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Best Betting Sites in Greece for 2023

Gone are the days when you had to run to the nearest local bookmaker to bet. If you love betting, then you will definitely love everything that sports betting sites in Greece have to offer! Bet on everything from football, basketball, American football, horse racing, F1, tennis, and anything else you can think of.

When it comes to online betting, Greece loves to bet! Players flock to betting sites to bet, and the number of players is growing every year as betting companies become more popular.

However, there are some features that are specific to this area that you should be aware of before attempting to bet online. Whether you want to bet on fantasy sports, horses, tennis, or anything else, knowing where to do it and how is vital to enjoying the best online betting experience.

🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Greece Players in Dec 2023

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⚖️ Greece Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Greece Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

The first official sports betting that Greece saw was many years ago and has been controlled by the Football Prediction Organization (OPAP) since 1958. The organization based in Athens was a fully state-owned company for the beginning, and beyond its control sports betting was also responsible for gambling activities.

When online sports betting became more popular, OPAP was the only legal provider in this sector. In fact, the organization was given exclusive betting rights in 1996. These were to expire in 2020 but were renewed until 2030. The “fortress” of OPAP in land and online betting led it to be one of the largest betting providers in the world. In particular, online betting has led to an increase in online casinos and poker rooms, which in turn has led to an increase in visits to betting sites.

When the government saw the increase in sports betting, Greece enacted some hastily enacted laws in 2002. The goal was to crack down on sports betting but the legislation was so badly worded that it put betting companies in the same category as videos, entertainment, and other electronic games. All laws applied to everything.

When the Greek economy was hit hard by a number of events in 2010, the government was forced to repeal laws that wiped out the growth of the legal online betting market since 2002. This led, in 2011, to 24 temporary licenses to international online betting providers. The idea was to operate these betting providers for the interval, as long as the new laws were formulated correctly. Things looked better for the providers and fans of sports betting in Greece!

Then, in 2012, all progress stopped. It was decided that all decisions of 2010 and 2011 should be annulled, in essence, and that OPAP’s monopoly on land-based and online betting should be maintained. However, this provision has been a concern in the European Union and to bookmakers around the world in the past and has been addressed head-on this time.

It was not the first time the European Union used its influence on the betting situation in Greece in 2013, but it was perhaps the most effective. Stating that OPAP’s monopoly was illegal, it forced the Greek government to sell its controlling stake in a private investment firm and remove OPAP’s tax-free status. You may have imagined that with the loss of revenue it suffered, the government would be willing to welcome as many bookmakers in Greece as possible. This, however, did not happen in this case. Following the decision of the European Union, there were no moves to attract new betting companies and the players themselves did not show any serious interest.

Those who were granted a temporary license in 2011 remain. They cover almost every sport you can imagine, just as they do in every country that is present. You can bet on football, tennis, horse racing, and much more even in less popular sports like Snooker or Darts. In addition to the other licensed providers, for online sports betting in Greece you can also choose offshore betting companies. Without regulations, legislation has become vague. It works well for Greek players because they have so many great options! The only problem with this, although they are welcome to bet online, accessing support in Greek can be difficult.

Also, the tax laws changed for betting lovers in Greece after 2013. Instead of a fixed percentage of 10% on all winnings, a staggered system was created. The aim was to encourage the smaller players who otherwise could not bet anything, so any winnings up to €100 are not taxed at all. Profits from €100 to €500 are taxed at 15%, and anything over €500 is taxed at 20%. If you use offshore sports betting companies, of course, there is no tax framework, and paying the winnings is your responsibility. Whatever you bet, it should be easy to do it in Euros and use credit cards and e-wallets.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Greece?

Sports betting is legal in Greece, both online and in land-based bookmakers. Due to the lack of legislation, as well as EU involvement, players can access both national and foreign sports betting sites in Greece.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Greece

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Greece

Even if you are one of those who see betting simply as a fun pastime, you should set strict criteria in choosing the sports betting site in Greece to play. Each bet costs a small or large amount depending on your preferences and you should be absolutely sure that you are playing legally and safely. Especially new players when registering for online betting should know what are the elements that distinguish large companies from platforms of unknown origin and reliability. See what players need to look out for before opening an account at an online betting company in Greece.

✅ Security and Operating License at Greek Sportsbooks Online

The legal framework around online betting is strict in Greece and the sanctions are quite severe. For this reason, before choosing a betting company for your game, make sure that it is included in the list of legally licensed companies. Participation in illegal bookmakers is strictly prosecuted and you would not want to be involved in adventures. Also, make sure that it has all the documents that will certify a safe and reliable game.

