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🏆 6 Best Lottery Sites to Play Online for 2023

  1.  TheLotter – Over 40 different lotteries and discounts on the purchase (read more).
  2.  LottoAgent – Welcome bonus after first lottery entry (read more).
  3.  Jackpot.comThe most extensive lottery and casino gaming selections (read more).
  4.  LottoSmile Get bundle lottery tickets for a better price, great for Indians (read more).
  5.  LottoGo – Purchase online lottery tickets from an intuitive app (read more).
  6.  WinTrillions – Suitable payment methods to buy online lottery tickets (read more).


Up-to 25% with a Multi-Draw Package

TheLotter was founded in 2002 and currently supports several languages, including over a dozen on their live chat support. In terms of regulation, they are duly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), one of the most reputable authorities. Also, all payments to and from TheLotter online lotteries are protected by a GeoTrust 128-SSL certificate, which encrypts your data.

There are over a dozen scratchcards for instant prizes and more than 40 international lotteries to bet on. They operate as a lottery agent, which means the lottery tickets are officially bought on behalf of the user. The prizes are paid in full, and all those purchases can be carried out through the TheLotter app.

Their minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals is almost nonexistent, starting at $1. After making a deposit, players can redeem any of their offers, such as 10% to 20% discounts and even a cashback promotion. Payment methods are really practical, regardless of the country you are in.

👍 Why We Recommend

TheLotter has almost 20 years of history and counts many lotteries.

🏅 Best For

Players looking for a great combination of variety and reliability.

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10% welcome bonus, buy 1 – get 1 free!

Established in 2010, LottoAgent is obviously a lottery agent that allows people to purchase tickets from worldwide lotteries. It is regulated under a Master License by the Government of Curaçao, meaning it provides its services in a legal manner.

Its deals include almost 40 different online lotteries and syndicates that cover from 50 to up to 200 lines at once. Adding funds is easy and can range between $15 and $300. In terms of opportunities, we always recommend checking the discount LottoAgent offers for purchasing several tickets.

Besides, they have a special and secret welcome bonus for your first entry. That can either be added to the funds or used to purchase more expensive tickets. They also count on their how-to guide for using their platform and live chat as user support.

👍 Why We Recommend

LottoAgent also has several lotteries available and a welcome bonus.

🏅 Best For

Lottery players who value a good number of promotions.

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Up-to 20% Discount on Various Lotteries

When talking about online lottery sites, one of the best you can choose is Jackpot.com, especially if you are after the big wins. Just like the name of the platform suggests, Jackpot.com is famous for its incredible prize pools, where players can basically play the biggest lotteries in the world.

For sure, this may sound fantastic, but for a player to picture this, we can say that the top jackpot of one of the biggest lotteries on the site will make you more than $100 million richer.

All this may sound too good to be true, but after checking the company’s licenses, we can say that there is nothing to worry about. Jackpot.com is licensed by four of the most reputable online gambling commissions in the world. They include the Malta, Swedish, Irish, and United Kingdom commissions. The site is also protected by 128-bit SSL encryption.

The other very impressive thing about the site is that it provides a fantastic selection of games that players can enjoy, on top of the numerous lotteries. Users can easily take a change of pace and enjoy some live casino games, table games, slots, and even some progressive jackpot casino headlines available on the platform.

👍 Why We Recommend

The company is licensed by four of the most reputable gambling commissions worldwide.

🏅 Best For

Players looking for the best diversity with gaming and lotteries in the gambling industry.

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Lotto Smile
Purchase 2+ shares of the Loteria Nacional Extra from Europe with a 10% discount!

Created in 2002, similar to the first on this list, LottoSmile is one of the oldest online lottery websites on the internet. Besides individual tickets and syndicates, it also counts on special bundles to attract players who want to win big. They support several different languages, making it easy for players around the globe to adapt to it.

Throughout its history, LottoSmile already had jackpot winners, resulting in millions of dollars in prizes. Its operating company is The Lotter Company, a Cyprus-based operator duly registered and licensed there.

