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Best Betting Sites in Paraguay for 2023

The great innovation that the new century brought to the world of online betting was the incorporation of machine learning within the game dynamics. However, to improve the player experience, a transversal integration of the industry is required that involves the participation of banking solutions that point directly to the role of the state.

Before being able to talk about the future, betting in Paraguay needs to resolve its immediate present and be regulated in a more effective way, because, although it is true that a fairly wide range of Paraguayan consumers can bet using virtual wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, there is a potential public that is still excluded because there are no nearby mechanisms to make deposits and withdrawals of money.

Here are the best sports betting sites in Paraguay for 2023 and how to use them.

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⚖️ Paraguay Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Sports betting in Paraguay has a curious situation that is shared by all online gambling in general and that is that at the moment they are not regulated but they are not illegal either. Paraguay has the National Gaming Commission as the body in charge of granting licenses to companies in the sector, but not to casinos and online betting houses.

Paraguayan legislation dates back to 1997 and as such has become outdated in the face of the arrival of new online gaming platforms, which is why it is one of the Latin American countries that are in the process of updating it and approving a new bill to regularize it and to report the benefit to the country as well. Not only on the tax issue but also at levels of popularization of the region.

But the situation does not prevent a good number of sports betting sites in Paraguay. In fact, some operators are already demanding that Conajzar be in charge of giving them the pertinent permits to be able to operate legally and that it be more independent than at the moment. It must also have the mission of blocking actors who are not legal and safeguarding the rights of people who bet.

Some of the websites have licenses from their countries of origin, such as the one granted by the authorities of Gibraltar, the license granted by the government of Curaçao, or that of the United Kingdom. It is important to highlight that the new law plans that in Paraguay the definitive step will be taken to reach a regulation that encompasses both physical gambling and online gambling to coexist without problems.

The representative of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) announced in a regular session of the Senate that he is working on a gambling bill to “address and prevent more irregularities” in the field and “protect citizens from the danger of addiction to gambling” bets.

Conajzar opened the call for tenders to grant permission for the exploitation of sports betting in person, electronically, and online “exclusively throughout the national territory.” This motivated several unions to demonstrate against it because, as they accuse, it allows a monopoly.

In this sense, the president of the Paraguayan Chamber of Games of Chance, Aníbal Salomón, presented this week a question to the Conajzar through a note in which he demanded that the tender must be “open, public and well carried out”. Salomón’s proposal and that of several unions is based on the fact that there are not many companies that can meet the requirements imposed for the tender.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Paraguay?

Paraguay has a strong regulatory framework on the subject of games of chance and is building a tender for the operation of online betting. Even so, at the moment you can make sports bets in Paraguay on different websites of international operators.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Paraguay

Many bettors in Paraguay love to search for their favorite bookmakers on their own. If that happens, there are several criteria to pay attention to. The main basic points that we consider in an online betting house are the following:

✅ Welcome Bonus at Online Casinos in Paraguay

It is essential that they have one and that it has good conditions. But it is also good as long as the offer has a good amount to play or rollover conditions that are not too harsh for users. Some of these promotions offered by the sports betting sites in Paraguay are no deposit bonuses and that always helps players who are new to the world of online betting to start using them without putting their own money at risk from the start.

Other options are free bets, which usually give the same amount to play as the one entered as the first deposit. With some luck, the players will achieve some objective that will be rewarded by the bookmaker.

✅ Odds and Bets

The amount of the odds is very important, and that is why we should compare different bookmakers to make an assessment. We should also analyze the markets available for betting. This means that the highest-rated sports betting sites are the ones that allow you to earn a little more money on their respective betting lines. It should be noted that the best bookmakers in Paraguay usually have better odds in a specific sport.

✅ Live Betting in Paraguay

A fundamental section today that must be present without a doubt in any bookmaker. Fans usually watch sports live and that is when they decide to bet. Some of the important points of the live section is that the sports betting house offers a streaming service where you can watch the game or some live broadcast.

We must highlight the options that also provide statistics that players can analyze to make the best decision when putting their money at stake.

✅ Cash-out

The bookmaker cashout is a function with which you can close a bet before the end of the match or sporting event you bet on, in such a way that you can collect a part of the profit, regardless of the result.

This implies that the sports betting site in Paraguay offers you a certain amount of money, which is determined according to the probability that your bet will end in profit or loss. This means that the amount you win could be more or less than what you bet in the first place.