✅ Variety of Bets and Odds at Online Betting Sites in Greece

Most players choose online bookmakers for their bets mainly because they offer a variety of options. It is a fact that online betting platforms have a wide range of sports and hundreds of bets in every match. The options are many and the player has the opportunity to find value bets for his coupon.

Pay special attention to the returns offered by each company. It is best to research the market before making a decision on which ones offer the lowest rake. Try to open an account with more than one company and take advantage of the differences in the odds given before or during a match.

✅ Live Betting in Greece

Live betting is one of the most popular services on the market today. Make sure the company you choose has live betting and try the technical features that come with it. There are differences both in the bets offered by each company and in the appearance of the respective page.  

Live Streaming is another parameter that should concern you during your choice. The transmission of the matches through the betting company will help you to form an opinion about the development of a match by placing your bets accordingly.

✅ Secure Transactions

Bet your money and use banking transactions through your account, so in no case do you want to risk failure. Although most, if not all, companies use modern encryption methods to secure your personal data, you should not leave anything to chance. Seek the necessary certificates and enjoy your game safely and calmly.

✅ Mobile Betting in Greece

Mobile betting has become very popular in recent years. Basic choice for players who do not have free time to spend in front of their computer screen but want to bet from anywhere and anytime they want. A service that you would definitely like your sports betting site in Greece to support.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Greece

How to Bet on Sports in Greece

1️⃣ Step 1 – Decide Which Greek Betting Site to Play on

Check if the betting sites you have chosen operate in Greece and offer the payment method you intend to make for deposits and withdrawals. Also, when choosing a sports betting company, check the odds, the sports they offer, the bonus and the bonus type, the minimum deposit, the withdrawal time, and the withdrawal limit. You can use the guide provided above or simply pick any site from our list of the best sports betting sites in Greece for 2023.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Registration Process at Greek Sportsbooks

To be able to bet at a sports betting site in Greece, you definitely need to register with your real data. Do not use false information because the company will forward information about you and your identity, and in the future, you will not be able to open accounts on other betting sites.

It only takes a few minutes to open an account on the betting site. “Join” or “Register” are the two basic terms that will invite you to open an account where a simple form to fill out will appear. When asked for personal information, make sure you have the information exactly the same as the one you wrote on your ID or passport. Email should be active as after the registration process, you will receive an email with a verification link which you have to click.

Enter the exact address of your place of residence and make sure that you have received your energy bill or bank invoice at this address so that when, for example, a betting site (not all) sends you an email with a verification code, you have the opportunity to confirm your identity.

An active phone number would also be required, as you may need it later if you forget your password. Try to make your password as difficult as possible, as there have been cases where your personal account data is stolen.

At the end of the registration process, you will be asked to click Terms of Use, read the data on this page which clearly explains your legal relationship with the company, and in case of disagreement, you can complain to the competent authorities to obtain your right. Accept Terms of Use once you have opened an account on the betting site.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Verify Your Identity

It is a process required by all online betting companies. Each company has its own preferences regarding the type of document required, but the most commonly used ones for verification are:

  • Proof of your age by requesting a photo or scan of your identity, passport, or marketing authorization.
  • Proven address for that home looking for electricity or telephone or internet bill.
  • Receipt of payment, scan, or photo of the front and back of your card used for the deposit, as well as verification of the electronic account called eWallet, such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc.

Before you can withdraw money from your betting site account, you must successfully complete this verification process. Failure does not allow you to win profits and withdraw money.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Deposit and Bet in Greece

Your account is now all set up and it’s time to place some bets. First, deposit some money which will be used for betting. You can find various deposit and withdrawal options, depending on a sports betting site in Greece. Select the one that you find most suitable. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and confirm.

Depending on the deposit method, your funds will arrive shortly, and once present, you can use it to place bets. Select sports and markets you wish to bet on, create your betting slip, and pay up. Your betting slip will be present at all times while creating it and you can see the odds and final earnings on it before finalizing the bet. When satisfied, confirm your bet, and hope for the best.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Greece

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Greece

The dominant sports in Greece are football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, and tennis. They are also widely available for you to watch through TV or via the internet. Because the specific sports that Greeks love are basically the most popular in the world, that means there are many opportunities to bet on them.

