develop their apps. This factor has become increasingly important because many Danish players play on mobile devices. The app optimizes the screen for use on mobile. It is also an essential tool in today’s tough competition in the gaming market.

✅ The Quality of the Platform

When choosing the best bookmakers, we also look at the functionality, and user-friendly the site is. We look at how easy it is to navigate and how easy it is to find what you are looking for in menus. It is also crucial that everything is uploaded and updated quickly. Otherwise, you as a player can quickly lose a bet.

✅ Danish Markets and Odds

Odds are another critical aspect when choosing a betting site. Having access to the most competitive odds can be extremely rewarding. For the most part, you will find the best odds for a particular sporting event at one of the bookmakers, while another will offer the best odds for another event.

Denmark’s average payouts and odds on the best betting sites are pretty similar. It is a good idea to make registrations on several sports betting sites so that you can compare the odds and choose the most advantageous payouts. While the percentage difference may seem very small, it can make a massive difference in the long run.

✅ Deposits and Withdrawals: What Payment Methods are Available in Denmark?

When deciding to start playing, it’s vital that you feel safe regarding payment. There are usually many safe ways to deposit money. We typically see payment options like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Trusty, Apple Pay, bank transfers, and more. You just have to decide which one works best for you among the best betting sites in Denmark today.

Of course, it is essential to have many different payment methods available. Many sports sites have realized that if they only offer a single or only a few single ways to deposit money, then there is a possibility that they will lose customers: the more payment solutions, the better.

Keep in mind that limits, processing times, and fees may vary depending on which online betting sites in Denmark you play on. Each game operator specifies certain limits for deposits, withdrawals, and processing times. All payment options are secure, easy to use, and quick to proceed with transactions. There is more to the rule than the exception that the best payment methods are free to use.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Denmark

Sports betting can also cover more things than one just immediately thinks. It was a lot easier in the past – it only covered Tips 13 as it was the only game available. Of course, one can find all the major football matches and many hundreds of different betting opportunities and markets within betting. This, of course, also applies to Danish betting sites.

How to Bet on Sports in Denmark

One should be aware that the Danish sports betting sites often use different rules in various markets. For example, when it comes to how a particular game is decided, rules may differ from one Danish service to the other. When that’s the case, it’s not because one or the other betting site intends to cheat you. The reason is that they simply operate on different terms.

Some sports betting sites in Denmark give you the money back on a goal-scoring game if the player starts on the bench and then has lower odds. Others give you higher odds but decide the bet regardless of whether the player comes on the field or not. So it is a matter of priority where you want to play. However, it is essential always to be aware of the rules when betting on sports.

Once one has set up on his favorite betting side, the next natural step will not surprisingly be to get started betting on any sport. The obvious thing, of course, is to stick to the sports that you know in the first place. These are usually football, handball, tennis, or curling in Denmark. When you want to bet on one, it is first and foremost about analyzing the teams/players. For this purpose, there are various databases around the web in Danish that one can make use of. Of course, one must also look at the individual bets for the match and assess where the value lies. As mentioned, there will be a wealth of options on most sports betting sites.

You also need to think about what type of bet you want to place. It may be that one is mainly for a single game. Of course, there are also combination games in Denmark where you can bet on several matches and go for the bigger wins. You can quickly create a slip with several games for small odds together with a combination game. This allows you to increase your winnings – but with the risk that it does not go home if one or more of the matches do not go as expected.

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Denmark

Denmark is known to be good at various sports, and therefore such sports will be famous for betting. As that is the case, sports betting sites in Denmark often provide multiple sports to bet on.

Football (Soccer)

Without a doubt, football is the most popular sport to bet on in Denmark. This may be the case for most of Europe. In addition to matches from the Premier League, Danish players can play almost every professional football match worldwide, including the rest of the best European championships and the most significant worldwide tournaments. If you choose a betting site with a Danish license, everyone is ok to play on, and you can feel safe and secure.


Tennis is also very popular in Denmark. If you like tennis, you will not be disappointed. Most tennis betting sites allow you to bet on the biggest tournaments and the most exciting matches. Here we find, for example, ATP, WTA, and ITF. There is something for everyone here, so you do not have to worry about the number of matches to play, both live and not.

Tennis is a great sport for betting types and markets, and the length of the standard tournaments means you can bet on a straight winner, sit back and watch it for a few days or so. You can also bet on the in-play markets, especially if you are in front of the television. It's exhilarating!

