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Best Betting Sites in Ghana for 2023

Sub-Saharan countries in Africa have seen a huge boom in terms of both sports betting and online gambling in recent years. Ghana is one of the most advanced countries where all gambling is legal and many citizens are constantly enjoying online gambling activities.

Consequently, there are many sports betting sites available to Ghanaian players and some offer quite great deals. In further text, find out more about the best sports betting sites in Ghana for 2023, how to access them, how to place bets, and much more.

🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Ghanaian Players in Sep 2023

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⚖️ Ghana Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Ghana Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

While sports betting has been hugely popular among Ghanaian punters for many years, the popularity of online betting has grown significantly across the country over the past few years. This mobile gambling, embraced by many Ghanaian players, is one of the major contributing factors to the growing popularity of sports in Ghana as well.

Since 2006, sports betting, and all other forms of gambling, have been legalized and put under the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission of Ghana. Before that, there were various laws and regulations that dealt with various gaming topics but now everything is under the jurisdiction of one governmental body.

To operate in Ghana, betting sites must receive a license and work permit from the Gambling Commission. This requires betting sites in Ghana to provide fair gambling, but also restrict gambling activities to children, police members, and officials. In addition to paying for the license, betting houses in Ghana must pay a yearly tax of 17% of all profits. Luckily, players are then excluded from the gambling tax.

The African gaming industry, according to the latest projections, is expected to grow by around 12% in five years. The growth of the industry is mainly fueled by the growing popularity and availability of mobile gaming devices. Mobile devices are used more for gaming by the younger population and African countries have the largest population of young people in the world. Ghanaian youth are essential for the future of the Ghanaian online gaming industry.

With more and more international companies expanding their operations in Ghana, the future of the Ghanaian online gaming industry looks very bright. According to a recent report, the African online gambling industry is expected to grow the most in Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya, as these are the countries with the largest youth populations.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Ghana?

All forms of gambling are legal in Ghana, including both online and traditional sports betting. There are many legal and licensed betting sites in Ghana that players can access without any worries.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Ghana

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Ghana

To date, there are many online platforms in Ghana for making your sports bets. However, not all are equal and it becomes difficult to choose the website that suits you best. You will therefore need to be well informed in order to make the best choice. Here is everything you need to know about choosing the best sports betting site in Ghana for 2023.

✅ The Number of Sports Offered at Betting Sites in Ghana

To successfully choose your sports betting site in Ghana, you must first look at the sports disciplines offered. Indeed, most sites offer about twenty sports, several of which may not be suitable for you. So you can find out about different platforms and compare the various offers. In this way, it will be easy for you to find betting sites with sports that interest you. Once your happiness has been found on the sporting level, you will still have to pay attention to other criteria to choose your sports betting site.

✅ Pay Attention to Odds

The odds appear to be an essential point, even the most important, to make the choice of your bookmaker in Ghana. Odds will determine how much you can win. You should know that for the same sporting event with the same bet, the different sports betting platforms in Ghana offer their odds independently. In addition, it is up to you to compare the odds offered in order to turn to the site that offers you the best ones.

✅ Choose Your Betting Site Based on Bonuses

The majority of sports betting sites in Ghana offer you a welcome bonus when you complete your registration on their platform. This bonus can take various forms, but generally, it allows you to benefit from some bonus money in addition to your initial deposit to make bets. Depending on the bookmaker, this bonus may come in the form of a proposal to refund your bet whether it wins or not. It would therefore be appropriate to opt for a platform that offers you a good bonus.

✅ Refer to the Quality of the Betting Site in Ghana

The quality of the site is one of the most important criteria for choosing your sports betting site in Ghana. A site that causes bad clicks due to its poor design is not suitable for your needs. Choose a site that has:

  • An ergonomic platform with fluid and intuitive navigation;
  • A user-friendly and modern interface;
  • And fast mobile access.

✅ Focus on Payment Methods at Online Sportsbooks in Ghana

Payment methods have become an essential criterion for choosing your sports betting site in Ghana. The platforms generally offer payments by VISA and Mastercard bank cards, bank transfers, or by mobile payments such as AirtelTigo and MTN. Electronic wallets are also a means of payment available to you. Moreover, it would be better to think carefully about your options before making a payment as not everyone will offer the same services.

✅ The Quality of Transactions

Joining a sports betting site also means engaging in many financial transactions. Therefore, it is essential to check the quality of transactions before choosing your platform. Already, you need to pay special attention to the reliability of transactions. In order to dispel all doubts in your mind, prefer a sports betting site whose online games are controlled by the Gambling Commission of Ghana. Also, it would be wise to be wary of bookmakers who offer payment methods that seem dubious to you.