Most bookmakers in Greece provide a big number of matches, considering that this improves their chances to make money. However, in reality, the opposite is what matters. THE quality of bets increases the chances of success and not a large number of bets. In other words, the fewer bets we make, the higher the quality is usually our choice. Everything is to be selective, to have studied, and to know exactly what he is betting on.

Whatever we know about a particular sport, it is impossible to constantly make good estimates when we are actually trying to predict what will happen in each of the available matches separately. On the contrary, when we are selective and correct our choices, our chances of finally making good choices increase dramatically. Note that every day there really are hundreds of options on which we can bet.


Football is definitely the king of sports and undoubtedly that also applies to Greece. It is by far the most popular when it comes to sports betting. Betting sites offer the big football leagues in Europe and all over the world, including the Greek Superleague. You can, if you want, find on some betting sites lower divisions, while cup matches are always available. The bigger and more popular events like that are generally the Champions League or World Cup, in terms of the number of available markets, but also in terms of the size of the returns.

There are too many betting markets in football, but the most popular is the choice of the Winner of the Match, the Over/Under in goals, the prediction for Half Time/Final result, the Double Chance, the Exact Match score whether both teams will score or not, etc. The specific options can be chosen in combination, for example, by creating a bet with two markets of the same match. In addition to the single accepted bets, there are several systems that can be played.


Basketball is very popular in Greece and, of course, a big role in the success of this sport is the Greek teams and players in their national teams and clubs in recent decades. Let's say that the Greeks know the basketball market very well, more than many other peoples. When you do deal with it, basketball betting can be found on the internet in virtually every major league and tournament, as is the case respectively with football. The main leagues are in Europe and, of course, complemented by the NBA, which is considered the most expensive and most impressive championship on the planet. Although basketball on other continents is not so popular, one can find tournaments and events in these areas with ease. Be that as it may, Greek punters bet more on Euroleague matches, the Greek basketball championship and the cup, and the NBA.

The bets available to them have to do with the selection of the winner of the match, points are very important in basketball and because the number of points is much higher than in football, we have many more markets for Over/Under points, which each time the betting site adjusts. This is a very popular market. Other interesting and popular basketball markets are mainly based on the selection of a winner with a handicap. Because in general, it is easier to predict the winner of the match, so use handicap points that work as an advantage for one team and a disadvantage for the other team, in order to get closer to 50-50% of victory in the match.


Tennis is the most popular individual sport, both in Greece and in the world in general. The fact that tennis matches are held throughout the year, when for example individual sports have a break from their activity, is really very positive for the bettors. The most classic options for tennis are of course the Winner of the Match, who will win the first set or the first game respectively in the match, the Exact Score of the match in sets, and how many games each set will be played, whether there will be tie breakers in the first or in another set, etc.

Several other sports have some popularity among their players betting in Greece. We must not forget that there is Formula 1 racing and motorsport in general, horse racing and greyhound racing, and a huge crowd from individual and team sports. The betting sites in Greece offer so many options and every year we see more and more of something new to be added to their list.

Volleyball and Water Polo

Volleyball and water polo bets are quite similar. And again we have the classic choice of Winner, which is essentially a classic market for all sports. Many times, because there are big favorites and correspondingly big underdogs in some matches, the handicap option is also used here, offering some lead or disadvantage respectively in sets (volleyball) or goals (polo) in each team.

The sets of points also have their presence in the specific sports and are even divided by season or by sets and are offered even more options to his player betting. Accordingly, one can choose which team will win one specific period or a specific set, if the game in volleyball will be decided in the 5th set, etc. There is even the exact score in volleyball and of course, the bets on the top scorers in both sports as these are games with many points and goals set favor such betting options.

💵 Types of Bets in Greece

Types of Bets in Greece

There are so many markets on the internet now that it is difficult to name them all. Instead, below you will find explanations of the most popular betting markets offered by betting sites in Greece.

➡️ Half Time/Final

In this market, you bet on the half-time result and the final result. Your bet will win if you catch both the half-time result and the final result. For example, 1-1 means that the home team will be winning both in the first and second half (1-0/3-1).

➡️ Double Chance

You can bet on two match results. The home team wins or draws, the away team wins or draws, and the home or away team wins.

➡️ No Draw Bet

If the betting team does not win but draws, then you get your bet back.

➡️ Over/Under

With this market, you bet how many goals/points will be scored in a game. The main market is over 2.5 or under 2.5 goals for football. If you bet over 2.5 you must score at least 3 goals in the match to win. If you bet below 2.5 you must score 2 or fewer goals to win.

