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Best Betting Sites in Egypt for 2023

Egypt is considered one of the pioneers and one of the most active countries in the field of physical sports where sports and its follow-up is a primary source of entertainment for the masses of the Egyptian people. Football is the most popular sport to watch in Egypt, and in addition to that, there are many popular sports in Egypt such as wrestling, cycling, and table tennis.

There are no bookmakers in Egypt, as betting is a crime in Egypt punishable by arrest and fines. However, there are no laws in Egypt that prevent anyone from betting through online betting sites, as betting is prohibited only to bookmakers.

But nowadays, with technological development, there are online casinos and bookmakers through legal, licensed, regulated, and trusted online betting sites. These sites cover the best local and international tournaments and even the least popular leagues and various sports from all over the world. Here are the best sports betting sites in Egypt for 2023.

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⚖️ Egypt Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Egypt Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Betting is a prohibited activity in most Arab countries due to its Islamic reference, which it considers gambling that leads to corruption of the soul, money, and morals. The Arab Republic of Egypt does not deviate from this rule, but to a lesser degree, compared to neighboring countries in particular. Betting in the Egyptian Republic is not regulated, and there is an important margin for lovers of this type of activity to engage in one way or another, especially by entering the specialized sites on the Internet.

As for the Egyptian citizens, and for the purpose of legalizing betting activities, the Egyptian authorities have put at their disposal the Greek company “Intralot”, which specializes in sports betting, with a license and in partnership with the Egyptian National Postal Authority. In contrast to some Middle Eastern countries, the Egyptian government does not view betting as an indivisible whole. On the contrary, it divides the betting activities into a group of categories, some of which are prohibited and some are permitted but with conditions. Thus, sports betting and lotteries are completely legal for every resident of the country, including those with Egyptian citizenship, but betting in casinos and the like is prohibited for Egyptians except for foreigners coming for work, tourism, or others.

As a result of the Egyptians’ fondness for sports on the one hand, and their familiarity with the Internet, on the other hand, online betting in this country has received a wide demand, reinforced by the financial gains achieved by many, and stories about which are circulated through forums and pages of social networking sites, albeit with unknown identities.

For privacy reasons, betting enthusiasts in the Arab Republic of Egypt often resort to masking techniques when conducting their activities on the Internet, through the use of VPN applications that allow them to change their connection address and make them appear as if they are in a country other than Egypt. There are those who resort to specialized betting shops inside the Egyptian territory, but they operate illegally, that is, often in complete secrecy, and sometimes with the complicity of the local authorities.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Egypt?

Sports betting is illegal for Egyptians but legal for foreigners in Egypt. However, players can access foreign betting sites and place bets with ease.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Egypt

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Egypt

The internet offers many possibilities to bet and win, yes, and the best thing is that you can do it from a computer, a tablet, or your smartphone. Of course, when betting, always do it on a page that is secure, in which, for your peace of mind, they guarantee the correct treatment of your personal data and financial information. Here is what you should consider choosing a bookmaker in Egypt that meets all your needs.

✅ Reliability of Egyptian Betting Sites

There are sports betting sites in Egypt that have gaming permits and licenses that guarantee the security and transparency of these websites. To know how to choose an online bookmaker, then the first step is to play on authorized sites, like the ones we recommend. These are some of the bookmakers where you can play with peace of mind because all the services they offer on their websites are reliable and you can have fun and bet without worrying about anything.

✅ Usability and Design

To choose an online bookmaker, it is important that the bookmaker’s website is attractive and has all the information organized, which is a key aspect that influences the user experience you have there. It is essential that you can quickly, easily and intuitively reach the sports betting section. Something to highlight about the bookmakers that have better navigation is that they care about making visible and prioritizing the information of greatest interest to users, they do so using different menus, buttons and icons.

✅ Bonuses and Promotions at Betting Sites in Egypt

Undoubtedly, to be able to choose an online betting house, one of the most characteristic aspects is the different promotions they offer. Therefore, it is normal that you feel more attracted to websites that have not only bonuses but also free bets. And since it doesn’t hurt to have the possibility of having an extra balance so you can bet online, it is important that you know how to take advantage of some of the offers they have.

Although the welcome bonuses are usually very attractive, these are not the only promotions that the websites have, they also usually have free bets which have many advantages because you do not have to risk your money but you can bet with the balance that you deliver the site a certain number of times.

