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Best Betting Sites in Montenegro for 2023

Montenegro is another in a series of countries of the former Yugoslavia, where sports betting is something more than just a hobby for citizens, and sports betting shops in Montenegro are mostly full of players. Many citizens of this wonderful small country are passionate bettors and are happy to visit both local sportsbooks and online betting sites.

The economy of Montenegro strongly relies on the service sector, and the main economic branch is certainly tourism because Montenegro opens onto the Adriatic Sea, and every year more than a million tourists visit this beautiful country. Therefore, it is more than clear that Montenegro has the potential to be like Malta or the state of Curacao and that in the future it could be one of the countries in Europe where the online betting industry could flourish. Here are the best sports betting sites in Montenegro for 2023.

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⚖️ Montenegro Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Montenegro Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Sports betting is somewhat regulated in Montenegro. Namely, in 2006, betting and gambling in casinos were legalized, and in 2011, the same happened with online betting. The regulatory body of the state of Montenegro issues licenses for sports betting to local and online operators, and the country itself is fertile ground since the laws are quite “loose” for sports betting and online casino brands.

Several regional brands are strongly positioned in offline shops in Montenegro, but according to some research, more than 50% of active sports bettors in Montenegro bet in foreign online sports betting. So, as we can see, online betting is quite liberally regulated in Montenegro, and the only thing that is strictly set is the age limit, so it is not possible to bet or play casino games if you are under 18 years old.

However, in recent times, there have been rumors and even proposed legislation to limit online gambling activities to a certain degree. If the proposals for a drastic increase in the concession fees for games of chance are adopted, it will lead to the closing of two-thirds of the betting shops and the dismissal of about a thousand workers. This is shown by the analysis of the Association of Organizers of Games of Chance LIGA, based on the proposal of the Law on Games of Chance of the Ministry of Finance. According to data from the commercial register, about 40 companies registered for games of chance are now active, employing about three thousand workers.

The Association states that no one consulted them during the drafting of the law, that they sent a large number of comments during the public hearing, that the public hearing ended in May of last year after being extended, and that the report from it has not yet been published, even though the legal deadline is 15 days. The Ministry also did not respond to numerous letters.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Montenegro?

Online sports betting is legal in Montenegro but is loosely regulated, therefore new laws and regulations will be implemented soon. Be that as it may, sports betting will most certainly remain legal.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Montenegro

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Montenegro

Some sports betting sites in Montenegro fail to create winning mechanisms and systems, so some higher profits occasionally lead them to become long-term successful bookmakers. Hence, some betting sites are simply better than others. Below are examples of what is important in choosing the right bookmaker that has a proven reputation in the market and can meet your requirements, criteria, and preferences. Here are some guidelines that may help.

✅ Odds and Margins at Montenegrin Betting Sites

When it comes to deciding where to bet, it comes down to a bit more than the potential payouts and the strength of the game’s odds. Experienced bettors who have been browsing various online bookmakers in Montenegro for a long time and play on a large number of sites will be able to easily spot and distinguish where it is better to play – leagues, markets, final results, transfers, goal matches, handicaps, combined bets… It is important to find good odds and low margins.

✅ Bonus Offers and Promotions at Online Sportsbooks in Montenegro

Bonuses are one of the best marketing operations for any bookmaker in Montenegro. This type of promotion is mainly aimed at new users. Many start their betting experience and register with an online bookmaker precisely because of these tempting cash bonuses on first deposits or bonuses that do not even require a deposit.

Bonus offers and promotions come in all shapes and sizes, and vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, so the chances of you finding two identical promotions are very slim. Every betting platform is proud of its bonus offer and tries to promote it as much as possible through the media where it is allowed. 

✅ Selection of Sports and Types of Bets in Montenegro

Types of market offers of leagues, matches, and games of online sports betting sites in Montenegro are another very important factor that decides which bookmaker to register and deposit your money with. The purpose of the huge number of markets is to give the user as much freedom as possible when it comes to betting and to get the feeling that he has as many choices as possible. The best online bookmakers also have the largest number of available markets that they can provide for a particular sport.

✅ Security at Montenegrin Betting Sites

The world’s best bookmakers, as well as those in Montenegro, have been trying for years to raise the security of their users to a higher level. All bookmakers are simply racing to show how reliable they are and that the money and data you pass on to them is safe. When it comes to data, most bookmakers use SSL encryption, which means your data cannot be stolen by a third party. Finding sports betting sites with ultimate security is always recommended.

