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What Does Moneyline Betting Mean? [With Examples!]

Moneyline sports bets are the simplest ones to comprehend. You can succeed even if you are not skilled in this activity and make a stake for the first time. This is a popular bet that can be used both singly and as a part of a strategy, depending on your preferences and level of engagement in the industry.

In this article, we are going to explain the details, show the advantages of this type of sports betting, and help you increase your chances of winning.

What is the Moneyline in Sports Betting?

A Moneyline bet is a basic wager on which team will win. It is usually applied to football, hockey, and baseball games. Also, you can find this betting type in tennis and boxing. You are not expected to predict the outcome of the game in any numbers: you do not have to indicate the totals, sports betting over/under, or point spreads. Just choose one of the teams and bet on its victory. No other conditions are considered.

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How to Understand Moneylines?

So, when you place a bet on the Moneyline, you think that the team you have chosen will win. And that means you will win. The score does not matter at all. There are usually three options.

As in any other case, sportsbooks determine underdogs, which are likely to lose, and favorites, which are likely to win. It is suggested that a bettor chooses between them. There can be a draw position too (when both teams finish with the same number of points, goals, or whatever, meaning that there are no winners and losers). It is also known as an “even” or “pick ’em” game. You can bet on this outcome too. But, some sites may indicate “Draw no bet,” referring to the above two options only.

It is clear that the right prediction will bring profit. There are odds, which are paid out if you guess right, betting on the favorite, on the underdog, or on evenly matched teams.

Let’s consider the examples of how you should read the money line.

Understanding moneylines

The favorite

A favorite (a team that will highly likely win) is displayed with a “-“ sign. It looks like: Team 1 (-150).

In accordance with this money line, a bettor is expected to bet $150. If he wins, he will gain $100 and get his wager back. The payout is equal to $250.

The underdog

An underdog (a team that will hardly win) is displayed with a “+“ sign. It looks like: Team 2 (+150).

In accordance with this Moneyline, a bettor is expected to bet $100. If he is right, he will gain $150 and get his wager back. The payout is equal to $250.

Even or Pick ‘em

If the sportsbook considers the teams or players equally likely to finish the game, you may bet on the even option (also known as a pick ‘em or a draw option). It looks like: Even +100.

In accordance with this money line, a bettor is expected to bet $100. If he wins, he will gain $100 and get his wager back. The payout is equal to $200.

How to Read Moneyline Odds with Examples?

Moneyline odds are calculated by specialists who consider the probability of winning. The odds for each game are different. If the teams are almost equally skilled and strong, the gap between the two sides’ Moneyline odds will be moderate. If one of the teams is remarkably stronger, the gap will be larger.

Negative Moneyline: What Does -125, -270, or Anything Similar Mean?

Once again, if there is a “-“ sign in front of a number next to the title of a team, it means this team is considered to be a favorite in the game.

In this case, the number shows the exact amount of a bet that it is supposed that you place if you want to gain $100 when your guess proves correct.


Team 1 (-125).

It means that you will get $100 if you bet $125 and this team wins. Of course, you will also get your $125 back. In total, you will win $225.

If the probability of winning is high, you will be asked to bet a larger amount to gain $100. Such teams (highly likely to win) are known as heavy favorites or “chalk” picks. Here, the bets start off with +300. But, you should understand that the high probability of a win is not a guarantee, but there is a low chance of losing your wager.

Positive Moneyline: What Does +125, +270, or Anything Similar Mean?

For example, a +150 Moneyline means that you would win $150 for each $100 wager you placed should that team win the game.

If there is a “+“ sign in front of a number next to the team title, it means this team is considered to be an underdog in the game.

In this case, the number shows the exact amount of your win, if you bet $100, provided that your guess is right.


Team 1 (+125).

It means that you will win $125 if you bet $100 and this team wins. If you bet $200, your winnings will be $250, and so on. Of course, you will receive a return on your bet.

What’s the Playing Difference Between Moneyline and Point Spread?