In terms of availability and deals, it is no surprise that users can find over 45 different lotteries. There are special offers for quantity, but also free tickets, discounts for large purchases, and even cashback on specific situations. Therefore, it should suit the needs of the majority of players.

👍 Why We Recommend

LottoSmile has proven itself a reliable website with many lotteries.

🏅 Best For

Players who want diversity when purchasing single or bundle tickets.

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LottoGo is the new face of World Lottery Club, improved in terms of lottery and game variety, besides better customer support. They work similar to what MultiLotto does, as a lottery betting site, with a full payout of the prizes.

Their availability includes around 20 different lotteries, accepting syndicate bets – better explained down this article – and even offering casino games. Players can purchase tickets and navigate on their LottoGo app, instead of using the website. The downside is that LottoGo does not have as many payment methods as other agents and betting lottery sites.

As always, we only recommend the best online lottery sites that are legit and reputable. LottoGo is duly licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, the UKGC, and also the Irish National Excise Licence Office. Besides, rest assured your personal and financial data is duly transferred with SSL encryption.

👍 Why We Recommend

LottoGo is a reliable betting lottery site that can be accessed with an app.

🏅 Best For

Players who would be satisfied with the few most important lotteries out there.


10% Off Most Lotteries + VIP Points

Currently owned and operated by Bullet Eight Limited, WinTrillions is an online betting lottery site. It is available in six different languages and duly licensed in Curaçao to offer players the opportunity to bet on possible results. Between millionaire raffles to lotteries tickets and syndicates, users also have access to casino and sports betting.

There are over 20 different jackpot lotteries, collected from European and American countries. As soon as players register, they can deposit with a reasonable variety of payment methods. Winnings up to $600 are immediately provided and can be withdrawn, while larger amounts may be subject to another distribution method.

They do not count on a WinTrillions mobile app, but the mobile browser version works perfectly well. There have been a few winners of thousands of dollars in WinTrillions already, and we are comfortable recommending it here.

👍 Why We Recommend

WinTrillions offer good payment methods and the most popular lotteries.

🏅 Best For

Lottery players not looking for a lot of variety, and that could use efficient payment methods.

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The short answer is yes, but only if you choose reputable and legit online lottery sites out there. That is why we collected information on lottery agents such as TheLotter, including them in our list of the best online lottery sites. They are licensed and duly regulated, meaning they comply with the minimum requirements of privacy and security.

Regardless of how they operate, the best lottery sites out there pay prizes without taking commission or any part of it. It is simple as that: purchase, wait for the result and transfer to your bank account or e-wallet.

Other essential parameters to consider are the support provided, their reputation, the existence of previous lottery winners, and SSL encryption. Therefore, you will be safe purchasing tickets when playing online lotteries, if you just trust us to show which websites are fraud-free.

🏆 Why Play Online Lotteries?

🏆 How to Play Online Lottery with Best Lottery Numbers for Real Money?

Sign up to one of the best online lottery sites that, in your opinion, suits your needs as a player.
⭐ Opt for their bonus, if they have one, to ensure you receive it.
⭐ Deposit at least the minimum required amount.
Pick the lottery of your preference and fill the tickets – that can also be automatically and randomly filled.
⭐ Finish the purchase and wait for the results.
Come back to your account and verify your funds for winnings.

✅ What Are The Types of Lottery Websites?

✔️ Lottery Agents

They act as a concierge service, meaning they have someone to purchase the tickets for you. As soon as you decide which numbers to pick, their staff purchases an official ticket. They might apply service fees to that, but no commission to your winnings, which are automatically informed.

✔️ Lottery Betting Sites

When you purchase tickets on a lottery betting site, you are not actually purchasing real tickets. It is a simple bet, but the money goes straight to the operating website. Even so, the payout is exactly as informed, except that it comes from the lottery website instead.

✅ What Lotteries Can You Play?