✅ Payment and Withdrawal Methods at Egyptian Betting Sites

One of the processes that can generate the most doubts when betting is that of deposits and withdrawals of money. For your peace of mind, the most used betting sites in Egypt have different payment methods, from payments with credit and debit cards, and bank transactions to virtual wallets.  To choose a bookmaker, it is essential that you have safe, known, and reliable methods.

✅ Product Offer

Through sports betting you can not only have fun and win, you also add more emotion, adrenaline, and passion to the sports you like the most. In addition, for some time now, eSports or virtual sports have been gaining more and more ground in the world of online betting. Therefore, it is not a bad idea that you have more than one option for you to make your online predictions about the results.

✅ Customer Service at Gambling Sites in Egypt

In case you have any questions regarding the bet you are making, you need more information about a particular promotion or you have questions related to your deposits and withdrawals, the best way to resolve them is through the customer service channel of the betting house.

In addition to choosing a bookmaker, it is essential that this channel can help you with a solution as soon as possible, so it is not surprising that the pages that have incorporated a live chat stand out for offering timely help.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Egypt

How to Bet on Sports in Egypt

There are many sports betting sites on the web and most of them are really easy to use. With the recent development of mobile betting sites, you can place bets using your smartphone or any other mobile device. If that sounds good to you, then this guide will walk you step-by-step through the process.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Choose a Bookmaker in Egypt

Once you decide to try out online sports betting, the first thing you need to do is choose the site you want to use. The sheer number of sites available means that choosing one that’s right for you is difficult.

Of course, you can choose one at random, but that’s not a good approach. A better option is to follow our guide provided above or to simply choose a bookmaker from the list of the best sports betting sites in Egypt (also provided above).

2️⃣ Step 2 – Open an Account at Egyptian Sportsbook

After choosing where to bet, the next step is to open an account. This is neither difficult nor a waste of time. All you have to do is visit the homepage of the site you wish to join, and look for the “Join Now” button, or link, or something similar. Most sites display these buttons and links in obvious places, so it is not difficult to find them.

After clicking on the button or link, you will be taken to the subscription page. Here you must enter some personal details. Usually, the following will be required.

  1. Full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Home Address
  4. Telephone number
  5. Email

You may also have to choose a username and password, although on some sites these are automatically generated. If you have to choose them, please make sure they are hard to guess. It’s highly unlikely that someone could gain unauthorized access to your account, but you don’t want to make it easy for any potential hackers.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Make the Deposit at Egyptian Bookmaker

When you open an account, you’re almost ready to start betting. Another step that needs to be done is to deposit some money. Again, this is an easy process. Look for the “Cashier”, “Deposit Funds”, “My Account” button or link, or something along those lines. There is usually a good choice of deposit methods.

To make a deposit, you simply have to select the method you want to use and then enter the relevant details. Funds are usually transferred for immediate use. When making an initial deposit at a site, remember to check if there is a signup bonus available. There may be one or two extra steps you have to take to claim this, such as entering a bonus code, for example, so be sure to follow any instructions carefully.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Start Betting at Egyptian Sportsbook

You can start betting now that you have a fully funded betting account. As with all the other steps in this guide, this is usually pretty straightforward. Most betting sites in Egypt display a list of different sports, and clicking on each sport will display a list of the betting markets currently available. The choices for each market will be shown with its probabilities.

Once the selection is made, it will be credited to the bet slip. You must enter the amount you wish to bet and confirm the bet. The appropriate amount will be debited from your account at this point. Successful bets will be paid out automatically, directly to your betting account.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Egypt


Football is one of the most popular sports in Egypt. Egypt is one of the founding countries of the Confederation of African Football in 1957, and the Egyptian national football team is the first African team to play in the World Cup in 1934, and it won the title of Nations Cup champion African football has seven times, the last of which was in (2010) in Angola, and in 2010 the Egyptian team reached the ninth place in the FIFA rankings in the world.

And locally, the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club and the Zamalek Club are among the most famous and oldest clubs in Egypt, followed by a number of clubs with great public popularity, such as Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Ismaili, Al-Masry Al-Porsaidi, Al-Sharqiya and others. Egypt has about 64 football clubs. All sports betting sites in Egypt will offer a vast number of football matches and bets.