While the basic rules for how to bet in 2022 are the same, the mechanism itself is different. For example, along with the Moneyline, point spread betting is also common. This betting type means you are expected to predict the score or any other digital performance. For instance, you should decide how many points the favorite will win. Or you should choose the spread for an underdog team (player) and if it (he) loses by less than the chosen spread, you will win. In other words, you should answer the question: Who wins (or loses) and by how much?

When you bet on a Moneyline, you are expected to decide which team will win without mentioning any digital outcomes. In other words, you should answer the question, “Who will win?”

There is a similar feature if we compare these two betting types. In both cases, favorites come with a “-” sign, and underdogs come with a “+” sign. Also, when the analysts of a sportsbook calculate the probability of the outcome of the sports event, the odds for both betting types will be based on the same information.

Benefits of Moneyline Bets

Of course, a beginner in sports betting or a bettor who is not engaged in the industry and does not want to spend too much time studying the sport and teams to make accurate forecasts will prefer Moneyline bets. And we are going to tell you the reasons why.

Moneyline Bets

Easy to Understand

You do not have to be an expert in betting to understand Moneyline bets. You will know what’s what very quickly. Simply, you can use our examples and quickly get the answer. Practice and try out different variations. In the end, it is interesting, and bingo is good for the brain!

Big Payoffs on Big Upsets

Moneyline provides you with a real opportunity to win a lot. But, you should make the right prediction of a big upset in order to benefit from such a chance.

Strategies and Tips for Success in Betting Moneylines

Regardless of the simplicity of this betting type, there are strategies you’d better know if you want to increase your chances of winning. You do understand, that if it were so easy to win using Moneylines, everybody would prefer it. Failure is possible if you do not place your bet thoughtfully.

You should still be aware of the sport that you are going to place a bet on. It is important to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the considered teams or players.

Let’s look at some specific issues to remember so that you can increase the prospect of making the right prediction.

Always Look for Value

A sportsbook determines unique odds on each team after a thorough calculation of their chances of winning. If you see that the payouts are larger than they are supposed to be in accordance with other bookmakers’ forecasts or your own idea of the likelihood of the outcome, then you should benefit from these large odds. They are referred to as value, being true both when paying too much for a favorite and an underdog. You will definitely succeed and gain by choosing values to bet on again and again for a long time.

Determine the Probability

In a brief summary, the implied probability is your risk divided by your potential payout. The calculated amount is converted into a percentage, which shows the expected probability of winning. It is clear, that this performance equal to 60% is much better than 20%. Again, if you get a probability that is lower compared to your prediction of this team’s winning chances, then you are lucky to find value and it is recommended to bet on it.


You get a Moneyline: Team 1 (-120).

It means that you should bet $120 if you want to win $100. If your guess is right, you will get $220 ($120 of your wager plus $100 of your profit).

To calculate the probability, you should 120/220 = 0,5455. Now convert this amount into a percentage. 0,5455 x 100 = 54. 55%, which tells you that you are going to risk $120 in order to earn $100 with an implied probability equal to 54. 55%.

You get a Moneyline: Team 2 (+120).

It means that you should bet $100 if you want to win $120. If your guess is right, you will get $220 ($100 of your wager plus $120 of your profit).

To calculate probability, you should 100/220 = 0,4544. Now convert this amount into a percentage. 0,4544 x 100 = 45. 44%, which tells you that you are going to risk $100 in order to earn $120 with an implied probability equal to 45. 44%. As you see, the higher the amount of winning, the lower the implied probability is.

Consider the Sport

There is a difference in various sports when you bet on Moneyline. For instance, if you choose baseball or hockey, you should know that it is important who wins the game outright because the unpredictability of the outcome is very high in this sport. That is why you are recommended to put on the underdog and keep in mind that sometimes even poor teams win. So, you see an underdog at +300 and feel sorely tempted to bet. But first, look at the winning percentage numbers, which may make you think better of your decision.

If you consider basketball or football Moneylines, you can be sure that a favorite will win outright more likely by relying on the statistics. So, in these sports, the Moneyline -300 can bring winnings, especially when it comes to a football game.