✔️ EuroJackpot

A total of 18 different European countries participate in the EuroJackpot, together with the players of the best online lottery sites. Each ticket allows five numbers (1-50) plus two special numbers (1-10). In total, there are 12 prize tiers, including the jackpot for those who get all numbers right. Check out the results every Friday night, EEST.

✔️ Euromillions

While played in fewer countries than EuroJackpot, Euromillions pays a slighter bigger jackpot prize. You also need to choose five numbers from 1 to 50, but the special numbers range from 1 to 12. Draws occur twice a week, every Friday and Tuesday. In case you win any of the 13 prize tiers, you can withdraw from your favorite lottery site.

✔️ El Gordo

One of the biggest jackpot lotteries available on online sites, with five-numbered tickets ranging from 00000 to 99999. Fortunately, the best online lottery sites do the work and verify if yours is worth one of their prize tiers.

✔️ Mega Millions

The U.S. weekly lottery demands 6 matched numbers, being five from 1 to 70 and an extra one picked between 1 and 25. Their uncapped jackpot attracts people from all around the world to bet on online lottery sites. Check the results every Tuesday and Friday, if you think you have great chances.

✔️ Powerball

Another weekly lottery from the U.S. and possibly the world’s most famous one. They already paid over 1.5 billion dollars, split between only three people, in one of their draws that occur Saturdays and Wednesdays – 10:59 p.m. EST. Like Megamillions pick five numbers (1-69) and the Powerball (1-26), for one of the nine prize tiers.

✔️ SuperEnalotto

One of the biggest jackpot lotteries in Europe, in which you pick six numbers ranging from 1 to 90. Some of the best online lottery sites also allow a special bonus number for a better win. Draws occur three times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If we count the SuperStar number, there are fifteen prize tiers.

✅ Rules To Be Aware Of

Everybody knows that you have to purchase a lottery ticket and simply wait for the results. In order to ensure the best possible experience at the best online lottery sites, keep in mind their rules and standards:

✅ How to Pay For Online Lottery Tickets?

After signing up, players can go straight to the cashier. There, they deposit any given amount within the minimum and maximum deposit range. Funds may take only a moment or days to be updated, depending on the payment methods.

Once you have money in your account balance, purchasing ticket works just like online shopping. Take your time to decide which ones to purchase, as draws only occur at their specific time, and finish when ready. The amount is immediately debited from your funds.

✅ Prizes and Odds: How Do You Win?

Each lottery game has its own terms regarding prizes and odds. Regardless of which one you choose, the odds of the famous and enormous jackpot amounts are really low. Fortunately, all of them have a lot of different prize tiers with better odds.

Just as an example, being the lucky winner of the Powerball means you are 1 in 292,201,338, which is a fairly big number. However, getting one of the smaller prizes represent only 1 in 38.

Usually, jackpots involve getting all numbers right – including the “special” ones – while the prize decreases, and odds get better with fewer hits. Of course, not all results are worth some payment, or it would not be a game of luck after all.

In short, you need to hit as many numbers as possible in order to win in any lottery game. Some people might hit the jackpot in their first game, while others should accept to collect several minor prizes.

✅ What Is a Lottery Syndicate?

Instead of purchasing a lot of numbers or tickets and paying a super high price for it, players can opt for online lottery syndicates. They purchase several lines for a much lower price and automatically participate in a group with other anonymous players. The odds of winning are higher, but the price is split between the group participants.

✅ How to Receive Winnings?

All online lottery sites let their users know they are the lucky winners of any lottery draw. However, each one of them has its own rules as to how winnings are distributed. Small winnings tend to be added to your funds almost immediately, and then you are welcome to withdraw or use them.

Larger amounts, however, might be divided into annual payments, or you might have the chance to opt for a fixed amount. The choice impacts taxes and bank fees, so keep that in mind.

Finally, lucky jackpot winners might have to travel and meet in person to prove their identity and collect the huge prize.