✅ Payment Methods at Online Bookmakers in Montenegro

Before opening an account with an online sportsbook, it might be a good idea to find out about the available deposit payment options. Sports betting sites in Montenegro do not offer a wide range of payment methods, such as the offer of world bookmakers. You will generally only find payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro cards, through a bank account, or at the point of payment.  Foreign bookmakers have online wallets and cryptocurrencies, and bookmakers in Montenegro will have to turn to this more modern way of handling money and making transactions in the near future.

✅ Live Betting and Match Streams in Montenegro

Probably, the newer generations of players would mark this segment of the bookmaker as one of the decisive ones when it comes to choosing a betting platform. The live betting and functionality of this option is definitely something that brings a lot of points. Covering a large number of sports and competitions, bookmakers in Montenegro give potential players and old customers more choices for considering bets and thus gain a great advantage. Live betting covers many sports from football, basketball, and tennis to less popular ones, and the dynamics of this type of game are reflected in the possibility of playing a large number of bets per minute.

The integration of live streaming of events is something that can only be an added bonus as people like to watch the matches they bet on. If you can’t get a live stream of the event you’re betting on, it’s fine to follow the text stream and statistics.

✅ Customer Support

Another very important detail when it comes to bookmakers in Montenegro is the user or technical support. Sports betting sites must always keep in mind that it is a big plus to meet the user as soon as possible for any question, remark, or suggestion.

In the last few years, the best bookmakers in Montenegro have further strengthened this sector of their company by introducing 24/7 support. Some are still on a daily basis and work from morning to evening, while those betting houses that you can only contact via e-mail are certainly the least marketed.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Montenegro

How to Bet on Sports in Montenegro

To be able to deposit money and bet, you must open an account. Today, it is mostly possible to do everything online without going to the branch itself (refers to bookmakers that have shops and payment points). This is a fairly simple process that can be done in 5 minutes. In the following lines, we will explain in detail what the procedure is, step by step. Note that these steps may vary in nuance from bookmaker to bookmaker, but in most cases, the gist is the same.

  1. Choose a bookmaker that meets your criteria and find their website. If you need help, above you will find the best sports betting sites in Montenegro, as well as the criteria needed to choose the best one.
  2. Open the page and find the Registration button. It is usually located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. After pressing this button, the registration form will open. You will have to enter your personal information into it. Make sure everything is entered correctly.
  4. After completing the entry you need to click to confirm the registration and it’s done.
  5. At the same time, you should receive an activation link on your email, which, as soon as you click on it, you become registered and verified user.
  6. After this procedure you can make the first deposit.
  7. After you have made your deposit, the next thing you will do is place your bet.
  8. If you receive money and want to withdraw your winnings, you will have to provide the bookmaker with proof of your identity, such as an ID card, proof of address, etc.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Montenegro

Sports betting has been for a long time, whether someone likes it or not, one of the most common forms of distraction for the average resident of Montenegro. This is something that has been confirmed through various sociological research and studies. Montenegro has an extremely developed industry of games of chance with many brands that are known not only nationally, but also internationally.

Now we come to the question of which sports are in the focus of interest of bettors. As one of the sporting nations in the world, Montenegrins love more or less every sporting activity, but still, some more than others. In the following lines, we will present which sports are in focus for bettors.


Of course, the absolute number one is the most interesting sport in the world - football. Although Montenegro cannot realistically boast of some mega successes as a country in the last two decades, football types of bets are quite dominant at online sports betting sites in Montenegro.

Practically 90% of all betting slips are made up of football only. English Premier League, Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, and many other national championships as well as continental competitions are something that almost everyone follows. So this percentage is also normal when we look at all this a little better. In the Montenegrin media, football is the most represented and the most shown on television, therefore it is the most popular sport.


Basketball players from the Balkans are among the best in the world so it's no wonder that a lot of people are betting on the EuroLeague, EuroCup, and NBA. In the same way, basketball is one of the people's favorite pastimes, and many of them play basketball precisely because of that, but also to give themselves some action while watching their favorite sport.


Novak Djokovic caused a revolution not only in the neighboring country of Serbia but the entire planet. Due to his success, tennis has become a very popular sport in Montenegro as well and is generally present in the media, making tennis attractive to many bettors, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Plus, tennis is one of the most profitable sports to bet on.

American football
American Football

Although this seems strange, the NFL is right behind the aforementioned sports. The sport, which is by far the number one in the United States, has experienced a fantastic rise here in the last few years.

