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Online Casinos in Serbia 2023

Players in Serbia have, one would say, too many online casinos at their disposal, but many of them definitely do not deserve your money and time. Since 2012, online gambling has been regulated by law in Serbia. Unfortunately, although the law stipulates that only specially authorized websites with servers in Serbia can offer these services, there are a large number of illegal online casinos.

It has happened to all of us, countless times, that when we go to an online casino site in Serbia, everything looks perfectly good at first glance. However, when we take a closer look, we come to the conclusion that it is not as bright as it seems.

Gambling and gambling on Serbian online casino sites can be very confusing, especially for novice players who are encountering this type of entertainment for the first time. That is why we will review in detail the best online casino sites in Serbia for 2023 that are licensed and operate under the laws of the Republic of Serbia.

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⚖️ Serbian Gambling Laws & Regulations

Serbian Gambling Laws & Regulations

Serbia’s finance minister has amended the 2011 Gambling Law. New laws from 2012 include increasing the tax rate for online gambling from 5% of gross revenue for all verticals to 15% for online betting and 10% for other games. The Ministry of Finance said that the higher betting rate is a consequence of the fact that 75% of the betting turnover in Serbia comes from online casino sites, while only 25% of the turnover from other games is online.

However, the law also allows for a significantly increased number of gambling licenses. The government is allowed to grant a maximum of 10 such licenses valid for 10 years. The license fee for these casinos is set at a minimum of €500,000.

The bill also introduces restrictions on the locations of games of chance and bookmakers. They must not be at a distance of fewer than 200 meters (along the shortest walking path) from educational institutions or closer than 100 meters from each other. This regulation does not apply to existing bookmakers.

In addition, the draft law will establish an electronic surveillance system designed to identify illegal gambling websites. Advertising related to betting and gambling, such as live casinos online, must be accompanied by a reminder that minors must not gamble and a warning to prevent addiction. All employees who have direct contact with gamblers must undergo special training to prevent gambling addiction.

Almost half of the money goes to charity – The Serbian Red Cross will continue to receive 40% of the state revenue collected from gambling. An earlier draft law removed this provision but returned it to the Bill with an amendment.

The Beginnings of Gambling in Serbia and the Balkans

By the way, the first casino in the Balkans was the so-called Kur Salon, which opened in 1932. It had many games of chance in his offer, some of which are still popular today. Kur Salon was located in Banja Koviljača in Serbia. It was built under the patronage of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic and was intended for the entertainment and relaxation of distinguished ladies and gentlemen from all over the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Gambling evenings, which were held mostly on weekends, often included accompanying events, so Kur Salon also had a dance hall that could accommodate as many as 450 people and a restaurant for about 200 people. It was on these premises that the Miss Yugoslavia pageant was once organized. Among other things, Kur Salon has made slot machines popular in the area. There was at least a 10 dinar coin in their slot machine, and it is interesting that it was the daily salary of the then average worker in Yugoslavia.

The biggest difference between gambling in the then Kur Salon and today’s online gambling is that in the Kur Salon the stakes were much higher, and the chances of winning were incomparably less.

Is Online Casino Legal in Serbia?

All forms of gambling are legal in Serbia, including online gambling. The law is thorough and many regulations clearly define what is possible and what is not. All citizens above the age of 18 can enjoy sports betting and casino games at legal gambling houses.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Casino Site in Serbia

How to Choose the Best Casino Site in Serbia

Most casino sites in Serbia are legal and offer great casino games, but some are not that safe nor good. Bearing that in mind, it is important to choose a good and reliable casino site. Here is what to pay attention to.

✅ Check the Security of the Serbian Casino Site You’re Considering

Check that the casino has a gaming license: every casino website must be subject to a gaming license in order to operate legally. If they don’t have a license, it means they don’t have legal permission. In the footer of the page or in the “about us” section there should be the badge and information about the license of which country the page is subject to.

There are also territories or countries that grant a valid international license, such as Curaçao, Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Alderney, or the Isle of Man.

Make it HTTPS. HTTPS protocols are “the secure version of HTTP” and indicate that transfers made on the web are secure. They are mainly used by banks, online stores, and other services that require the sending of personal data and/or passwords. When you enter the casino it should show you an “HTTPS://” before its web address. If this does not appear on the home page or when you have already logged in, it is not 100% secure.