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is fast becoming a popular sport with reputable betting sites in Denmark. The highest level in ice hockey in the country is the Metal League, one of the best leagues in all of Europe. Nicklas Jensen and Peter Regin are the most famous Danish ice hockey players who reached the NHL. Popular betting sites have various betting markets on ice hockey, such as correct scores and overall goals.


The best Danish sports sites also have handball to bet on because it is crucial for the country. Handball betting sites offer you to bet on who will win, but there are also live games that allow you to bet when the match is underway. You decide what suits you best.

Other Popular Sports You Can Bet on In Denmark

In addition to the sports mentioned above, there are also other popular sports that you can bet on. You will see the entire menu when you enter the betting page. We can cite a few examples, such as golf, cycling, and American football. There are many more, so it's good to go in and check the offer on the betting site that you decide to play on.

💵 Types of Bets in Denmark

Types of Bets in Denmark

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in sports betting, you need to choose a sportsbook that offers a wide variety of bets. The good thing about online bookmakers in Denmark is that you are not just limited to betting on the direct winner. These are the most popular types of bets that you will find on the best Danish betting sites:

➡️ Moneyline Bet

The Moneyline game is the most straightforward bet at online sportsbooks in Denmark. Players must bet on the team that will win the match. If the selected team wins, the bet wins. Some sports like football have three options (including draw options), while others only have two options.

➡️ Total or Over/Under Bets

Point totals or over/under bets are another common type of bet that you will hardly miss on a sports betting site in Denmark. In this case, you bet on whether the total number of points to score will be above or below a number set by the bookmaker. The total game can be played on each half of football or basketball matches.

➡️ Point Spread or Handicap Games

Unlike the above bets, where you bet on the result, point spread involves betting on the team’s margin of victory. The favorite team is marked positively, while the underdog is represented with a minus sign.

➡️ Proposition Games

Often referred to as a “Prop” game, it is a bet that does not depend on the match’s outcome. With this bet, you can bet on almost anything that can happen during the game. You can bet on the team that scores first, the team that comes first with points, which player wins the golf tournament, and others.

➡️ Parlays and Accumulating Bets

Parlay, and accumulator games act as combined bets. Instead of betting on a single event, you bet on multiple events. Many players shy away from this bet because each selected team must-win for the bet to be won. The result of the entire parlay game must be 100% correct; otherwise, you lose the bet.

➡️ Teasers & Pleaser Game

Teaser and pleaser bets are a little more complicated than the bets named above. Teasers are special parlays where you bet on the outcome of multiple events, and you can only win if all the events turn out to be as predicted. The pleaser game works the same way as the teaser game. The only difference is that pleasers change the spreads towards the player.

➡️ Future Bet

As the name suggests, you bet in future bets on the upcoming events. Many Danish online sports betting sites allow players to bet on the winner of the MVP award, the winner of the English Premier League, or the winner of the Champions League.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Denmark

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Denmark

Online sports betting sites in Denmark offer similar odds, but there are always some general differences. These are most noticeable in the following three types of bets when it comes to odds.

✅ Free Bets

Free bets are known under several names. These are called, among other things, risk-free bets, extra bets, and free bets. The concept of a free bet covers the possibility of placing a bet with cash and getting money back if this does not go home. This, of course, makes free bets a much sought-after type of bet when it comes to sports betting.

However, one thing that one should be aware of when dealing with free bets is the rules and conditions attached to the various offers on the market. It is first and foremost important that you familiarize yourself with whether there is a wagering requirement associated with that free bet. If this is the case, you must, of course, also make sure that you are sure of what this turnover requirement is. You must also be aware of how large a share of the winnings you get paid out, especially as odds will be lower. Some Danish online betting sites only pay out the net profit, i.e., the profit itself, while others give you the deposit.

Basically, as always, it’s about reading the terms and conditions, so you know what the offer is about.

✅ Sure Bets

The vast majority are probably stuck with the concept of “sure betting” at some point in their time as bettors. However, some pieces may not be entirely clear on what it means and whether one can make money without the risk of losing? In short, Surebetting means that by playing at two different Danish betting sites, you can get a total odds higher than 100%. This means that you want to be 100% sure of profits. Even though this is attractive to many, pitfalls can lead to significant losses and not a certain gain.