Most bettors know who Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, or Aaron Rodgers are, and a large part of the sports population knows to sit down and watch a few games of this extremely interesting sport on Sunday evenings.

Globally, these are the sports that are most often on bookmakers' tickets throughout Montenegro. Of course, there are others, such as water polo, handball, hockey, moto races, MMA, boxing, and UFC. But football, basketball, tennis, and the NFL are the most dominant at the moment. However, as everything is changing rapidly nowadays, we would not be surprised if this relationship changes in the future.

💵 Types of Bets in Montenegro

Types of Bets in Montenegro

➡️ 1X2

12, or Head to Head, is probably the oldest and simplest form of betting. In this type of bet, you simply bet on the final result of the match, that is, on someone’s win, loss, or in the case of football, a draw. Let’s look at an example:

Manchester United plays against Liverpool. The sports betting site in Montenegro offers odds on both sides, as well as for a draw. If you bet on Manchester United and they win, you win.

If the match ends in a win for Liverpool or a draw, you lose.

Most sports, however, have only two possible outcomes in a match. In sports like tennis, basketball, and baseball, you bet on one or the other. If the Los Angeles Lakers are playing against the Boston Celtics, you can bet on either the Lakers or the Celtics.

➡️ Over/Under

Another, more and more popular type of betting in Montenegro, is over/under betting. This form of betting is mostly related to the total score in a given match. Let’s look at the example of a football match:

Chelsea and Arsenal are playing. The bookmaker offers odds that the match will have more than 2.5 goals in total (i.e. 3 or more goals) or less than 2.5 goals. If you bet that there will be 2.5 or more goals and in the end, there will be a total of 3 goals or more, you won. If there are 2 or fewer goals, you lose.

This type of betting on more or less than x total goals exists for most sports, except that, of course, in all sports it is not about goals, but about points, baskets, etc. In American football you bet on the number of points, in basketball the number of baskets, in hockey again the number of goals, you can even bet on the total number of games in a tennis match.

➡️ Handicap Betting

An increasingly popular form of betting is handicap betting. The basic principle is simple: Sports betting sites in Montenegro make a sporting event equal for both sides by giving one or the other a real advantage by adding or subtracting points. Example:

American football is probably the most famous sport in the world when it comes to handicap betting. Let’s say the San Francisco 49ers play the New York Giants this week. The bookmakers have made the 49ers 3.5-point favorites. This means that if you bet on the 49ers, for your ticket to pass, they must win by 4 points or more. If you bet on the Giants, they can win or lose by 3 points or less.

Sports betting sites in Montenegro now offer handicaps on an incredible number of sports, they are not limited to American football, but also exist for football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, tennis, etc.

➡️ Live Bets in Montenegro

Players place bets while the match is in progress. Many will research the tendencies of certain teams in detail in order to determine at what minute of the game they should bet on them or their opponents. As the goals or points are scored, the odds also change. Usually, bets are stopped when a certain point is reached, i.e. a turning point in the game. Then, when play resumes, the odds change, and players place new bets to ensure a profit regardless of the overall outcome of the match.

➡️ Combination Bets

We call them by different names: combinations, accumulator bets, or multi-bet. Whatever you call them, they are an incredibly popular way to bet, especially with weekend punters who want to spice up their weekend viewing.

In the simplest terms, a multi-bet consists of two or more games on the same ticket. The number of events on the ticket can be any number, although most betting sites in Montenegro have a limit for one ticket, and most also have a limit on the maximum winnings. 

Each odds set is multiplied by the next one. If you have a double with the first odds of 2.00 and the second odds of 1.50, you simply multiply 2.00 by 1.5 and get a total odds of 3.00. Although it may seem great in terms of total winnings, combination bets are the most difficult to win because every match must be predicted correctly. One mistake and the whole betting slip is lost.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Montenegro

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Montenegro

For successful online sports betting in Montenegro, it is necessary to fully understand the concept of odds, and the types of odds we encounter. Therefore, a little theory in the text below will not be out of place.

In sports betting, odds are displayed most often in one of three ways, such as:

  • decimal odds
  • fractional odds
  • American (“Moneyline”) odds

Since Montenegro is part of Europe, the most dominant odds will be decimal ones. Maybe some foreign sports betting sites in Montenegro will offer fractional or American odds but the vast majority will simply present odds in decimal numbers (for example, Real Madrid to win – 1.50, Osasuna to win – 3.0, match to end in a draw – 3.5).