Look for opinions from other players: Another way to check the reliability of an online casino operator in Serbia is to look for testimonials and references from other players on forums, and websites and by asking friends. When looking for these types of comments, make sure they belong to real users and not robots or fake accounts created to discredit a brand.

✅ Diversity of Games and Extras at Serbian Casino Sites

Some of the games may not interest you, or the game modes may not be that important to you, but without a doubt, you should also think not only about the now but about what could interest you more in the long term. Therefore, the more games a casino site in Serbia has, the better.

Many casinos allow you to try their games for free, and some even allow you to bet points to play that you can later exchange for prizes. If you are starting to play at a casino, it can be a fun way to distract yourself without investing money; and if you have already experimented, it will help you to test which games you like best before deciding to play for money or choose a specific casino over another.

✅ Payment Methods at Serbian Casino Sites

Look at the deposit options offered by each online casino in Serbia. If your favorite payment method is a credit or debit card, any casino will cover this type of transaction, however, it is also a good idea to have other payment methods in case your cards fail at any time, are lost, or expire.

If your favorite payment method is another such as virtual wallets such as Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, or Skrill, to give examples – check that they are part of your payment possibilities. The number of payment method options and their typology will give you a clue of how big and established the online casino in question is. The best casinos often have multiple payment options available.

✅ Customer Service at Serbian Casinos Online

If you have any problem or incident with your casino account, or for example with your bank card or an emergency – it is important that their customer service is fast, available during long hours, and speaks Serbian.

If, for example, your game routines are at night, it will be of little use to you that your customer service is during office hours, especially if it is an emergency.

✅ Compare Bonuses and Promotions

Most people only consider the welcome bonus when choosing the best online casino in Serbia. This type of bonus is usually the most generous because it is the candy that online casinos put out to attract new customers (although it also has important conditions and limitations, beware).

Even so, we find it much more interesting to look at the quality and quantity of promotions and bonuses that they offer to retain their customers and regular players since you can only have one welcome bonus (per casino) and although you can dedicate yourself to registering in all internet casinos to use the welcome bonus and nothing else, doing this in addition to being exhausting will not do you much good in the long run.

✅ Loyalty Program and VIP Club at Serbian Casino Sites

In addition to looking at the promotions and offers that casinos launch to players, it is also important to take into account if the casino website has a loyalty program with exclusive advantages for players. If you do it just for fun and want to play for free, many internet casinos in Serbia have loyalty programs based on points programs that are then redeemable for prizes.

If you are a high roller (VIP player) then it is highly recommended that you take into account what conditions each casino has to be considered an elite player and at what level, and the exclusive benefits that they are going to offer you.

✅ Bet Limit and Minimum Bet at Online Casinos in Serbia

If you are a player who usually places big bets, then another factor to take into account will be the maximum bet limit of the games in question. Casino operators in Serbia set bet limits for games such as slots, roulette and blackjack, and other card games, although if you are a VIP player you can request to have your maximum bet increased. On the other hand, if your budget is moderate, you should also check if the casino games offered have a mandatory minimum bet and if it is appropriate for your budget.

✅ Check the Payment Rates

Many online casino websites in Serbia have payout tables where they show the prizes that have been awarded in the last hours in the different games, along with the amounts won. Some even tell you how much the winning person had bet. Take advantage of this information to compare the casinos.

✅ Download, Online, Mobile Version, or App

In the case of casino apps, spend some time looking for reviews from people who have used them. In the Apple Store or the Play Store of your device, you can easily and quickly see the votes and comments of people who have downloaded the applications.

On the other hand, there are still online casinos that require you to download the casino software to your computer to play. This does not mean that they are less reliable, but perhaps their games support a lot of graphics or have features that make them work better by downloading the program on the computer. This can allow you to play without an internet connection (although also without betting money).

💵 How to Gamble Online in Serbia

How to Gamble Online in Serbia

The first step before starting the game is the process of registering and creating an account in the online casino in Serbia. This simple process is quite fast and extremely easy, so it won’t take you much time. The first question that is asked is whether you are of legal age, i.e. whether you are over 18 years old because according to the law of the Republic of Serbia, games of chance and betting are prohibited for persons under 18 years of age.