First and foremost, make sure you are dealing with a sure bet. The requirement for a sure bet is that the repayment is over 100. Here you cannot ignore any outcomes – no matter how unlikely these may seem to be. You must also make sure that there are odds of 2.05 on both sides. If you divide your bet equally between the two players, this ensures a profit. It is thus not a sure bet if you choose a football match where you get odds of 2.00 on the away and the home team. If you play on the two outcomes, in contrast to several other sports, there is also a third option in the form of a draw, of course.

Of course, you have to have accounts on several different betting sites if you want to bet. The respective sides are, of course, not so stupid that they give the players such an opportunity. Thus, it requires some degree of disagreement about the outcome of an event among the betting sites.

✅ The Other Way

Another way to get a sure bet is by betting on one outcome and later playing against the same outcome on live betting. For example, you could play Roger Federer to beat Rafal Nadal at odds of 2.1 before the start of the match, and when Federer then comes in front, the odds of Nadal rise to 2.1. By betting in this case, you reduce your potential win, but in return, you also secure a win regardless of the outcome. To do this, it requires that you are vigilant on the live markets of the online betting sites.

However, there is an alternative way by which one can sure bet by simply playing on one outcome. Here you must later play against the same outcome on live betting. An example might be that Naomi Osaka is playing a tennis match against Serena Williams. Before the start of the match, you bet that Serena Williams will win at odds of 2.1. If Williams comes first, the odds on Osaka will hopefully rise to 2.1 at some point, with live bets on her. However, with this type of sure betting, you reduce your potential winnings. On the other hand, it is also certain that you will win regardless of the outcome. Of course, this also requires that the outcome that is expected in connection with the live bet actually ends up happening, otherwise sure betting will of course, not be possible.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Danish Online Betting Sites

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🎁 The Welcome Bonuses at Danish Bookmakers

Betting sites with a Danish license can offer several different welcome bonuses for new players. They vary depending on which sports betting provider you hit. Bonuses are a bit of a matter of taste, for some love some kind of bonuses while others love someone else. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly what constitutes the absolute best bonus with a sports betting provider.

As a new player, you can choose between the following overall welcome bonuses on Danish betting sites.

🎁 100% Deposit Bonuses of Up to A Maximum Of 1000 Kroner

Here you deposit anything between 50 KR to 1000 kroner and get your first deposit doubled in bonus. These bonuses are at several sites in Denmark right now.

🎁 Free Bets

Some of the best online sites in Denmark offer free bets as part of their welcome promotions or regular bonuses. Most often, these free bets are associated with making a deposit. Always be sure to read the full terms and conditions for all bonus types as there may be some difficult requirements.

Here you deposit up to 500 kroner and place your first deposit on a bet. The bookmaker will replace your lost 500 kroner if you lose the bet. So that way, it works a bit like a ‘free bet.’ NordicBet currently operates this type of bonus.

🎁 Bonus Money With No Deposit Required

Here you get a bonus amount deposited into your gaming account just to register as a new player at that bookmaker. At first, there is no deposit requirement, but the bonus amount is slightly lower than on deposit bonuses.

The different bonuses may have additional built-in requirements. Here are two crucial factors: time requirements and play-through requirements. There can often be a time requirement of 60 days for certain bonuses on bookmakers with a Danish license. This means that you must have played your bonus within 60 days. The play-through requirement is the number of times the bookmaker requires you to wager your bonus before you can pay it out.

In Denmark, it has been established by law that a throughput requirement must never exceed x10. In addition to these requirements, there can often be requirements for free bets that must be placed at odds with a lower minimum limit. For example, the free bet only applies to bets over 1.50 odds.

🎁 Promotions – Ongoing Bonuses for Existing Players

In addition to welcome bonuses, existing players are also sweetened with good causes. The best betting sites here deliver a good handful of several different ongoing bonuses and promotions each week. These can be small free bets or the so-called reload bonuses, which are actually ongoing deposit bonuses that are reminiscent of the welcome bonus.

At special times, special promotions can be offered during holidays, where the bonus is redeemed via bonus codes and the like. If you play on a combined casino/sports betting site, you may also encounter bonuses that are offered on one platform but for use on the other platform. For example, paying out free spins to the casino at special bets on a sporting event and the like.

🎁 Loyalty and VIP Program

In some places, you are lucky enough to be able to take part in a VIP program, where you simply earn bonus points by playing. Betfair in particular runs here with ongoing VIP promotions, where you trigger amounts of money at different levels of turnover within a given period.