The concept of chance is closely related to probability. Generally speaking, the chance is most often considered the probability that an event will occur. If, for example, we toss a coin, the probability of each individual outcome of the coin toss with the result “heads” or “tails” is 50%. So, when tossing a coin, we have a 50% percent probability of “hitting” the outcome. The sum of all potential outcomes (in terms of percentages) for each event is always 100%. With coins, it is 50% (“head”) + 50% (“tails”). A similar basic logic is used by analysts who create daily odds for various sports events related to sports betting. However, it is important to point out that when creating certain odds, many more parameters come into consideration than we have taken in the above example of a simple coin toss.

Odds could be defined as a reflection of the probability that some outcome of a sporting event will occur based on the estimates of the betting analysts who created the odds. It is important to point out that the odds offered to reflect the assumption about the probability of the outcome of a particular sporting event. The assumption about the probability of an outcome is estimated by the odds, which are created by detailed analysis based on many factors. A few safe and easy-to-understand factors that affect the odds of a particular outcome are certainly: team compositions, expected absences in the teams for a certain match, the absence of certain key players, the form of the teams, the history of the match, the condition of the field on which the match is played, motivation, the fact that does the match have competitive significance and the like.

That every rule has an exception – applies here as well. Most often, the height of the odds (coefficient) on a specific outcome of a sporting event is set high or low for a reason. However, it is important to note that the odds are set high or low based on the knowledge and information that betting analysts had about the match in question at the time the odds were created. Therefore, it happens that the odds from the moment of publication until the start of the match can change drastically (based on knowledge and available information that is relevant for a certain match).

A “value bet” results from the possible difference in the amount of the coefficient prescribed by the sports betting site in Montenegro and your subjective assessment of the value of the bet on a certain outcome at the offered odds. We would briefly define a value bet as something worth betting and a certain amount of stakes based on the difference between personal assessment and the coefficient set by the bookmakers. Value bet, therefore, represents a bet of a specific role, on a specific outcome of a sports event, in which we have a subjective assessment different from what was prescribed by the coefficient of the bookmaker.

The conclusion would be that bookmakers, with their offer and the height of the set odds, always strive to present a realistic relationship and favor the expected outcomes (with smaller offered coefficients on a certain outcome). What is important is that the subjective assessment of the bettor and the knowledge of certain information about the match that the bookmakers did not take into account can play a very important role in the bet.

Careful and detailed analysis and spotting of “value bet” bets, along with a properly formed and consistent system of stakes – are one of the first and most important rules in the “fight with bookmakers”.

Bookmaker margin – let’s imagine that there is a bet in a bookmaker where you have to guess which way the coin will fall when determining the kick-off of a sporting event. You certainly wouldn’t find an odds ratio like this, although the probability of the coin falling on either side is still equal at 50%.

The reason for this is that bookmakers guarantee themselves a profit regardless of the outcome of the event, so for this type of bet an odds ratio of 1.95:1.95 would be quite good. With simple math, if a bettor invests €100, it is easy to see that the person who guessed the side of the coin now has a profit of €95, while the bookmaker kept €5 for themselves. This is one of the simplest examples in which it is clearly seen that the size of the odds does not represent the real value, that is, the probability that an event will occur.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Montenegrin Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Montenegrin Online Betting Sites

Sports betting sites in Montenegro will offer different types of bonuses. Nowadays, if the bookmaker does not offer some kind of promotion, it simply will not be competitive and will not attract new users, i.e. keep the old ones. 

Bonuses are generally some extra money you get from a sportsbook that you can use for betting. Let’s say you have a welcome bonus, a bonus that every user receives when registering at the desired bookmaker – you can use it to bet twice as much with the initial money invested. In addition to the welcome bonus, bookmakers offer a number of other types of bonuses (promotions for regular bettors) that will complete your online betting experience on their platform. Other types are:

  • reload bonus
  • free bet bonus
  • cashback
  • invite a friend bonus (refer a friend).

Each of these bonuses is unique and gives you something in a creative way. In the broadest sense, a bonus is any kind of financial compensation for your efforts. In other words, a bonus is a reward given to anyone who meets the expectations of the one giving the bonus.

However, there are several different ways to activate these bonuses. In the following text, you will find your best bonus in online bookmakers in Montenegro.

🎁 Welcome Bonus at Montenegrin Sportsbooks

Welcome bonus, that is, a sign-up bonus is a reward that new players receive. Anyone who registers at a certain bookmaker can get a welcome bonus if the bookmaker offers such a bonus. Bookmakers usually do not set a fixed bonus amount, but only indicate in percentages how much you can get on your first deposit, and what is the maximum amount you can get.