✅ Taxes

Taxes vary according to your country, even when online lottery sites indicate they are tax-free. For instance, you might be required to pay interest or income tax – and even additional taxes if providing them to someone else, like the gift and inheritance taxes.

Lotteries from some countries, such as the U.S., might even send the total amount with taxes already deducting almost 40% of your winnings. Therefore, understand that both your country of residence and that of the lottery game might have their own rules on taxes. Even so, your sweet prizes will still change your life.

✅ Lottery  vs Keno

Lottery and keno games do seem similar, but there are important differences between them. Some of the most relevant are:

✔️ Amount of money

While individual bets may be similar, the total money invested by players when playing leno and lottery are considerably different. Besides, prizes in lotteries tend to be many times greater than those of keno.

✔️ Odds

The odds in Keno are not only smaller – and therefore equivalent to their smaller prizes – but also changeable. While you must pick a certain number of choices in the lottery, you decide how many to pick within a given range in Keno.

✔️ Participation

You decide when to draw your fast and individual Keno game, or at least wait only a few minutes before the next draw. Lotteries are set to occur at a given time of the week, usually occurring once or up to three times a week only.

✔️ Online Lottery Strategies

Choose the Best Odds. It is so logical that some people are surprised they do not consider it as often as they should. Not all games are created equal, and therefore there is not a perfect odds x risk balance between them. The best strategy is to compare the odds with the possible prizes and only play lottery games with the best ratio, regardless of how cool the others are.

✔️ Ignore Myths

You will find dozens of strategies suggesting hot and cold numbers, not picking sequences, etc. Simply ignore them, as there is no possible way to enhance your odds by picking certain numbers or avoiding a group of others.

✔️ Syndicates

Yes, you will share the prize, but your odds increase greatly for a small amount of money. Therefore, unless you plan on getting a huge prize all for yourself at some point, take your chances at online lottery syndicates.

✔️ Number of Players

Your chances of winning a prize are not impacted by the number of players, differently from bingo games. However, the probability of sharing your prize with more people does increase. Therefore, if possible, opt for lottery games using the strategies above plus checking the number of players.

✅ Tips to Play Online Lottery

🏆 Choose the Site to Play Lottery Online and Get the Best Lottery Results

Either to select a favorite among our best online lottery sites or to understand how to pick great ones, you need to have specific criteria. In a summarized way, our expertise as lottery evaluators consider:

➡️ Variety

Online lottery sites should have at least the most popular worldwide international lotteries, preferably as many as possible. The possibility of adding bundles and syndicates to the cart is also important. Scratchcards can be a great bonus, too.

➡️ Safety

Our throughout analyses always consider safety and security requirements, but those researching on their own should keep this in mind. The best online lottery websites must be licensed and offer great support and encryption to their users.

➡️ Promotions

One of the greatest advantages of playing online lotteries is to reduce costs with special offers. Discounts to bigger purchases and deposit bonuses, not to mention free tickets, are much welcome.

➡️ Compatibility

Not all lottery sites count on apps, but being completely responsible for mobile access is mandatory. After all, that is how we purchase an extra ticket whenever we feel like doing it.

➡️ Payments

Always consider which methods are available for your country – for both deposits and withdrawals. Also, the terms for withdrawing winnings are just as relevant because they will impact how you will receive your prizes.

➡️ Reputation

As we are talking about big prizes, it is highly relevant to consider past awards and how users react to each online lottery site. That way, you can filter those that do not seem reliable.

💵 Best Lottery Bonus Offers and Promotions

While comfort and efficiency are great advantages of playing on the best online lottery sites, promotions should receive part of the attention. After all, people can save enough money to do something else or purchase even more tickets and increase their odds. Let us see which online lottery bonuses are worth checking.

☑️ Lottery Discounts

Available at every single online lottery site, discounts tend to vary between 10% and 20%. They work as simple as that: simple purchase tickets from a lottery game that is participating in a promotion. It is also common for a certain bundle or number of tickets to automatically provide discounts.