In order to be on firm ground, you should do your research to decide on a better chance of winning.

Consider the underdogs who can win even though this is not as easy as it sounds. It requires experience and a deep engagement in the sport. And again, do not forget about the values.

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Do your research

While doing your research, consider all impact factors, including the health of players and weather conditions. Every detail can change the outcome. You should know the day of the game and the place it will be held. Do not forget about the following moments:

  • The home-field advantage.
  • The history of each team.
  • The history between the competing teams.
  • Popularity.
  • Rotations of the players.
  • The public’s response to their private lives and successes.

Everything should be considered.

Check Line Movement

This is like a trend following. You should find experienced, well-informed, and reputable bettors who are deeply involved in this activity and track their preferences, which is called a sharp line movement. The term “line movement” means a change in lines (odds, point totals, and point spreads). This change is made by sportsbooks from the moment they set the odds to the beginning of the game. You can use it to your advantage to bet on the most favorable conditions.


  • The opening line listed a day before the game can be like this: Team 1: +4 (-110). Team 2: -4 (-110)
  • The same line on a day, when the game is going to start, can look as follows: Team 1: +3 (-110). Team 2: -3 (-110)

Here we see that a bookmaker decides that a favorite is less of a favorite and an underdog is less of an underdog than it has been supposed to be before.

The most common reasons for a line movement are issues with teams, injuries to players, weather conditions, and something similar that can make bettors and sportsbooks change their predictions. But also, the betting sites may balance the situation to prevent their loss of money by giving more points to the less attractive team.

So, if you want to place a stake on a favorite, you should do it early. The favorites are commonly preferred by bettors. That is why it is highly likely that the bookmaker changes the line against the public, making favorites less attractive. If you want to bet on an underdog, wait for an improved price.

Anyway, track the line, learning the dynamics and direction of its movement. Also, it makes sense to consider public bet percentages. However, there are situations when most bettors support a certain outcome while the line movement goes in the opposite direction. It is known as a “reverse line movement”. What should you follow? It is better to follow professional bettors (sharps), who know the sport, the statistics, and their interest in their payout.

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We hope that we have managed to highlight the essential issues surrounding the subject in this article. Now, you understand the meaning of Moneylines, the advantages of this betting type, and the way the payouts are calculated here. Try these simple bets, but do not forget that they require effort. Only when you know the peculiarities of the sport and its history can you make the right prediction of the current outcome and get high outcomes on a continuous basis.


What makes the Moneyline simple and straightforward?

The key advantage of the Moneyline is its simple choice of a winner. The bettor is expected to choose this team or the other. You do not have to guess the points. There are only winners and losers. You have to pick one side only. Also, some sportsbooks provide bettors with the third choice of a draw option.

What does a +200 Moneyline mean?

A +200 Moneyline means that the team is an underdog. If you bet $100 on it, you will win $200. Your total payout will be $300.

What is a 3-way Moneyline bet?

There are three options to bet on: a favorite, an underdog, and a draw. You can bet on any of them. This is known as a 3-way Moneyline bet. It can commonly be seen in soccer because this sport comes with a lot of outcomes in a draw.

Do Moneyline prices differ from one betting site to another?

You can find different Moneyline prices for the same sports event across various sportsbooks. The difference can be huge. So, it makes sense to look for the most favorable offer.

Will the Moneyline change once it’s set?

The Moneyline changes from the moment it is set by a sportsbook until the start of the game. The points are adjusted to the current situation, in particular to the placed bets. Determine the best price by applying the recommended strategies to get the best payout.

Is the Moneyline a good bet?

Yes, Moneyline is a good bet if you are not very skilled in this industry or just do not want to spend a lot of time doing research and agree to have relatively low payouts. Just decide which team will win the event and get your prize.

What happens if you bet $100 on a Moneyline?

You can bet $100 on an underdog and get the win established by the odds. If you want to place a bet on a favorite, the rules are different. In this case, the odds will show the amount of your bet, allowing you to win $100. Theoretically speaking, this amount could be $100.

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