For example, the bookmaker can state that the bonus is 100% on the first payment up to 100 euros. A user who registers and pays, for example, 50 euro, will receive an additional 50 euro bonus for betting. However, if the maximum amount is 100 euros, if you pay more than that amount (120 euros, for example), you will still receive 100 because that is the upper limit of the bonus.

What confuses many people who encounter this type of reward for the first time is this – why would anyone give a cash bonus to someone who is new? The thing is that you cannot withdraw that money immediately, there is so-called rollover (playthrough) conditions that need to be fulfilled first. What you need to know is that you are getting money and that you can use that money to pay for betting slips.

🎁 Reload Bonus

Reload bonus could loosely be called “recharge”. It is very similar to the welcome bonus, with one essential difference – you don’t have to be a new user to get this bonus. When you become an active participant of an online sports betting site in Montenegro, you will occasionally receive bonuses that require you to deposit money and receive a certain amount of money through it, depending on a bookmaker.

Reload betting bonuses are generally more modest than welcome bonuses, except for some sites that have their own VIP sections. In that case, this kind of reward can be quite large.

🎁 Freebet Bonus in Montenegro

When used correctly, a free bet can bring you some immense profit and become the beginning of a prolonged winning streak. These bets are given from gambling platforms in Montenegro to stimulate players into engaging in sports betting. 

The free bet is a fixed bonus amount that can be placed on a predetermined set of selections. You can place those in combination with wagers of different events, creating a betting slip with some enormous odds. And that’s the best way to exploit every free bet that comes your way.

🎁 Cashback Bonus at Online Betting Sites in Montenegro

This bonus is sometimes called “pay miss”. What makes it remarkable is that it is obtained mostly when you are not lucky enough to pass the ticket. For example, if you pay for several games for 50 euros and lose only one, the cashback bonus allows you to get a certain part of your payment back. The amount you will get back mostly depends not only on the amount of the payment but also on the amount of the combined odds that you receive.

If you create a betting slip with huge total odds and miss a game, you can get much more than what you paid for. For example, if the combined odds are greater than 100, some bookmakers will offer you a cash back bonus up to 5x higher than your initial payment. Of course, if your combined odds on the ticket are low, it is very unlikely that you will even qualify for the cashback bonus.

🎁 Invite a Friend Bonus

It has been already mentioned that sports betting sites in Montenegro aim to bring in as many people as possible in order to make an ever-increasing profit. One way they do this is to give bonuses to people who bring their friends. This is mostly a fixed bonus. So, if your friend registers at a certain online bookmaker of which you are an active user and makes a deposit (some bookmakers may require the friend to pay his deposit), you will receive monetary compensation for this.

💳 Payment Options at Montenegro Betting Sites

Payment Options at Montenegro Betting Sites

In order to start online betting, it is necessary to pay a certain monetary deposit into the previously opened account with the selected online betting company. Online banking and money transfers have been around for years. In this way, huge amounts of money are transacted daily with 100% security. In order to operate successfully on the market, all money transfer services, as well as all sports betting sites in Montenegro, have invested a lot of effort in order to protect their users’ money and perform all transactions with an encrypted connection, thereby protecting all data to the maximum.

Here are the most popular money transfer methods in Montenegro.

Bank Cards – Bank cards are one of the fastest and easiest ways to pay online. Credit cards are mostly owned by all employed people, and their main feature is that they allow you to borrow money from the bank, ie. allowing you to spend more money than you have in your account (go into the red). All you have to do is go to a bank branch and open a foreign currency account (preferably in EUR) and ask them to issue you a debit card.

If you want to deposit €50.00 into an account with one of the bookmakers, deposit €52.00 into your debit card. That €2.00 is needed so that, depending on the bookmaker you have chosen, you can pay a commission that is no higher than 2.5%. Some bookmakers do not take a commission on deposit payments but charge a commission from the realized profit.

Acceptable cards at all world bookmakers are:

  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diners

✅ Skrill – Moneybookers – If you don’t have a bank card or still distrust using them online, and you don’t know how to deposit or withdraw money from your online bookmaker, this is the right solution for you. In simple words, Skrill acts as an intermediary between you and the bookmaker and is a kind of guarantor that your money will be safely transferred to your bank account, the bookmaker, or kept in your Skrill account.