It is an option that can be used to secure a profit or minimize losses. For example: if your team is winning a game, but you have a feeling that they can turn it around, you can use cashout to secure the win. With this option, the bookmaker can offer you an amount that is higher than what you wagered, but that may be less than the possible profit that you will get if you continue with your bet and your team wins.

✅ Payment Methods

Two things matter almost equally in this section: quality and quantity. It is difficult to find an online bookmaker in Paraguay that does not offer the best traditional payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro. Even with the applications developed by banks, the use of bank transfers has become popular as one of the main payment methods used by players.

Perhaps Bitcoin is one of the latest, newest, and most interesting being added. Although of course there are many more methods, what happens is that not all of them work with the same ease nor will you be able to see your deposit reflected immediately, and that is one of the characteristics that we will judge so that you choose the payment method that best suits you.

✅ Customer Support

In the event of any eventuality or problem, the bookmaker must have the means to contact quickly. Its customer service is one of the situations in which users can ask for solutions in order to play in a completely satisfactory way. The ideal in the different online betting houses is that there are different methods of communication and that some can be 24/7.

The most traditional is by telephone in the lines that each of the bookmakers makes available on their web pages. There is also a live chat with one of their agents and email in which you must fill out a form with all the doubts that they have and they will contact you shortly to give an answer.

✅ Security

One of the most important points when choosing a bookmaker in Paraguay is the reliability of the site because nobody wants to enter a web page and put their data and money at risk.

That is why we also must evaluate bookmakers and explore everything they offer at a security level, from their prestige, the licenses that legally certify their operation, and even if they have security and encryption systems.

✅ Mobile Betting

The use of mobile phones and tablets has been ever-increasing, so we should also check if the bookmaker has an app for Android and iOS devices, so that the bettor can have fun from the place where they are.

Even if the bookmaker does not have an application for mobile devices, we check if their website is responsive, that is, that it is capable of adapting to any screen and works wonderfully, as if it were played from a desktop computer or a laptop.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Paraguay

Those who have never placed bets online may think that this is a complex task, however it is not. Major sports betting sites in Paraguay emphasize simplifying their pages to make them intuitive and easy to use. In this way one can start placing bets in a matter of a few minutes and it will not take long to dominate the page and locate all its options.

The only mandatory requirements to place a bet online are registration with the bookmaker and making a first deposit. This opens the possibility of benefiting from a welcome bonus and allows us to start betting from the moment our deposit has been made.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Registration

Registration at a bookmaker is similar to what we could do on any other online sales page. We require a series of personal data, such as name, address, email, telephone number, etc. It is important to make sure that the data is correct, because making mistakes in any of them or providing erroneous data can cause problems when collecting our benefits.

2️⃣ Step 2 – First Deposit

Once we have finished with the registration we can access to make our first deposit. For this we can use one of the multiple payment options offered by the bookmaker. We will find options that will make it easier for us to have our money automatically, such as virtual wallets or credit cards, and other more traditional and slow ones, such as bank deposits that will take some time to be charged.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Claim the Welcome Bonus

One of the great advantages that sports betting sites in Paraguay have compared to face-to-face ones is the welcome bonus. In essence, it is a promotion that the house gives us for registering and making our first deposit. Most bookmakers will offer such bonuses after the first deposit, although it can happen that some will offer them immediately after completing the registration. The bonus varies according to each house, but in general, it is an amount that we can use to bet and win as if it were money deposited by ourselves.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Place Bets

The betting profile has been created, the money deposited, and the welcome bonus claimed. All that is left is to place bets. Log in to your account and you will see what the bookmaker has to offer. Most commonly, football matches will dominate the first page but you can select a variety of sports to bet on.

Click on the match, click on the market, click on your prediction, and confirm your choice. A virtual betting slip will be created and when you select the amount of money to bet, the final possible earnings will be shown. If you like what you see, confirm the selection and that’s it. If not, you can change your choices as many times as you like before creating a betting slip.   

5️⃣ Step 5 – Take the Money

Withdrawing money is just as simple a task as making a deposit. One can use one of the many methods available in the house to make the withdrawal. As it happens with the deposit, we will find methods that take very little time to make the money available, such as virtual wallets and other slower ones such as bank account deposits. Obviously, some of the deposit methods will not be available for withdrawal, this is the case for example with prepaid cards.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Paraguay

Paraguayans love sports, so much that they stand out for the variety of preferences towards sports, and below we show you the most popular sports disciplines on betting sites.