Squash is one of the main sports in Egypt. The Egyptian Squash Federation was established in 1931. The Egyptian Squash Federation joined the International Squash Federation immediately after its establishment in 1966. Egypt is one of the pioneers of this game in the world. Egypt is one of the countries that ranked first in the world in squash, with its international players Ramy Ashour and Amr Shabana.

The game, which is the only game in which Egypt sits on the throne of the world ranking, seven of the Egyptian players have captured the list of the top 10 players in the world ranking of squash. Therefore, the online sports sites are interested in transmitting and covering all the events of the squash game, and they are broadcast live on these sites on the Internet with the possibility of betting while watching the match.


Basketball is one of the most widespread sports in Egypt after football and handball. The Egyptian Basketball Federation was established in 1930 in four regions, namely Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut, and Port Said, and in 1932 the Egyptian Basketball Federation joined the International Federation where it won it 14 times. The current champion of the championship is Zamalek, which won the 2021 edition of the championship, followed by the Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria. The Egyptian Basketball Federation won the honor of organizing the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup, which will be held for the first time in Africa.


Handball in Egypt is considered one of the most superior sports and this is at both the international and local levels, as the Egyptian handball team qualified in the World Championship 9 times, and is considered the most important appearance of the Egyptian team in this tournament in 2001, where it managed to reach the golden square, and in the African Championship won the championship in 7 times, most recently in 2020.

Zamalek won the first and second editions of the African Champions League, respectively, and Zamalek is considered the most African club to win the African Champions League with 12, followed by Al-Ahly of Egypt with 5 titles, in addition to Port Said winning one title. Betting on handball clubs during local tournaments is somewhat limited, but many online bookmakers cover all African and international matches and leagues.


One of the most important local matches organized by the Egyptian Tennis Federation is the Egypt International Championship, and the Alexandria International Championship is also held. Local matches are also organized, such as the Magdy Hassanein Championship, the Al-Ahram Cup Championship for male and female youth, and the Television Cup Championship for female youth, and some clubs organize open championships such as the Maadi Championship, the Heliopolis Championship in Cairo and Smouha in Alexandria.

The most important international tennis tournaments, which many Egyptians are keen to follow:

  • Wimbledon Championship
  • Roland Garros (French Open)
  • US Open
  • Australian Open

Camel Races
Camel Racing

Camel racing is one of the oldest authentic Arab races and hobbies, just like horse racing, and it is widely spread in many Arab countries and the Middle East. And like any race, there are rules and laws that have been defined for the camel race, which make the sport quite interesting. Despite the popularity and fame of camel racing, it is not as widespread as horse racing and the reason is due to the rare presence of camels in European or American countries and others.

💵 Types of Bets in Egypt

Types of Bets in Egypt

The most popular sport among Egyptian bettors is football and what distinguishes online football betting from other sports is that the game itself carries a lot of events that can be bet on during the match, and this is what makes the game fun and makes the bettor and spectator feel enthusiasm, magic and excitement. Each of these bets has a different percentage of returns so that any player can participate in any of them according to their available budget, and the chance of the bettor to win doubles the more he knows the rules of the game and the conditions of the team that is betting on it. Among the most popular types of online football bets:

➡️ Betting on the Final Result of the Match (FT)

It is one of the most important and simplest types of betting in betting online, in which all the pioneers of online sports betting sites, especially new players, participate.

➡️ Betting That Both Teams Will Score

The player places a bet expecting that each of the two teams will score goals during the match.

➡️ Betting On The Result Of The First Half Next To The Final Result Of The Match

The player expects the result of the end of the first half of the match, whether one of the two teams wins or a tie happens, in addition to the outcome of the final match.

➡️ Over/Under

In this type of bet, the bettor expects the number of goals to be scored by both teams, usually over or under a decimal ratio. For example, the bet is that more than 2.5 goals will be scored – if less than three goals are scored, the bettor is A loser, and if more than 3 goals are scored, he wins.

➡️ Betting On the First Goal Scorer

This bet is distinguished from other bets because it carries a lot of risks, and at the same time carries a lot of returns. Therefore, the player must be an expert with a great deal of accurate knowledge of the capabilities of the player so that he will be able to score the first goal in the match.

➡️ Asian Handicap Bet

This bet does not include the option of a tie, simply the team either winning or losing, and it is always placed on the weakest team, in addition to predicting the number of goals expected to be scored by the other team.

➡️ Handicap Bet

It is the opposite of the previous bet, which is placed on the stronger team, in which the bettor expects a team to win and the number of goals difference they will succeed in scoring.