The quality of transactions also takes into account the time in which they are carried out. It must be said for the withdrawal of winnings, the platforms establish a certain payment period which varies according to the website chosen. However, it is possible to come across sites on which it is very difficult to take possession of your winnings. To avoid such a situation, take the time to learn about the practices of the bookmaker in terms of payment.

✅ Client Service at Ghanian Online Betting Sites

A good sports betting site in Ghana is one that offers you quality support. It must be said that most sites provide their customers and visitors with means of getting in touch with them. However, it is important to turn to a sports betting platform that offers you clear and detailed information. A live chat service and a functional FAQ will also be useful. To successfully choose your sports betting site, you must carefully look at all of these criteria and many more.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Ghana

How to Bet on Sports in Ghana

To start placing sports bets in Ghana, there are a few things to do first.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Choose Your Bookmaker in Ghana

To place a bet online in Ghana, you must first find an online betting site that will best suit your needs. To do this, you can follow the recommended criteria provided above to know how to choose yours, or simply choose one sports-betting site from the list of recommended ones. Either way, it won’t be hard finding a good sports betting site in Ghana as the country is full of them. Also, you can access foreign betting sites as well, if nothing from the country suits your needs.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Create an Account at Online Sportsbook in Ghana

When you have found a site, go to the official website of the bookmaker in Ghana of your choice and click on the “register” or “join” button. From there, you will have to provide personal information in order to create your betting account. This includes your first and last name, date of birth, residency, etc. This information must be filled in truthfully in order to claim your winnings afterward. Some betting sites might ask for proof of identity and you will need to send a photo of your ID card or passport. The whole process takes a few minutes.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Claim the Welcome Offer at Ghanian Sportsbook

Once registered, serious things start. Take advantage of welcome offers and fund your player account in order to have funds to place your first bets. Many sites in Ghana will offer welcome bonuses immediately upon completing the registration. These should be claimed and used for sports betting but you should read the terms and conditions of such bonuses as they usually pull certain requirements before being able to claim winnings from using them. Naturally, you will have to fund your account to place bets first.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Place Your Bets Online in Ghana

When you have funds, you can use your betting account to place sports predictions. Log in to your account, choose sporting events on which you wish to place bets, select your markets, and pay up. The site will calculate your winnings immediately and you will see the betting slip of your choice before confirming the bet.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Ghana

As previously said, there are many sports available for betting in Ghana. Naturally, some sports are more popular than others. Here is a shortlist of the most popular sports in Ghana that players love placing bets on.


Football is arguably the most popular sport in the betting world. It is an exciting discipline known and appreciated by all. Ghana has seen some great success in football, mainly in 2010 when the national team reached the World Cup quarter-finals. This sport offers you many opportunities in terms of betting. For example, you can bet on the most famous leagues but also on the lesser-known ones.

While some markets allow you to bet on the correct result, others allow you to bet on the number of final goals in the match. However, to be sure of winning, many factors must be taken into account. These include the rivalry and history between the teams, executive injuries, and the quality of the referee.


Highly admired all around the world, basketball is also among the best sports for a bet in Ghana. The best-known league in this discipline is the NBA (National Basketball Association), on which many punters place bets on, and is popular because it puts 30 teams in the competition, each team participates in 82 games during a regular season which lasts 7 months. This high number of matches gives bettors plenty of opportunities to bet and win big.

However, this sport is one of the most difficult to predict. Remember that the odds offered in this game correspond most of the time to the American model. Unlike football, playing the game indoors or outdoors has little impact on the outcome. Instead, you will need to take into account criteria such as player injuries, executive success, playing time, and of course the positioning of the teams in the rankings.


Although not particularly a popular sport in Ghana, tennis is a very interesting discipline on which it can be interesting to bet. The many tournaments that are played there give the opportunity to find interesting matches to make your investments. For example, you can position yourself on tournament matches:

  • Men’s singles,
  • Women's singles,
  • Or doubles.
  • In this game, there are only two possibilities to declare the end of matches. You can bet on the victory of a player or that of his opponent, which gives you a 50% chance of guessing the result. Nevertheless, you must take into account several criteria such as the statistics of face-to-face between players and the quality of the player in the respective spaces. Forget the player's ATP ranking, because most of the time this indicator is not decisive.