Football is the king of sports in Paraguay, there is no doubt about it, to the extent that sports betting houses have commercially associated with some of the clubs, while many others have found a way to advertise during the matches in television broadcasts.

The Paraguayan Division is not the only football tournament that is seen in the country, since European competitions such as LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League, and even Conmebol competitions such as the Copa Libertadores or the leagues of Mexico, Peru, or Argentina are very followed in the Paraguayan market.

At the national team level, the matches of the white and red are the most followed, but there are other countries in the world that are very followed by Paraguayans such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, or Germany. The most followed competitions are the Copa América, Eurocopa, Confederations Cup or World Cup.


The second most popular sport in Paraguay, and users can enjoy a wide variety of basketball betting options, the best odds and betting options as well as different events available internationally and available to users from Paraguay. The NBA is the most followed basketball competition by Paraguayan players.


The traditional and most practiced sport by Paraguayans is undoubtedly baseball. Being considered a traditional sport, therefore, we will find many fans of baseball betting in Paraguay, and it is one of the countries with the most players in the MLB. Baseball games in the Paraguayan sector are one of the most valued in the market, despite the fact that Paraguay does not have a national baseball team, but the citizens of the country have a fervor for sports and the love of baseball.


We end the list of the most popular betting sports in Paraguay with boxing, being considered one of the most popular sports in the Latin American market, offering great international stars who stood up for Latin blood in great fights. The betting experts have an affinity for boxing bets, and the sports betting houses that offer their services to users in Paraguay have a wide variety of events in this sport.

💵 Types of Bets in Paraguay

Before starting to bet on this sport, it is essential to understand that different types of bets are present which you should know about, and thus it will be easier for you to undertake your journey in this wonderful world of sports betting and even obtain rewarding profits. Here is more about the diversity of existing bets, as these points will help better understand the basic concepts:

➡️ Future Bets

These bets are known as long-term bets in which you will predict the correct results of all the games and their ratings of the teams until the season’s ending. These types of bets are available throughout the game season and you can make different bets over the event season, mostly during national and international championships.

➡️ Match Betting

These types of bets are the ones that allow you to make short bets, and bets on specific games without having to wait for the end of the championship to be able to receive the results and confirm whether there are profits or not.

In this type of bet, you will bet on one team that you believe is going to be the winner in a specific match. There are different bets you are able to make, including betting on either team, if the team you chose wins, or if there is a draw at the end of the match.

➡️ Exact Score Bets

It is the type of bet in which the user bets on the exact result when the match ends, the number of goals/points, if there is a tie between the two teams, and if they go to penalties if there are penalties, what will be the exact results of the penalties.

➡️ Support or Additional

These bets more or less do not deal with the final score. They are mostly used in order to emphasize the game one step further and allow the user to bet on different areas of the game, for example, who will be the scoring player and how many goals will be scored in the match, cards, penalties, fouls, among others. of the game.

➡️ Total Bets

Here, the generator establishes the number of goals that are scored, and the team that has the highest number of goals. Here the user must continue to bet the approximate value that he believes is either above or below the final result as established by the bookmaker.

➡️ First Goalscorer Betting

For the most part, this type of bet is made by the user who he thinks will be the player and team that will open the match with the first goal. It is a somewhat complicated bet, since it is not only about luck, but also according to the information collected about the two debuting teams. It should be noted that being a risky and complicated type of bet, it is one of the best paid and attractive.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Paraguay

The odds of a bet is the inverse of the probability that that event can occur and is expressed in numerical form with different types of representation, such as:

  • Decimals
  • Fractional or English
  • American

The odds formula for a bet is as follows:

  • Odds = 1 / (probability / 100)
  • Probability = (1 / (odds)) * 100

Let’s take a very simple example to understand the implied probability and odds of a given event. The odds of a sporting event is 1.30, so the probability is:

  • Probability = (1 / 1.30) * 100 = 76.9%
  • and returning to the odds instead of the probability: odds = 1 / (76.9 / 100) = 1.3

The lower the altitude, the higher the likelihood of that event occurring. An odd can have a minimum value of 1.01 which is the lowest odds for a sporting event. The higher the odds, the less likely that counter event will occur.