Payment of funds to the Skrill account can be made directly in the bank through a bank account or through a debit card. After completing that process, turn on the option “I will use the funds deposited by credit/debit card for GAMING purposes”, click the “Add” button and enter the data from your debit card, including the control number found on the back of the card.

✅ NETELLER – NETELLER represents a fast, simple, and secure service for sending money via the Internet. Millions of users around the world use Neteller services to send and receive money, as well as for online betting and games of chance.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard: With the NETELLER e-wallet you have access to Net+ prepaid MasterCard cards. The cards can be used in Montenegro and because they are linked to your e-wallet balance, you get instant access to money in your NETELLER account both online and in stores.

Other popular e-wallets in Montenegro:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Payoneer
  • EcoPayz

✅ Other Options

  • Bank Transfers
  • Checks
  • Cryptocurrencies

Naturally, national sports betting sites in Montenegro will most definitely offer bank transfers and checks as payment options. And while they are convenient, since all bettors will already have bank accounts, these two options are not as good as credit cards. Direct bank transfers and checks can pull certain fees that are higher than with other payment methods, not to mention long waiting periods of deposits and withdrawals.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular around the world and many sports betting sites, including those in Montenegro, will offer certain crypto, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, as payment options. And while the service quality of these payments is fantastic, the crypto market is still in chaos. Not many Montenegrins will want to use crypto for gambling, and even fewer betting sites will offer such options. It is still a possibility though.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Montenegrin Players?

For national sports betting sites in Montenegro, credit and debit cards are incredibly popular and for good reason - they are fast, convenient, and present everywhere. On the other hand, when gambling at foreign betting sites, the use of e-wallets would be the best option.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in Montenegro

6 Expert Tips for Betting in Montenegro

  1. Many bettors from Montenegro decide to place sports bets at foreign betting sites. And while this can prove to be a much better option, it is necessary to take precautions. Safety must come first – the betting site must be legal and licensed.
  2. Also, when betting with foreign betting sites, the use of e-wallets is highly recommended. Your personal information will remain safe while having fast and secure transfers.
  3. Always read the terms and conditions that sports betting sites in Montenegro have to offer. This way, you will be knowledgeable about “small prints” that all institutions can use as an advantage in case of a problem.
  4. Some welcome bonuses are huge in amounts but usually, such bonuses are hard to wager. If you are not a high roller, going for smaller but more achievable bonuses is a good idea.
  5. In addition to betting sites, there are casino sites in Montenegro that can offer sports betting as well. Sometimes their offers are quite competitive due to great welcome bonuses and similar odds. 
  6. Many people from Montenegro see sports betting as a way of getting rich. While this is possible, the chances of that happening are slim. Simply enjoy sports predictions and try not to go into minus, or worse, get addicted and lose everything.
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All forms of gambling are legal in Montenegro, although certain new regulations will limit sports betting to some degree. Still, bettors can enjoy various gambling activities, including sports betting.

Gamblers can access various gambling houses from Montenegro, but not all of them are safe. Always go for legal and licensed gaming houses that are reputable in the region.

There are laws and regulations that make sports betting incredibly safe in Montenegro. It is only necessary to go with legal and licensed bookmakers.

Luckily, there are no set limits by the law in Montenegro, therefore the only limitations will be set by bookmakers. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before joining a sports betting site.

For national gambling, there is a gambling tax of 20% on winnings higher than 100 euros. For international gambling, there is no tax.

This will depend on a payment method of choice. E-wallets are the fastest (approximately 24 hours), credit cards take 1-2 days, while bank transfers can take longer than 5 days.

The betting market is quite competitive in Montenegro and it can be hard to choose the best site. Instead, bettors should look for betting sites that will offer services according to their needs.

Dozens of different sports are available, most notably football, basketball, water polo, tennis, handball, motorsports, martial arts, eSports, etc.

As in most European countries, football is by far the most popular sport in Montenegro.

Odds represent a chance of a team/player winning a match. The lower the odds, the higher the chance. Multiplying the total odds with money invested will tell you the final amount to be won, if lucky enough.

Free bets are incredibly popular among bettors and sports betting sites in Montenegro will always look to implement them into their bonuses. However, this is free money, and finding free bets can sometimes be hard.

Sign-up bonuses are awarded to new players. Therefore, it is necessary to register at the bookmaker for the first time first. Some bonuses are free while others require deposits.

There are a few centers, such as Ju Kakarica, Herc Time, and SOS Center that can help players with gambling addiction. In addition, many local psychiatrists are proficient in gambling addiction treatment as well.

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