Very popular in Ghana, boxing is a discipline that is ideal for patient and methodical bettors. Here, there are two types of strategies - to bet on a favorite constantly and win small but frequently, or to bet on an underdog and expect big income. In this game, the most attractive bets are those combined, because they allow you to make investments in various possible circumstances. Keep in mind that in combat sports like boxing - anything can happen.

💵 Types of Bets in Ghana

Types of Bets in Ghana

The hardest part of placing different types of sports bets is knowing which bet corresponds to which event. Indeed, for each sports discipline on which you can bet from Ghana, there are specific forms of betting that you must know.

For example, in football, some bookmakers in Ghana give the possibility of placing “scorer bets” or even “under/over bets”, which is not possible for example for boxing competitions. If, on the other hand, you are looking for bets that are accessible in all forms of sports competitions but also very profitable, here is what you can expect in Ghana:

➡️ Simple Bets in Ghana

If you are new to sports betting, this type of bet is the most recommended for you in Ghana. Indeed, single bets consist of placing bets on a single form of option. In general, single bets are placed on events with fairly high probabilities. For example, you can bet on the victory of a team, on the exact score at the end of the game, on the fact that such and such a player will score a goal, on the winner of a competition, on a victory by KO or not and much more.

When your prediction turns out to be true, you win your initial bet. For example, if you bet GH¢50 on a victory for Ghana against Nigeria at odds of 1.90, and the outcome of the game matches your bet, you will pocket a gain of GH¢95. The main advantage of this type of sports betting for bettors in Ghana is that it saves you from taking unnecessary risks.

➡️ Combined Bets

This type of sports betting in Ghana is much more daring than the previous one. Indeed, combination bets simply consist of combining various forms of simple bets to maximize your chances of filling your pockets. On a single event, you can place a 1X2 bet, an exact score bet, a half-time winner bet, a goal scorer bet, and much more.

The interest for bettors with this form of setting on sites in Ghana is to achieve at least one fair bet on all bets placed. However, it is important to emphasize that with this type of sports betting, the results are completely independent. If you place a combined (or combo) of 3 bets, you must be aware that the validation of one does not systematically include the validation of the others. That said, the winnings from a combo depending on the winnings produced by each type of sports bet placed.

➡️ Betting Handicap in Ghana

With handicap types of bets, Ghanaian bettors make matches where a high-level team opposes a disadvantaged outsider more interesting. This form of betting on sports is very popular due to the fact that it allows you to benefit from very large sides on handicap events. To better understand handicap bets, let’s take the example of two basketball teams, team A, a favorite in the competition, and team B, an outsider.

To make the match more exciting, Ghanaian bookmakers may impose a handicap of X on team A, making the latter’s odds much higher than they would have been for a single bet. This further implies that team A will have to beat team B by more than X points before your betting slip is validated. Spread bets (point spreads) are the most well-known derivative of handicap bets even on the mobile versions of bookmakers in Ghana.

➡️ Live Betting in Ghana

Players from Ghana love following a sporting event and bet in real-time on it. Live betting is recommended mainly for two reasons: the first is that it allows you to have more certainty about the probability of an event before placing a bet on it. The second reason is that by following the competitions before placing your bets, you have the possibility of waiting for the odds of certain events to rise to take better advantage of them. If during a Ghana vs Nigeria match, for example, Nigeria scores a goal, you can place a bet on Ghana, which at that time will benefit from much higher odds than at the start of the match.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Ghana

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Ghana

Sports betting odds, especially for novice bettors, can be difficult to understand. There are several types of betting odds (decimal odds which are mainly used in Ghana, fractional, or American) that are offered to players, but they all reflect the probability of an outcome in a sporting event. In every sporting event, there can be a large difference in probability between one outcome and another (e.g. Team A winning against Team B). Betting odds are interpretations of these odds in numerical form. As bookmakers in Ghana need to make money, they usually add what is called a margin to the odds.

✅ What is the Probability

For any given event, there are a number of possible outcomes. Take for example the roll of a dice. If someone rolls a dice, there are six possible outcomes (one per side of the die). Therefore, if you bet the person gets a ‘six’, there is a 16.67% chance of it happening. The principle is the same with betting odds only presenting the probability of the event occurring.

Sports betting companies in Ghana have a large number of traders who analyze historical and statistical data relating to the teams and players of a given event. For example, during the Football World Cup final, bookmakers’ traders analyzed the individual and collective performance of French and Croatian players.