➡️ Goalscorer

First Goalscorer: In this market, you bet on the first scorer of the match.

Last Goalscorer: In this market, you bet on the player who will score the last goal in the match.

Anytime Goalscorer: In this market, you bet on the player who will score at any time in the match.

➡️ Scorecast

This betting market is offered by sports betting sites in Greece usually before big games and big leagues and tournaments. This market is a combination of top scorer and accurate score in the match. Many players think that if the player of their choice scores and the team makes it 1-0, the bet is won regardless of whether the final score is 2-1, 3-0, etc. This is incorrect as you refer to the bet as a combination of the top scorer and final result.

➡️ Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is now one of the most popular betting markets in Greece. The Asian handicap was created in such a way as to exclude the possibility of a tie by covering it with a handicap and the market to be more competitive. A handicap gives a team an advantage or a disadvantage. The weak team gets a goal advantage (+1, +2, etc) and must keep it to win the bet, while the strong team (the favorite) starts with a goal disadvantage (-1, -2, etc) which must cover to win the bet.

Here are some examples of Asian handicaps:

Team with Asian Handicap 0 goals

  • If a team wins by any margin, then that team is the winning choice. In the event of a tie, bets will be void and you will get your money back.

Team with Asian Handicap +0.5

  • Win to any score – the bet is won.
  • Draw – the bet is won.
  • Defeat with any score – the bet is lost.

Team with Asian Handicap -0.5

  • Win to any score – the bet is won.
  • Draw – the bet is won.
  • Defeat with any score – the bet is lost.

Team with Asian Handicap +1

  • Win to any score or Draw – the bet is won
  • Defeat with 1 goal difference- the bet is returned.
  • Defeat with 2 goals or more the bet is lost.

Team with Asian Handicap -1

  • Winning with 2 or more goals – the bet is won.
  • Victory with 1 goal – The bet is returned.
  • Draw or defeat – the bet is lost.

Asian dual choice handicap

If you bet on a dual-choice Asian handicap, your bet is split in two. Each part of your bet has the same percentage in case of victory (same price) but with a different handicap. So there is a chance that you will win both parts of the bet, you will catch one part and the other will be void (half won, half invalid), you will lose half and the other half will be void, or you will lose both parts of the bet. If your bet, for example, is half-won/half-void, then half of the bet is refunded and the other half is multiplied by the price you received.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Greece

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Greece

Currently, there are three types of odds in world bookmakers. These are American, fractional, and decimal quotas. In Greece, but also in many surrounding countries and European countries, mostly decimal odds are used. These are decimal numbers that tell us how much we will win if we predict the outcome of a match.

Take, for example, a football match between two teams. The odds for the host (1) are 1.7, the draw (x) has the odds of 2.7, and the away team (2) has the odds of 3.4 – If we invest 100e dinars on the host, and they win, we will get 170e. We got this amount by multiplying the odds by our stake. So, odds 1.7 x stake 100e = 170e. If we bet on a draw, the same formula applies. This time we will calculate the profit with a stake of 50e. Next, 2.7 x 50e = 135e. Of course, when you create the betting slip online, the sports betting site in Greece will calculate the winnings for you, but it is not bad to know it in advance in the phase of deciding what to play.

We all know that betting companies never lose. All betting companies make a profit from the so-called over-round of the percentages they offer, otherwise well-known as rake or margins.

The rake is an indicator that shows the theoretical profit percentage in each market offered for betting. The higher this index, the greater the benefit for the bookmaker. In our example, we will take the odds from a game between Olympiacos and PAOK. The odds in a sports betting site in Greece are 2.40 on Olympiacos win, tie at 3.30, and 3.00 on PAOK to win.

The rake is calculated by the following simple formula:

(1 / Host price) + (1 / Draw price) + (1 / Guest price)

With the values ​​we have above we end up with an index of 1.05. What this indicator shows is that the bookmaker offers the prices in this market to gain 5% of the bets, regardless of the result. This 5% is the rake of the market.

It is helpful for players to know what rake they are playing with in order to bet on companies and bet on markets that suit them. The above example has prices from the online company and if for example the rake is compared to that of OPAP the difference is quite large.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Greek Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Greek Online Betting Sites

Sports betting sites in Greece offer welcome bonuses to attract new customers. However, be sure to choose your bonus wisely and accept only offers that match your betting style and the event you are betting on. Some bookmakers offer multiple types of bonuses to attract new players. Free bets, deposit bonuses, and cash-back are popular bonuses in Greece. When you’re new to betting, the best betting sign-up bonuses will give you an incredible start-up boost. 