➡️ Accumulated Bet

The player bets on a certain number of bets, so that the player guarantees huge profits. But if the player’s prediction is not fulfilled in one of these bets, the player loses the value of all these bets. Certainly, this is a very risky type of bet but can be very rewarding.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Egypt

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Egypt

In order for us to invest money in sports betting, it is necessary to understand the odds of each event and whether the odds are fair. Below we explain a little bit about odds and how to understand the probabilities of each event.

Odds are the values ​​set by bookmakers to determine how much an entry is worth to each team, or athlete, in an event. In other words, they are numbers that are used to calculate how much profit we will have if our bet is successful.

  • Example: PSG 2.15 | Draw 3.60 | Real Madrid 3.25

In this case, we have a Champions League match, with odds to determine the favorites, or when the match is worth putting on a betting slip. In this example, for every dollar invested, we will have a different return, depending on which market we choose. If we bet $100 on the victory of Paris Saint-Germain, we can have a return of $215 (the $100 we invested + $115 profit). Odds are available on all markets at bookmakers. Be it the winner of the match, Over/Under goals, corners, Handicaps, Result at Halftime, etc.

To calculate the odds, in practice, it is enough to want to invest money in the team/player that we believe to be the favorite, and the house does the rest. But it is very dangerous to put the money without analyzing if there really is real favoritism in the party. To calculate the odds on an event, we use a simple formula to quantify the percentage of the probability that the outcome we choose will happen.

  • The formula: 1/odd = result x 100 = probability in %

With the example of PSG’s victory we would have the following result:

1/ 2.15 = 0.46 x 100 = 46%

In this case, the probability that PSG wins this game would be 46% considering that in addition to Real Madrid’s victory, we have the draw fee, which greatly divides this scenario.

Quantifying the probabilities in a sport in which there are human beings and in which we deal with randomness at all times, is very complicated. Thus, we must take into account more than just the number, but also understand that there are other factors: losses, field factor, the atmosphere of the match, ambition of each team in the match, etc.

I think you will have done the calculation not only with PSG but also with the option of a draw and victory for Real Madrid.

  • Tie: 1/3.60 = 0.27 x 100 = 27%
  • Real Madrid win: 1/3.25 = 0.30 x 100 = 30%

If the three possibilities are added, the account does not close at 100%, since 46+27+30=103.

This margin above 100% is the juice, that is, the commission that the house receives for the money invested in this match.

There are a few types of odds available at bookmakers, which are:

  • Decimal odds (2.15)

This is the easiest format and is used the most all around the world. It requires a simple calculation to define the probabilities and the final profit. Example: $10 x 2.15 = 21.50 (10 equivalent to the value invested and 11.50 profit).

  • Fractional odds (3/9)

This type of model is more common to see in Europe or on informative pages about an international event. In this case, we must calculate the fee as follows. The value on the left is the profit that we can obtain for each value on the right invested: 3/9 = (3:9)+1 = 1.33. Here we would have a return of 3.33 net profit for every $10 invested.

  • American Odds (+200)

This case is a bit more complicated to understand. It is basically used by houses in American sports, such as basketball, baseball, hockey, American football, etc. Here, the odds are set in the format of + and – and the pattern is a stake of $100.


+200 = This case would be the return of $200 with a stake of $100

-200 = Here, it would be the value to bet (200) to have a return of $100.

In other words, the positive values ​​show the return that you would have if the bet is a winner, with a stake of 100. Negative values ​​are what you must invest to have a return of 100.

Converting to decimals:

  • If positive, add the value to 100 and divide by 100: (200+100)/100 = 3.00.
  • If negative, put 100 in front and divide by the value of the odd, then add 1: (100/200)+1 = 1.50.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Egyptian Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Egyptian Online Betting Sites

The quality of bonuses and offers varies from one betting site to another, but there are some types of bonuses that are offered on all sports betting sites in Egypt without exception, but in varying proportions, the most important of which are the following:

🎁 Registration or No Deposit Bonus at Egyptian Bookmakers

To encourage the new players to register, the player receives a free bonus of a reasonable value after creating an account with real money on the site, and once the registration steps are completed, the site gives him an immediate reward with a cash value ranging between 20 and 100 dollars.