Once all this information has been collected, it is compiled and used to establish the probabilities of a team winning a match, a player scoring a goal, etc. The odds are then displayed on the bookmaker’s site and updated in real-time during the match to constantly reflect the probabilities of both sides winning the match!

✅ How to Calculate Odds at Ghanian Sports Betting Sites

As explained, bookmakers in Ghana calculate odds based on the probability of the event they are linked to. To calculate the odds, bookmakers use a variety of data (statistics of players, teams, etc.) to offer the best odds available on the market. From a betting perspective, odds are tied to winning.

✅ Minimum and Maximum Odds

In theory, the minimum odds for Ghanaian betting sites is 1.201. This low rating implies an almost guaranteed result. In tennis, this would be the case, for example, between a meeting involving a high-ranking player like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic against a much weaker opponent. A similar odds could also apply for the result at the end of live betting if PSG win at the end of the half at 4 to 0.

Note however that the markets on a match can be suspended by the operators if the result of the match is certain to avoid too much value betting. That’s what happens if PSG leads 4-1 after 89 minutes. Since each bookmaker in Ghana will offer different odds for the same match, you create an advantage and a chance to maximize your potential gain by registering with as many online gambling portals as possible. By doing so, you have the opportunity to compare the odds before each match and place your bet on the bookmaker with the best margin. The lower the bookmaker’s margin, the higher the payout and the more advantageous it is for punters.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Ghanaian Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Ghanaian Online Betting Sites

Many sports betting sites in Ghana will offer various bonuses and promotions to their players in order to attract them to their services and keep them playing. These bonuses are often quite valuable and players can actually earn some extra cash with them. Here are the main types of bonuses in Ghana:

🎁 Registration Bonus at Online Betting Sites in Ghana

To get this type of bonus, you usually have to create an account with a provider of your choice and deposit a certain amount of money there. For example, some bookmakers in Ghana may offer you a 100% bonus up to GH¢1000 when registering your account. In other words, you will receive 100% of the amount you deposit within the limit of GH¢1000 (cap).

Thus, if you deposit GH¢1000 into your account, you will have an initial credit of GH¢2000 to place your bets. The percentage of the sports betting sign-up bonus that you can claim can vary significantly from one bookmaker to another. Most of these offers are usually subject to wagering requirements which in some cases can be binding.

You will only be eligible for sports betting sign up bonus if you are a new customer. It is not impossible that you will be asked to insert a promotional code to activate your welcome bonus. Among Ghanaian operators, in the current state of things, it is the free bet and the first bet refunded that are usually on the menu of their welcome pack.

But in any case, even if your first deposit is quite minimal, you will still have the opportunity to take advantage of a registration bonus in due form. It won’t take long for you to see that every sports betting site in Ghana will require a minimum and maximum deposit for anyone wishing to take advantage of a sports betting sign-up bonus.

🎁 Free Bets

Some bettors worship them. In others, they inspire only aversion. Still, others scour the web from top to bottom to get their hands on elusive no-deposit free bets. Ordinarily, you will be required to make a deposit to get your free bets in stride. Register with a bookmaker in Ghana that offers them in their welcome pack and make your initial deposit. You will receive free bets depending on the amount deposited.

Naturally, deposit limits (both minimum and maximum) and other ancillary conditions will apply.  Having become commonplace in recent years, freebets are sometimes associated with wagering requirements that must be met before cashing out your winnings. As usual, be sure to read the conditions associated with your free bets to avoid any cruel disappointment.

Each welcome bonus that involves a first bet refunded is generally subject to a cap. Punters who are offered this type of bonus are required to meet certain additional conditions, including minimum odds. If the first bet you place ends in failure, your online bookmaker in Ghana will often refund it to you in free bets or game credits.

🎁 Bonuses Without Deposit at Online Sportsbooks in Ghana

This is the type of bonus that every bettor in Ghana is looking for with enthusiasm and passion. By definition, it allows you to place a bet with a bookmaker without any financial involvement (it does not require any deposit on your part). If your bet wins, your winnings will be credited to your account and you will need to meet certain conditions before you can cash them out. If your bet does not succeed, well, tell yourself that you will not have lost anything, in the end.

However, sports betting bonuses without deposit very rarely exceed the 50 or 100 GH¢ mark and, as a bonus, are often associated with particularly restrictive conditions. Nevertheless, despite its rarity, this is a bonus worth looking into. If any of the no deposit sports betting bonuses pop up, we’ll be sure to let you know within a minute. Note, however, that the no deposit sports betting bonus should not be confused with the free bet, or ‘freebet’ because the latter involves a real money deposit on your part.