🎁 Welcome Bonus at Greek Sportsbooks

Sports betting sign-up bonuses may vary between different betting sites, but there are some general rules to keep in mind when choosing a bonus. First, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. While large numbers are appealing, make sure you know the minimum deposit and betting requirements before accepting the bonus. You will also need to create an account on the betting site. This will not take more than a few minutes. Once registered, enter the welcome bonus offer code and sign up for the bonus.

🎁 Matching Deposit Bonus 

A Matching Deposit Bonus is the most common option for the welcome bonus. These offer free money for deposits and usually match 100% with your first deposit. While deposit bonus bonuses are limited in amount, they are worth looking for as they are easier to claim. You should also pay attention to the betting requirements associated with deposit bonuses. If you are not sure about the amount you will need to deposit before receiving your bonus, you can always choose a higher than the required matching rate.

🎁 Risk-Free Bets in Greece

Another type of sign-up bonus bet is a risk-free bet. This bonus works like a second chance. If you lose a bet and the sports bet credits your account with bonus money, it will be refunded to your account. These offers are available at most online sportsbooks in Greece. However, be sure to read the fine print and know exactly what you are signing up for before you sign up. They can offer great sign-up bonuses, but only if you are willing to place a bet with them.

🎁 Promotions

Sportsbooks also offer loyalty programs. If you place bets on the same sports bet for many years, you can expect a loyalty bonus. You can also find sportsbooks that offer different types of bonuses, as long as you remain a loyal customer. Depending on your betting style, loyalty programs may even include a points system. You can use these points for different promotions like Cashback, Free Bets, and more for free.

🎁 Risk-Free Bets in Greece

Just like with welcome bonuses, risk-free bets are available to regular players. These are usually smaller amounts and you can withdraw your winnings in cash. Usually, free bet bonuses are available for a limited time so be sure to use them when available. 

🎁 Cashback Bets at Greek Bookmakers

Sometimes, sports betting sites in Greece will offer a percentage of the stake back if the betting slip is lost. For example, if a regular bettor bets 1000e and puts 4 matches on a betting slip and one match is wrongly predicted, then the sports betting site will pay back, for example, 20% of the stake. 

🎁 Cashout

Cashouts are possible when expecting big wins. The bookmaker will offer a certain amount of money to be withdrawn before the final match. This way, the bookmaker will potentially save lots of money and the bettor will be sure to win money before the last game.

💳 Payment Options at Greek Betting Sites

Payment Options at Greek Betting Sites

There are several payment methods for betting companies in Greece and the good thing is that most of them are free. Usually, with Mastercard and Paysafecard you can only make deposits, but for withdrawals, you will find more options. The most popular ways of trading in Greece are the following:

PaySafeCard – This is the most common exchange process, as it is very easily accessible and is sold even in kiosks. By purchasing a card, which can be from 5 to 100 euros, you receive a code that you use to open an account at paysafecard.com with your details. This way you can deposit your money at sports betting sites in Greece. There is no charge and the only downside is that to withdraw cash you need a bank transfer. No ATM withdrawals are made.

This is a safe and reliable method, which adds points to this option. Finally, customer service is available in Greek, something that facilitates any user.

✅ MoneySafe – Another well-known and reliable method is MoneySafe Mastercard. To get this e-wallet, you need to create an account at www.moneysafe.com, which also has instructions in Greek. Obtaining the card costs 10 euros and works like all prepaid cards.

To the advantages, we should add that it has an application for the mobile phone, while there is no extra charge for transactions with betting companies. You can add money by buying a code from various places, such as kiosks, but also through a bank, other cards, or another account in the same company. Withdrawals are made through ATMs and through a bank.

Unlike Paysafe, MoneySafe has some charges for its use. Initially, there is a 4% charge on every deposit you make to your account. The annual charge for the card is 10 euros, while to find out the balance from an ATM or change the code to 0.50 euros.

✅ Neteller – An e-wallet that promises extra security is Neteller, for which you will need to register at www.neteller.com. The instructions are clear and it is necessary to identify your details.

This is a world-renowned company, which promises fast and simple transactions, either through ATMs or through a bank. The registration is free, and you have the opportunity to put money in the account either through another e-wallet or by bank transfer. It offers large limits on withdrawals and deposits and betting transactions are free.