☑️ Free Online Lottery Tickets

Although rare, free online lottery tickets are a reality in some of the best sites for online lottery. Most players that purchase a reasonable number of tickets – something around 7-10 tickets for a single game – will receive them.

☑️ Cashback

Cashback promotions guarantee that a portion of up to 50% is added back to the funds, for exclusive use in lottery games. It is one of the best promotions out there for recurrent lottery players, and it is usually fixed.

☑️ Online Lottery Welcome Offer

A welcome offer is usually provided as a deposit or entry bonus. Simply after the first deposit or purchase of a ticket, the player receives a bonus to its account. That money cannot be withdrawn but is a great addition for the next purchases.

☑️ Lotto Subscriptions

Subscriptions are another incredible type of promotion for lottery players. It defines a certain number of tickets per week or month. In exchange for the commitment to purchase those tickets, the best sites for online lottery give reasonable discounts to the total purchase price.

☑️ VIP Rewards

VIP Programs are more common in online lottery sites with casino games, but they do exist. All purchases and plays are converted into points, which unlock new bonuses and add rewards to the account.

📱 Best Online Lottery App to Play on Mobile

All six online lottery sites in this article can be easily accessed using your mobile device and a browser. However, some of them are one step ahead in terms of responsivity and provide their own Android and iOS lottery apps:

  1. TheLotter
  2. LottoAgent: only Android 
  3. LottoSmile
  4. LottoGo: only iOS
  5. Wintrillions

The iOS versions are downloaded via the official App Store, but that should not work for Android devices. Instead of the Play Store, users are required to download an APK, which is common and safe – when you download from their official website. Either way, simply install and login with your registered account.

💳 Payment Methods Available to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

You already know how to play on the best online lottery sites and how you pay for the tickets. However, not everyone is familiarized with the most popular and safest methods to transfer and receive money. Namely, they are:

✔️ Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other cryptos are increasingly popular. Their use tends to involve low minimum deposit amounts and immediate transfer, using appropriate systems.

✔️ Bank transfers

Might take a while to add funds, depending on the choice and day of the week. It is simply the direct transfer from or to your bank.

✔️ Payment systems

They allow you to make payments with credit cards or your bank account without providing details to the online lottery website.

✔️ E-wallets

Same as above, except that you may choose to keep your money there. Paypal is one of the world’s most famous e-wallets and payment systems.

✔️ Credit or Debit cards

Would not need to be in this list for you to acknowledge them. One of the fastest payment methods, which might even accept withdrawals depending on the amount and institution.

💰 Big Online Lottery Winners

We all know those incredible jackpot prizes found on the internet, but most players are in doubt about winners who use online lottery sites. Therefore, we selected a few successful cases to inspire you:

WebsiteLotteryWhoHow MuchWhen
UnknownEuroMillionsJenn Burston£3 millionDecember 17, 2014
TheLotterOregon MegabucksM.M.$6.4 MillionAugust 24, 2015
WinTrillionsMega MillionsKatie$250,000March 25, 2011
TheLotterFlorida LottoA.D.$30 million

19 July 2017

👍 Play at the Best Online Lottery Site Now!

Up-to 25% with a Multi-Draw Package


That is the most asked and subjective question in the world of online lotteries. Choosing them from scratch is difficult, and we from Gambling ‘N Go did everything possible to select the top ones. Now, simply read their description and decide which one better attends your necessities.

With dozens of lottery games available, we know that is the second hardest decision to make. Fortunately, tickets are cheap, and most of them have discounts. Our recommendation is to test all games with interesting odds to find a preferred one.

The lottery games found on those websites are not operated by them – although they are duly regulated – but by national or state-owned authorities. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt their results.

Each lottery game has its own proportions and odds to each prize tier, including the jackpot. Therefore, it depends on your choice.

Yes, taxes are debited from your winnings even before you receive them – by the lottery’s local government. After receiving it, you might need to pay more taxes according to your country’s legislation.