🎁 Promotions at Online Sports Betting Sites in Ghana

As we have just seen, you will receive a welcome bonus if you register with a Ghanaian online bookmaker. But be aware that sports betting bonuses from bookmakers are not limited to their only welcome pack.

Once registered on a sports betting site, regular players will receive many offers aimed at rewarding their loyalty. Certain bonuses, relating in particular to major sporting events, will allow you to boost your chances of winning.

🎁 Boosted Odds

Many operators will offer you boosted odds when a major sporting event is looming. It is not uncommon to see certain bookmakers offer boosted odds for the occasion of finals or derbies in order to attract as many bettors as possible.

These are neither more nor less than odds that are well above what they should be. Even better, the boosted odds are not limited to new customers. Regular bettors can also benefit. Boosted odds are mainly offered on football, tennis, and basketball. But that won’t stop you from enjoying it in other sports as well.

🎁 Cash Out

Although it is not a bonus per se, cash out can be effective in many ways. Indeed, if used wisely, it is an excellent way to improve your potential gains or, in any case, to limit the damage.

The principle is known to all regular bettors: if your bet has not expired, you have the option of ‘selling’ your bet to the bookmaker in Ghana via the cash-out option. Let’s take a concrete example: let’s imagine that you learn, a few hours before the match, that two players essential to the cohesion of your favorite football team have injured themselves during a training session – you will be able to ‘sell’ your bet via the cash out in order to anticipate his probable defeat.

Another convincing example: you have placed a bet on an NBA team that, although it leads in the score, is beginning to show signs of weakness which could jeopardize its final victory. You can use the cash-out and collect the winnings that are yours at the time of your decision.

🎁 Event Promotions

Even if it is quite complicated to list all the promotions available in Ghana (there are so many) over the calendar, you should know that most online bookmakers launch special offers on the occasion of events major sporting events, such as the final of the African Cup of Nations, the final of the Roland-Garros tournament, etc.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to see bookmakers increase their welcome bonus and/or offer specific bonuses in anticipation of a major event. Many betting platforms also organize competitions for the occasion. Sometimes you will also be able to get a bonus based on using a new feature or a specific payment method, for example.

💳 Payment Options at Ghana Betting Sites

Payment Options at Ghana Betting Sites

Sports betting sites in Ghana can brag about providing numerous payment options to their players. There is something for everyone – from traditional bank and credit card payments, to more modern electronic payments, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Each payment method has different features, and here are the most noticeable ones.

Credit and Debit Cards – The most popular payment option for depositing money is credit and debit cards (for example, Visa and MasterCard). Since this payment method is one of the most popular solutions in Ghana, it is no wonder that it has been adapted by numerous online sports betting sites. They are relatively fast, pull no fees with them, and are present everywhere.

Virtually every online bookmaker in Ghana accepts this type of payment which makes it extremely convenient for players. However, when it comes to withdrawing money, not all card types are suitable for this. It should be noted that some types of cards such as MasterCard completely deprive you of this opportunity.

This is why it is best to double-check this aspect first to know if you need to look for an alternative option.

E-Wallets – If we take a look at the issue from the point of view of “speed”, we can define two online casino payments: credit cards and electronic wallet services, so-called e-wallets. And to be more honest, e-wallets are faster. However, as credit cards are not as secure as e-wallet services, we recommend using PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, NeoSurf, or EcoPayz which guarantee maximum speed and safety.

Skrill and Neteller – Most online sports betting sites that accept Ghanaian players, whether they are locally licensed or not, accept deposits via these two popular e-wallets. They provide quick and easy deposits that are free and make online banking safer and more anonymous.

Players who use Skrill and Neteller are not required to share their banking details directly with online bookmakers, which means that even when playing at unregulated online betting sites, players will not have any problems (still, this should be avoided).

Another side of the coin of using Skrill and Neteller is the rather high withdrawal fees, which go up to 10%. The good news, however, is that players can receive extremely fast withdrawals from online bookmakers, as they are often processed within hours.

EcoPayz – Another popular e-wallet in Ghana, EcoPayz is available worldwide and offers another way to make online payments without sharing your banking information with the online casino. The user also has their own MasterCard, known as EcoCard, which can be used to make instant withdrawals from automated services around the world. All of this makes EcoPayz one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your winnings out of your online account and in your pocket.

PayPal – PayPal is the largest web wallet in the world, with just under 200 million users. That said, any sports betting site in Ghana using this payment method is making their services available to a large and growing market.