In terms of charges, money transfer from a bank is free, while if you transfer money from another e-wallet or from one of the same companies, the charge is 1.9%. Finally, for each withdrawal from an ATM, you will be charged 4 euros.

✅ Skrill – A fast and reliable way to make your transactions to and from sports betting sites in Greece is the Skrill e-wallet. Registration is free at the site www.skrill.com which of course exists in Greek. Of course, you have to identify your data here which is very important for the security of your transactions.

You can deposit money through a bank or other account almost for free. In addition, there is the Skrill Mastercard which facilitates your ATM withdrawals. Betting transactions are also free.

Of course, there are charges in this case as well. You will have to pay a commission for the card, which is 10 euros but also an annual subscription which is also 10 euros. In addition, when you transfer money from your account to another account, there is a charge of 1.45%. To transfer money to your account, the process can be done through a bank account, cards, e-wallets, or even bitcoin. In these cases, you are charged 1%.

✅ Bank Cards – The safest and most traditional way is to use classic bank cards. You can use them in any betting simply by filling in your details and the details of each card. The bettors generally accept all the cards so there is no limit to this. However, this method has its drawbacks. First, banks usually get a large commission on transactions. Second, the money does not appear immediately but in three to five days.

Third and last, every player should be able to know their money limits and not exceed them by gambling. When there is unlimited access to the salary, then one can easily be seduced in contrast to the e-wallets where we make a specific deposit.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Greek Players?

When betting at national sports betting sites, it is good to use bank cards, such as Visa and MasterCard as they are safe and generally don’t include fees, although are quite slower than electronic payments. E-wallets are perfect for fast and secure transactions, especially when betting at foreign betting sites.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in Greece

6 Expert Tips for Betting in Greece

  1. When it comes to sports betting sites in Greece, there are many options to choose from. Comparing bookmakers is essential and going for the best one based on your needs is recommended.
  2. Players often pick several bookmakers and find the best odds for matches of their interest. This is a time-consuming but quite profitable practice.
  3. When joining foreign betting sites in Greece, it is recommended to use VPNs and e-wallets. This way your private information will be safe.
  4. While Greek bettors love traditional sports which Greece is good at (football, basketball, tennis), there are many sports that have great markets, quite suitable for higher profits. For example, eSports is quite popular among young bettors and those who follow these events often earn money.
  5. Some punters find their luck at online casinos as well. Apart from traditional casino games, there are online casinos that offer sports betting. Combining these two is quite fun and time-saving.
  6. Greek people are known for their love and passion for sports but betting on favorite teams every week is often a bad idea. Those who wish to earn money should always bet with cool heads.
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All forms of gambling are legal in Greece.

There are many national gambling houses that are quite safe to access. Additionally, Greeks can access many foreign gaming houses as well. Here, it is necessary to look for licenses and a good reputation.

Sports betting is very safe in Greece. All it takes is to find a reputable and legal bookmaker, which is quite easy.

There are no general limits set by the law. All limits will be set by bookmakers themselves, as well as deposit methods. Read carefully what both state before choosing either.

Yes. Any winnings up to €100 are not taxed at all. Profits from €100 to €500 are taxed at 15%, and anything over €500 is taxed at 20%. If you use offshore sports betting companies, of course, there is no tax framework, and paying the winnings is your responsibility

When a betting slip is won, the winnings will be transferred to your account within moments. After that, the choice of your withdrawal option will determine how long it will take to get your winnings into your pocket. E-wallets take around 24 hours, bank cards around 2 days, and bank transfers around 5 days.

When it comes to sports betting sites in Greece, there are many options to choose from. Comparing bookmakers is essential and going for the best one based on your needs is recommended.

There are dozens of sports available, such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, moto races, eSports, etc.

Football is the most popular sport at bookmakers, followed closely by basketball, and even tennis.

Odds are presented in decimal numbers. The lower the number, the higher the chance of the outcome happening. Adding odds from different matches will create the final odds, and those are multiplied by the stake amount (4.5 x 100e = 450e).

Many bookmakers will offer free bets. They can come either as welcome bonuses or regular promotions. Either way, claiming them whenever possible is highly recommended.

It is necessary to register at an online bookmaker. After creating an account, a welcome bonus will be available. Sometimes it is necessary to deposit first or enter a promo code, but sometimes neither is necessary.

There are some centers in Greece that offer help for gambling addiction, such as Marieva Help Center, Remedy Wellbeing, or Tripnotherapy.

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