💳 Payment Options at Danish Betting Sites

It is important to be able to offer many different payment methods. Many sports sites have realized that if they only offer a single or only a few single ways to deposit money, then there is a possibility that they will lose customers. The more payment solutions, the better.

Payment Options at Danish Betting Sites

Keep in mind that limits, processing times, and fees may vary depending on which online betting sites with a Danish license you play on. Each game operator specifies specific limits for deposits, withdrawals, and processing times. All payment options are secure and easy to use and proceed relatively quickly with transactions. There is more to the rule than the exception that the best payment methods are free to use.

MuchBetter – This is an electronic money exchange in Denmark that works via an app. It is available for iOS and Android customers, you can find it in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. MuchBetter is available in more than 150 countries and is already offered by some online sports betting sites in Denmark.

The benefits of MuchBetter are many. Above all, the payment speed is unique and is in no way inferior to PayPal and Co. Another big plus is the security of all transactions thanks to the most modern encryption technologies.

Instant Bank Transfers – With this variant, there are also a number of methods and providers to choose from. With these payment methods, the desired transfer is actually performed immediately and without waiting time. The advantage of instant bank transfers in Denmark is that there is no need to top up a temporary account. 

A common disadvantage, however, is that payouts are at least usually not possible in this way. When paying out, you must instead avoid the classic bank transfer, which, however, takes up significantly more time. For this, of course, you get the most anonymous option for payouts. 

With all existing providers, both the identity and the deposit amount are 100 percent guaranteed. For this reason, instant banking in Denmark can always be used without any problems when it comes to depositing a similar bonus.

Sofort and Giropay – These are the two major providers in Denmark in this area. Primarily private banks such as Commerzbank and Danske Bank are dependent on Sofort. Giropay, on the other hand, is mainly used by Volksbanks and Sparkassen.

E-wallets – In the case of electronic wallets, the existing credit is managed virtually and is also sent in both directions. The concept of e-wallets may not be familiar to everyone in the beginning. But when you then explain that PayPal, for example, belongs to this category, most of you immediately understand what is meant. It is often assigned to a specific account via an email address. From our point of view, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are the three best e-wallets in Denmark, which is why we also present these in detail.

PayPal – The class leader in payment methods for online bookmakers is definitely PayPal. This payment service provider is only available from online sports betting providers who also have a Danish Schleswig-Holstein license. This already meets the security side in the best possible way. PayPal is generally very easy to use and can also otherwise be used on the Internet with many payments and shopping providers. 

This is obviously an added benefit that speaks for PayPal. In addition, we may store data with PayPal that we do not necessarily wish to provide to a sports betting provider. This includes e.g. our bank information or our credit card information, which is particularly sensitive. PayPal can usually be used for free with betting providers in Denmark.

Skrill and Neteller – Neteller and Skrill are two providers that now belong to the same group. Both payment methods are available from many sports betting sites in Denmark. They are definitely comparable to PayPal in terms of handling, but also allow for getting a debit card. 

But it is also important that some bonus campaigns are structured in such a way that Skrill and Neteller cannot be used. The payment methods are then available from the respective betting provider, but they may not be used for bonuses. 

The bank card is structured as follows: You have an additional credit card. This provides opportunities to use the credit. One drawback, however, is that Skrill and Neteller can be used relatively rarely in normal stores. 

One benefit of these e-wallets is that you can now top up your account with Bitcoins and then work with it. In addition, both Skrill and Neteller impress with their ease of use. Unfortunately, limiting the applicability of bonuses is an exclusion criterion for many gaming fans in Denmark.

Both methods work largely the same – in both variants a payment can only be settled via the classic bank transfer.

Trustly – By comparison, Trustly is still relatively new. This provider is one of the big ones, especially in the Scandinavian region. Basically, Trustly offers the same functionality as the two Danish providers. But as an added plus, thanks to Trustly, there are even sports betting providers where you no longer have to register or identify yourself

You can also find detailed information on this in the Betting area without registration. Trustly is undoubtedly a solid payment method but it does not work with all Danish banks yet. With Pay N Play, this will definitely change in the future.

Bank Transfer – In fact, there is not much to say about the classic bank transfer. Everyone knows this transfer should be used just in case you only have a bank account. This bank transfer has tangible benefits – you do not need an intermediary here. 