In recent years, most bookmakers have decided to no longer use their own proprietary software for calculating odds and use those of betfair.com (exchange) as the movements are mainly made on that platform and consequently adapt to the market. Obviously, the quoters intervene in the quota by lowering it with the ease (or gain) decided by the bookmaker and slightly changing the value depending on what the quoter expects. In some cases, they make them slightly more competitive than the competition to acquire new customers attracted by “higher” shares.

We have known that sometimes odds, apparently without logical sense, are due to the fact that the bookmaker has a high exposure on the outcome, for example, of the home win (many bettors have bet on that outcome), and consequently, to decrease the exposure, they increase the odds of the x or 2 (draw and away win) to entice people to bet and decrease the losses.

It should be emphasized that the odds of the bookmakers are not only fixed and immutable but vary with the volumes bet by the bettors and consequently are lowered or raised. For this reason, these fluctuations can be exploited with pre-match trading. Pre-match trading is not easy to put into practice, or rather it is difficult to find those odds that decrease with the passage of time because they are influenced by multiple parameters that are not easy to find.

Bookmakers in Paraguay insert a series of variables for each match into the odds calculation software, including:

  • Historical results of the home and away teams;
  • Head to head matches between the two teams;
  • Injured, disqualified, and unavailable players;
  • Position in the standings;
  • Playing field (size, surface);
  • Importance and emblem of the team.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in Paraguayan Online Betting Sites

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As said, Paraguayan sports betting sites will offer various bonuses to attract new bettors. Such bonuses are used to have a greater advantage when betting for the first time, although they come with certain requirements. These are the most common bonuses:

🎁 Welcome Bonuses

Virtually all sports betting sites in Paraguay offer this welcome promotion for new users. It is an incentive that seeks to publicize the brand as such and allow players the opportunity to get to know the sports betting page better.

These bonuses are characterized in that they are only available to new bettors. There are multiple categories of welcome bonuses, although perhaps the most common are the following:

  • No deposit bonuses: When you register, the house gives you a small amount of money to start playing.
  • Deposit bonuses: The house equals or exceeds your first deposit and gives it to you in the form of credits to bet.
  • Free bets with a previous deposit: The house matches your first deposit and offers it to you in the form of free-bets.

Each online betting house in Paraguay is a world on its own and so are its bonuses. And the most recommended thing is to always consult the terms and conditions of said promotions – the fine print.

🎁 Classic Deposit Bonuses

As its name suggests, to receive it you have to make a deposit. Normally, they are for new users or incentives for punters registered long ago. A minimum amount has to be deposited that varies depending on the bookmaker. Normally, it is between $10 and $20, although there are also some with higher figures.

On some occasions, they request a promotional code at the time the deposit is made. In turn, it is necessary to verify if they are exclusive bonuses for bookmakers in Paraguay or for users of other nations. This type of bonus increases the amount of the deposit by a percentage, in this way, it is possible to bet with more money than entered. Likewise, there are always maximum limits regarding the bonus that could be received.

On the other hand, in order to release the bonus money and the profits derived from it, the player has to bet a minimum number of times determined by the bookmaker, the amount of the deposit, and/or the bonus received. So if you male a $20 deposit, you could receive an extra $20 bonus (because 100% of 20 is 20). In this way, you can bet with $40 ($20 that you have deposited + $20 of the bonus).

🎁 Free Bets

When you deposit an amount of money and play it, the house gives you one or more free bets. The value of free bets usually depends on the amount deposited and wagered. With this offer, the player only receives the portion of the winnings and not the money wagered. You play it in the sporting event of your choice, and if you win, you collect the winnings directly without having to do anything extra.

🎁 No Deposit Bonuses

Contrary to the previous promotion, this type of bonus is characterized in that it does not require a prior money deposit. Normally, sports betting sites in Paraguay offer them for new users. They work as follows:

  • You open a player account at a bookmaker;
  • You receive a bonus automatically and without making any deposit money;
  • You use the money to bet;
  • You meet the wagering requirements;
  • And you withdraw the winnings.

No deposit bonuses are usually a small amount of money, for example, $5 or $10.