The beauty of PayPal is that players don’t need to have an account to make a transaction, and they won’t even be asked to register during or after the transaction. PayPal also has its own payment gateways, and merchants only need a PayPal account (preferably a Business Account) to use services and start using PayPal right away.

Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are becoming widely used as a payment method in modern online bookmakers, although the number of gaming houses offering crypto is still low. Cryptocurrency has great potential in the field of gaming entertainment due to a number of advantages over other payment methods.

First of all, they are not only used as a payment method but can also be selected as the account currency instead of dollars. Secondly, security, decentralization, and anonymity – the principles on which bitcoin was created appeal to many online bettors. Third, the use of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, opens the door ’Access to online casinos that only work with digital currencies (some of which offer sports betting as well).

What Is the Best Payment Option for Ghanaian Players?

National sports betting sites in Ghana will accept bank transfers and bank cards with ease, as well as national mobile payments. These are quite convenient, widespread, safe, and easy to use.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Betting in Ghana

7 Expert Tips for Betting in Ghana

  1. There are various nationally licensed betting sites in Ghana that players can easily access, and all it takes is a bit of comparison between them to find the best one. If none of them reach the desired level of service, players can always opt for foreign betting sites.
  2. When looking for luck abroad, the use of a VPN is highly recommended. This virtual network will keep your identity safe and you will claim prizes more easily. Of course, finding a reliable and reputable betting site is a must.
  3. There are many casino sites in Ghana that offer great odds as well. Comparing betting and casino sites is also a good idea.
  4. Naturally, while time-consuming, it is also possible to open accounts at several betting sites and use each for particular sports betting.
  5. Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on in Ghana but there are some sports that offer greater chances of winning. One of them is eSports which offers games all around the year with some great odds.
  6. Calculating a bookmaker’s margin is quite important. The higher the margin, the more you’re getting ripped off. Always go with betting sites in Ghana that offer low margins to increase your winnings.
  7. Mouth-watering bonuses usually come with high requirements that many players cannot see through. It is better to go with lower but reachable bonuses instead.
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Since the beginning of the century, all forms of gambling were legalized in Ghana.

Online gaming houses are regulated and under the jurisdiction of the state, therefore it is quite safe to gamble online in Ghana at such legal places.

There are many sports betting sites in Ghana that are legal, licensed, and therefore quite safe to place bets at. Always look for legal and licensed betting houses and you will be safe.

There are no deposit limits mandated by the state so far therefore the only limitations will be set by bookmakers and payment options. It is recommended to check the terms and conditions of both bookmakers and your preferred payment options before placing bets, although limits are usually quite convenient for all players.

There is a tax on gambling in Ghana which is paid by gambling houses. They pay 17% of all yearly profits. Players are free of taxation and can claim all the winnings to themselves.

When your betting slip is a successful one, the bookmaker will immediately transfer the winnings into your account. From there, you can choose to withdraw those funds via the preferred payment method. How long will it take for the money to reach your banking account will depend on the payment method of use. It can go from 1 to 7 days, depending on the method.

Various betting sites are present in Ghana and selecting a single one would be an impossible task. Instead, players should go for betting sites that best suit their needs, in terms of odds, sports offered, additional services, etc. Any site from our list is a good one.

All sports will be present in general, depending on the bookmaker. The most common ones are football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball, but other sports can be found as well.

Football is by far the most popular sport at Ghanaian bookmakers. This is no surprise considering the amount of success that the men’s national football team has achieved over the years, especially in the last decade.

Odds represent a chance of a team (or a player) winning a match. The lower the odds, the higher the chance of it happening. Odds are usually present in decimal numbers (for example Real Madrid to win 1.4, to draw 3.0, and to lose against Valencia 2.6). If you deposit 1000 cedi on Real Madrid to win, you will win 1400 (1000 invested+400).

In recent times, more and more sports betting sites will seek to offer free bets to their customers. While this was rare a few years ago, the current competitive market asks bookmakers to offer various bonuses, including free bets. These are always well-received by the players.

To claim sign-up bonuses, it is necessary to create a betting account. Find your favorite bookmaker, go to their site, click on “register” and complete the registration. After that, you will be awarded a bonus. Occasionally, it will be necessary to deposit some funds first or enter a special promo code.

As gambling addiction is quite a problem in many African countries, there are lots of ways to ask for help. In Ghana, it is possible to call Care Today Ghana via phone at (+233) 26 668 7899, or visit the official website for more options. Of course, visiting a local psychiatrist is always an option as well.

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