After a payout from a sports betting provider, the money is at the latest in your bank account within a few days. Due to several changes in recent years, bank transfers within Europe are now much faster. However, a disadvantage is that you can not bet spontaneously with a sports betting provider because it takes some time before the money is credited to the betting account.

Credit Card – Furthermore, the focus is hardly on credit cards in Denmark in particular, which have not yet developed into a popular online payment method. This applies not only to online sports betting providers but also to other shops. In this case, credit cards can actually convince with some positive points. Credit cards offer the same speed as e-wallets in payment transactions, and you can now pay with credit cards in almost all situations.

Credit cards are generally valued by sports betting providers. For this reason, you can also, without hesitation, make your deposit with a credit card if you want to secure a bonus from a sports betting provider. The downside is that many criminals often try to make money with crooked agreements around the use of credit cards. However, this risk is always latent with other methods when it comes to money.

Paysafecard – The big advantage of this method is the high level of security because there is no account to crack here. After all, with Paysafecard, you only have one coupon. However, you must leave the house to purchase such a voucher. In addition, withdrawals are usually only possible with a bank transfer using this method. Paysafecard belongs to the same group as e-wallets Skrill and Neteller. 

In addition, you are particularly limited in the amount of deposit with many sports betting providers with this method. But if you are very careful with the sports betting providers and the payment options, you can use Paysafecard as a first step. So maybe try a sports betting provider first with Paysafecard and then choose one of the other payment methods.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Danish Players?

Safety is critical here. In Denmark, online bettors have a variety of quality local options at disposal like Sofort and Giroplay. Payment options like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are also valid.

👍 8 Expert Tips for Betting in Denmark

8 Expert Tips for Betting in Denmark

  1. First and foremost, always go with Denmark’s legal and authorized betting sites. They are safe, and you won’t get into trouble with the state authorities.
  2. Denmark is famous for many sports, so online betting sites in Denmark will most likely have various betting offers. Having as many options as possible is always the best choice as it makes the chances of winning much higher.
  3. As sports are trendy in Denmark, so is betting. While there aren’t too many betting sites in Denmark, they will still compete with the best odds. The better the odds, the higher the winnings.
  4. Betting sites in Denmark have various types of bets. Combine them with different sports to make your betting slips diverse and realistic.
  5. Denmark is great in ice hockey, handball, and even football. Betting on Denmark or Danish teams at European or international competitions is always a good choice.
  6. Betting sites will create special betting offers when Denmark plays, providing special odds. Make sure to use such promotions.
  7. Due to some limitations, players can always open different accounts at several betting sites. This is also good to compare odds and bet on various sports with the best odds possible.
  8. Full–time betting can be pretty lucrative but be aware of gambling addiction.
Make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus
  • 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)


Gambling is legal in Denmark when done at legal gambling and betting companies.

As online betting and gambling sites in Denmark must have a license to operate, betting in such companies is entirely safe.

Sports betting is incredibly safe in Denmark. Simply find the best legal and certified betting site in Denmark and bet care-free.

The deposit limits will vary from one betting site to another and from a player’s personal preferences. The new law asks players to set their daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits before starting to bet to reduce gambling addiction problems in the country.

Players don’t have to pay any gambling tax nor report any winnings. The casino has a tax to pay to the state, which has nothing to do with the player.

Winning withdrawals will depend on both betting sites and payment methods. The processing time can vary from 10 minutes to several days.

Which sports betting site will be the best depends on various criteria – player preferences, the best odds at the moment, the best bonuses and promotions, the best betting offers, etc. Generally, every person has their favorite betting site based on some criteria.

Danish betting sites offer a lot of sports to bet on. Football, basketball, handball, ice hockey, horse racing, tennis, and American football are most popular.

Naturally, football is the most popular sport to bet on in Denmark. Although Denmark is famous for other sports, football is the most popular sport in the world, Denmark included.

Sports bets are straightforward – the more likely a team or a player will win, the lower the odds. Combining two or more systems of bets to make winning harder will create new and improved odds. The total winning will be calculated by multiplying the odds and the money invested.

Yes, some betting sites in Denmark will offer free bets to players.

The Sign-up, or Welcome bonuses, usually are collected immediately upon registration. Some betting sites may ask for specific wagering conditions to place bets with such bonuses. Make sure to read terms and conditions before applying for any.

The state of Denmark is introducing new laws to prevent gambling addiction, such as deposit limits and account blocks when a person is at risk. Also, there is a national helpline that can be reached, or simply contacting a psychiatrist.

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