Using the bonus, the player can learn about the laws and methods of betting, get used to the atmosphere of the site, and explore the situation on the sports betting site whether it is suitable for him or not, and in most cases, the player decides his position and decides to start betting with his own money on the site.

🎁 Welcome Bonus at Betting Sites in Egypt

Its value in most cases is the same as the value of the amount that the player deposits on the sports betting site for the first time. It is called the first deposit bonus because the player gets it as soon as he makes his first deposit on the site. It is called the welcome bonus because the betting site offers it to new players to welcome them after funding their accounts for the first time.

This bonus represents a good opportunity for all the new players because through it they get the proper training and gain the experience and skill with which they can start the actual betting. They may make some profit through it if the player has some experience in the type of sports betting.

🎁 Loyalty Bonuses for Egyptian Sports Bettors

As for the regular, loyal, active players who are always present on the sports betting site in Egypt, they are the most important to the site, that is why it offers them many rewards through the appropriate privileges and pampering for them to express to them how grateful it is for their constant presence on it.

For this, the bookmaker offers them the reward of the loyalty program, and during this program, the player gets a return for every dollar he deposits on the site. This return is a number of points that are calculated according to the value of each deposit, and the greater the value of the deposit, the greater the number of loyalty points. The benefit of these loyalty points for the player is multiple, such as exchanging it with cash that he can withdraw and transfer on his own account, getting a shopping voucher from a major store, and the most important and greatest benefit of loyalty points for the player is that he can access the VIP club only through it.

🎁 VIP Status

The best sports betting sites in Egypt other excellent sites offer more pampering and extra perks to the players in this category because this category of players are the elite who bet huge amounts of money constantly on the site, which is why the site gives them a membership to access. The site can allocate for each player a personal assistant who advises him and helps manage his money and his bets. Not only that, but the site gives him many gifts and surprises at different times such as New Year’s holidays, public holidays and personal occasions.

🎁 Referral Bonus in Egypt

There is also another type of sports betting site bonus that is offered to the players – a refer-a-friend bonus, which both players get in a certain percentage. This invited player opens an account and makes a financial deposit through one of the payment methods that is provided on this site. At that time, the site offers this bonus to both players, and often this bonus is a simple percentage of up to 50 dollars.

💳 Payment Options at Egyptian Betting Sites

Payment Options at Egyptian Betting Sites

An important factor that fans of sports betting put in is choosing a reliable casino site in Egypt which offers multiple options of cash deposit and withdrawal methods. The more options are available to players, the more popular the online betting platform is. When you sign up for an online bookmaker, you have to use one of the payment methods to deposit a cash amount in order to get the welcome bonus and be able to place bets. And if you want to withdraw the winnings that you got by playing different betting games you must also use one of the payment methods to do so. The most popular options in Egypt are:

Bank Transfer – The vast majority of sports betting sites in Egypt provide the direct bank transfer method as part of the financial transaction. It is one of the most preferred payment methods by many fans of online betting games but not that much in Egypt since players need to transfer money to foreign betting sites. The rigors of commuting require you to go to your local bank for these procedures each time when online transfers are not available.

Visa Credit Card – The Visa credit card is one of the most popular means of financial transactions. All online bookmakers include this method in their payment methods. It has many uses due to the speed of receiving and sending money through it. The company responsible for the Visa credit card uses impenetrable security systems and a firewall. All fans of online betting games in all Arab countries can use this card.

MasterCard – Much like Visa, it is one of the most famous credit cards in the world, and it can be used easily and quickly to make deposits and cash withdrawals on various online casino sites. It is also highly trusted by all users and fans of online betting games in Arab countries.

PayPal – PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods. It is characterized by speed and security while making payments or withdrawing cash from online sports betting sites in Egypt. PayPal does not accept dealing with unlicensed betting sites, which is one of the advantages of this e-wallet.

Skrill – Skrill works as an electronic wallet through which you can control your funds, as it is easy to transfer funds to or from your Skrill account with ease and security. You first transfer the amount of cash you want from your local bank to your Skrill account and then use that amount of money to pay at the different online sports betting sites.

Neteller – Neteller is characterized by the ease and speed of making payments and withdrawing money at online casino and sports betting sites, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it does not apply any fees to these financial transactions.

MuchBetter – Your MuchBetter e-wallet account must be linked to your bank account or credit card number. Match Better is one of the payment methods available on the vast majority of online casino sites. In addition, it is fast and safe.