🎁 Other Bonuses

🎁 Insurance Bets

Another one of the alternatives offered by the different online betting houses in Paraguay are insurance, also known as reimbursement bonuses. As its name suggests, this promo guarantees part of the money bet, in the event that the forecast is not correct. The player is refunded the amount played or part of it, thus reducing the impact on losses.

You should also know that this type of bonus is sometimes tied to specific situations in a given bet. For example, there are refund bonuses for players who missed a selection in a parlay bet.

🎁 Enhanced Odds Bonuses or Super Odds

These are more attractive odds than usual. For example, an odd of 1.5 or 2 could increase to 5.00, 6.00, or 50.00. And they are not always offered to new users, but sometimes also serve to already registered players. In registration bonuses and promotions, it is common to combine a deposit bonus with enhanced odds. It has to be taken into account that there are usually limits when it comes to betting.

🎁 Win Multipliers on Accumulator Bets

This type of promotion has also gained strength in recent years. Its operation is very simple – with this bonus, the profits are increased. Normally, it is common to find this offer linked to accumulator bets. For example, a 20% win multiplier for football accumulators.

In this case, if you win $50 with your accumulator bet, you receive another $10 (because 20% of 50 is 10).

🎁 Rewards Clubs and Special Promotions

It is also common for the different sports betting houses in Paraguay to offer their regular players bonuses and special promotions. For example, on some platforms, there is a prize wheel that the player can spin to get various benefits. Likewise, in other portals, you can find rewards for meeting a series of challenges specified by the bookmaker or contests and raffles in which users have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes. Many of these promotions are linked to specific, large, and media events.

💳 Payment Options at Paraguay Betting Sites

There are many payment methods to use in Paraguay to deposit and withdraw money. However, despite this large number, these can be easily classified into four large groups: Credit or debit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards, electronic wallets or purses, and online banking services. Here are the most important in each of the groups.

Credit or Debit Cards – This is possibly the most popular payment method in Paraguay after the traditional one, that is, paper money. However, the latter cannot be transferred to the online world, so we can say that, on the internet, the preferred payment method is credit or debit cards. The most used are usually VISA and MasterCard, and precisely for this reason they are the ones that bookmakers normally have. Some also allow you to pay with Maestro, American Express or Diners Club, although they are the fewest. This payment method allows both the deposit of money and the withdrawal.

Advantages: It is quite easy to use since many users are also used to paying by card in many shops, both online and in person.

Disadvantages: You have to indicate the card number, as well as the CVV, which can be dangerous if it is stolen. It is true that all sports betting sites in Paraguay have security measures to make this difficult, but the possibility is always there, even because of some malware on our computers.

Bank Transfers – This is the most traditional method that exists to transfer money from one account to another. The Internet allows us to do it from our computer or our mobile, being an increasingly simple and easy process. In the case of transfers, bookmakers usually use it, above all, as a form of payment to the user, but they also allow the user to deposit money in them through this method.

Advantages: It is a very popular payment method since there is practically no bookmaker that does not have it among the available options. Also, it is very easy to use.

Disadvantages: As with cards, it is also necessary to indicate a very personal piece of information such as the account number. However, it must be said that this is much less dangerous, since, in the case of the theft of this number, they will only be able to deposit money. Without our consent, a payment cannot be made. Therefore, perhaps the great disadvantage is that it is not instantaneous, neither to deposit nor withdraw money.

Prepaid Cards – This method allows you to load real money on the prepaid card and then use this card for online payments. The most famous is Paysafecard, although there are others such as Neosurf or Entropay, which is VISA’s virtual prepaid card. These cards can be purchased in an online store or in a physical establishment. Of course, with this type of card, you can only make deposits. You cannot withdraw money from them.

Advantages: The main advantage is that it is a totally secure payment method since it is not necessary to enter the account or card number to make deposits. The worst thing that can happen is that the money from the prepaid card itself is stolen and that is also quite complicated. It acts as a firewall between the bookmaker and our bank account.

Disadvantages: As we have said before, with prepaid cards you can only deposit money in the bookmaker, not withdraw it.

Electronic Wallets – They are called that because they are literally electronic wallets. Here we can save our money and then use it in any electronic commerce. Of course, it is also possible to use them in the best bookmakers in Paraguay. The most used are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Its use is simple, fast, and very safe.