Other e-wallets that can be used in Egypt and provide similar safe and fast services are:

  • Hyperpay
  • CashU
  • OneCard
  • QiWi
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Western Union – With Western Union, you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world, and using Western Union is easy and can track the payment of money on online casinos and sports betting sites. Western Union is distinguished by having many branches in a large number of Arab countries, including Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Cryptocurrency – It is a digital cryptocurrency that can be obtained through some companies on the Internet or through some people who offer it for sale. It can be dealt with in the payment processes of a large number of online sports betting sites in Egypt.

In the end, sports betting sites in Egypt provide multiple payment methods for all players, but you must choose the appropriate payment method for you among these various payment methods in order to be able to deposit cash and withdraw money in an easy and safe way.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Egyptian Players?

The majority of Arab governments and banks refuse to deal with betting sites on the Internet and track the financial transactions taking place between the user and the online casino, whether it is a bank transfer or traditional credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). That is why we advise Arab players to use electronic wallets, as they are more secure and private.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in Egypt

6 Expert Tips for Betting in Egypt

  1. Being a part of many Islamic countries in the region, gambling is prohibited to Egyptian nationals. However, gaming houses are present in the country but for foreigners. Be that as it may, Egyptians can access international sports betting sites but with special care of not being caught.
  2. Using VPNs and e-wallets is a must when accessing these sports betting sites. Both the VPN and e-wallet services will keep your personal information hidden and safe. Of course, both require some small investment to operate.
  3. On the positive side, accessing foreign sports betting sites can provide lots of features. When there is a gambling monopoly in the country, the offers can be quite poor (in some cases). This way, opening several sports betting accounts is recommended in order to find the best ones and use all the features possible.
  4. Finding a foreign betting site can be a difficult task. When looking for a site to bet on, pay attention to exchange rates and the cost of service.
  5. Egyptians are known to love traditional sports and will therefore place most bets on football, horse and camel races, and tennis. However, the trend in the world is to find new and exciting markets to bet on, for example, eSports. There are constant tournaments, great odds, and generally great conditions for earning money.
  6. As gambling is prohibited in the country, bettors must pay attention not only to the authorities but also to mental health. Getting addicted to betting can cause many problems – with finances, family, authorities, and much more. Extra care is advised.
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Gambling in Egypt is legal but for foreigners only, meaning that locals cannot gamble in the country. Luckily, there are online bookmakers and casinos that can be accessed via the internet but the user information must be kept hidden.

Finding a safe and secure bookmaker in Egypt can be easy as there are many licensed bookmakers on the internet. But betting with such bookmakers must be done with the help of VPNs and e-wallets as they will keep your information safe from both hackers and the government.

As placing bets in Egypt is illegal, the state will not set any limits. On the other hand, many bookmakers will set minimum and maximum deposit limits, as well as some payment services. While this is true, such limits are often suitable for everyone.

Gambling is prohibited in the country therefore no winnings should be reported and hence no tax is to be paid.

In order to collect your winnings from sports betting, you must use one of the withdrawal methods offered by the bookmaker of choice. How fast the transactions will be done depends entirely on the payment method. As it is advised to use e-wallets in Egypt, the process of withdrawing money should take around 24 hours, depending on the situation.

What’s important is that the bookmaker is safe and reliable. From there, a bettor should look for sports and markets of preference but also additional features, if needed. The best bookmaker would be the one that offers everything you need.

A variety of bookmakers will provide a variety of sports to bet on. This means that Egyptians will have the option of betting on football, handball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, cricket, moto races, animal races, eSports, and many more.

Although camel races are quite popular in Egypt, probably more than anywhere else, football is still the most popular sport among bettors.

Odds are set by bookmakers and will give insight into what the chances of an outcome are. The lower the odds the better the chances but also the potential winnings will be lower. There are different types of odds and you can find them in this text.

As Egyptians will access foreign betting sites, many of them will offer free bets as part of different bonuses and promotions.

Usually, the only condition that needs to be fulfilled is to create your sports betting account with a bookmaker that offers such a bonus. Upon registration, the bonus should be available immediately, but sometimes you may be required to deposit some funds first.

Even though gambling is illegal for Egyptian nationals, there is still a helpline available. By calling (618) 273-3326, you will reach the Egyptian Health Department where you can get help in case you feel a gambling addiction is about to happen.

🔎 Looking for casino sites? Here are the best casino sites in Egypt.