Advantages: One of the safest payment methods, since all of them have encryption and security measures when entering the password (such as double authentication factor), which practically prevent any hacker from accessing our account. In any case, if this happens, they would only access the PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill account, not our bank account.

Disadvantages: You have to create an account with one of these services and put money into them before you can use them.

Online Banking Services – They are not electronic wallets because you cannot store money in them. Its function is simply to act as an intermediary between the bank and the bookmaker. They serve as a security measure since the user does not have to enter their account or card number. Simply enter the password of the service in question, which also has its own security measures and this service will be in charge of making the transfer, both from the bank to the bookmaker and vice versa. The most used are Trustly and Sofort.

Advantages: Very popular in houses betting, so there is no problem finding them. In addition, they are quite safe in all aspects.

Disadvantages: On some occasions, bookmakers do not allow the withdrawal of money through this type of online banking service.

As you can see, the options are multiple. In this sense, sports betting sites in Paraguay usually offer several payment and withdrawal options so that the user can choose the one that suits him best.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Paraguayan Players?

We believe that the best option is electronic wallets, especially PayPal. It is a payment platform that has it all, security, convenience, and speed both for depositing and withdrawing money earned in sports.

👍 5 Expert Tips for Betting in Paraguay

  1. Although placing sports bets is legal in Paraguay, there are no nationally licensed bookmakers. That’s why Paraguayans need to access foreign betting sites. When doing so, using paid VPN services is recommended, although not mandatory.
  2. While most sports bets in Paraguay are placed on football and baseball, there are various other sports to bet on that are quite profitable, such as tennis and e-sports. Expanding your interest to such sports is a professional move.
  3. Many experienced punters in Paraguay use different systems when placing sports bets. Combining different markets and types of bets on several betting slips that cover each other’s chances of winning is always a good way to win money.
  4. Some online casino websites offer various sports bets. These can be combined with huge casino bonuses to increase the chances of winning.
  5. While sports betting may seem like a good way to earn money, it is important not to get hooked. Gambling addiction has destroyed many lives and keeping your head straight is very important.
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  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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Of course! Games of chance in Paraguay such as sports betting, casino games, lotteries, raffles, bingo, pools, horse racing, or tele-bingo, are games authorized in places such as licensed casinos and bingo halls.

According to the legal regime for the exploitation of games of chance by the Congress of the Paraguayan nation, the application of regulations is applied in several dimensions, from the national to the departmental and finally the municipal.

When we talk about online betting and casinos, the matter is more complicated to examine because no law prevents you from betting online in Paraguay from off-shore betting pages (located outside the country) that are not regulated by Conajzar (National Gaming Commission of Paraguay), is very common.

Nor is there a regulation that provides us with more information, although it is true that thousands of Paraguayans regularly bet on the main online betting pages.

Each bookmaker has specific terms and conditions of use, including deposit limits. Make sure to read them out before joining a bookmaker.

Luckily, the law demands bookmakers to pay working tax, therefore players won’t be affected by any tax.

The conditions for you to see the money won in your account are usually very different between bookmakers or even between payment methods. Usually, the bookmakers will ask you to verify your account so that the withdrawal process is faster, registering all the data that they request can make the time between the request and the moment the money reaches your account is from 10 hours to an hour. It is important to note that some of the websites may take more than 10 hours to finish the withdrawal process.

Not a single sports betting site has the same offer as another one. And every punter has his own wishes and style of betting. Therefore, finding a sportsbook that suits your style would be the best choice.

Football is the king of sports in Paraguay, there is no doubt about it, to the extent that sports betting houses have commercially associated with some of the clubs, while many others have found a way to advertise during the matches in television broadcasts.

The odds of a bet is the inverse of the probability that that event can occur and is expressed in numerical form with different types of representation, such as decimals, fractional or English, and American. The most common are decimal odds – the lower the odds, the higher chance of winning.

When you deposit an amount of money and play it, the house gives you one or more free bets. The value of free bets usually depends on the amount deposited and wagered. With this offer, the player only receives the portion of the winnings and not the money wagered.

The Sign-up bonus can be claimed after registering at a bookmaker in Paraguay. For this simple registration process, the players are awarded a certain bonus, depending on a bookmaker. Sometimes it can be necessary for a player to deposit some funds first.

There are several centers and hospitals that can help with gambling addiction. For example, Jugadores Anonimos can be of great help, as well as contacting a local doctor.

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