Online casinos generally ask you for basic information such as name, surname, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, username and password of your choice, address, and telephone number. After these simple steps, your registration is complete, and once your account and profile have been verified, you are ready to try out the games that the online casino offers. To summarize, here are the following things to do:

  1. Step 1: Choose a secure and licensed online casino site in Serbia – Carefully choose a licensed online casino in Serbia where your personal information will be protected.
  2. Step 2: Click on “register” – Find the link or button where registration or login is highlighted.
  3. Step 3: Fill out the registration application – Fill out the application, where you will enter your name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, username, and password.
  4. Step 4: Verify your account – In this step, your identity is proven by a document issued by the official body of the Republic of Serbia.
  5. Step 5: Pay the deposit and collect the bonus – Here you choose the payment method, place a deposit, and accept the welcome bonus that the casino offers.

Once you have created an account, deposited funds, and claimed the bonus, you are free to enjoy all the casino games that casino sites in Serbia have to offer. Simply go to the casino website, find the ones that you love best, and go for some money.

🏈 The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Serbia

The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Serbia

The offer of casino games includes the most diverse games, which you can find for example in world casinos and big brands. Of course, everything has its good and bad sides, so we will present the most important games, that is, the categorization of games that you can find in casinos in Serbia, which are quite popular as well.

You will definitely be interested in your favorite games, so everyone should be hunting for what is interesting to them. The offer is really big and wide, so it is up to you to choose what is your choice. In order not to go into further details, be sure to read below which categories of games you can find and what awaits you in casinos in Serbia.


Slot games are one of the most popular precisely because they are played on pure luck, you will certainly find a wide range of casino offers in Serbia. There is a large selection of games in terms of slots that have their own payouts, rules, and themes. The offers and playing conditions are different from the classic slot offers with 3 horizontal columns or more in a row. Whatever your choice, the games can be very interesting, and the question is how lucky you are to win even valuable prizes and jackpots.

Slot Games with Jackpots at Serbian Casino Sites

Similar to the previous item with the increase in luck which is always uncertain in terms of games with big jackpots. You can make big winnings though. It is often the case that casinos team up with other leading online casinos. This results in incredibly large amounts of jackpots that you can win. A profit of one million Euros is possible. Certainly, some knowledge is needed, but luck plays a crucial role and you never know when you will be the chosen one.


Blackjack is also a very famous game even for players who do not play the mentioned game. There is a large offer of blackjacks in various casinos, both in Serbia and Europe. A large number of variants of this game are available, which makes the thing even more interesting. You can choose between European, Vegas comics, or classic blackjack, whatever your option on offer is included.

Poker and card games

Poker is a very famous, planetarily popular game that has millions of users and fans around the planet but in Serbia as well. There are very large and diverse offers in terms of the type of poker games, so you can choose from classic poker to 3-card poker, or perhaps the most popular - Texas Holdem poker. Of course, you need to know the rules of poker, but participating in tournaments with big prizes that can be yours is definitely a big challenge, which makes it quite popular in Serbia.

Video Poker
Video Poker

Video poker is a type of poker where you play against the computer and you don't need to follow the best hand if you're not sure. This is not a game against other players but the computer itself. Statistically, this game has the highest percentage of casino payouts in Serbia. Try your luck so it had to be against a software computer as well.

Live Casino Games

In this way, you can bring the casino into your house and bet on various games from the comfort of your armchair. Through the casino, you connect to a video link that is in real-time. Many games offer everything you can imagine, so you can have a live chat and enjoy the authentic atmosphere with prizes that are not negligible.

The best and most modern choice for betting and playing casinos is provided by the live gaming option. Live casino represents the transition of playing games in modern times from traditional casinos in branches. The offer of games via live option is diverse and really provides a wide range of games that will surely delight every user in Serbia.

The live casino provides the option of enjoying good fun and playing in real-time with the help of devices that have the appropriate system. Playing via the live option is almost identical to playing in a real casino. When playing, the live casino allows you to talk directly with the croupier or other players. Of course, if you do not want to talk, you can leave comments that will be immediately available to players and the croupier.

Live Casino offers a wide selection of games, the most represented of which are poker, roulette, lotto, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, monopoly, virtual games, slot games, and many others. The offer of games is diverse in Serbia and everyone can choose an offer that suits their wishes. Live casino bonuses are more prevalent which is the best way to play and have fun.

🎰 Online Gambling Odds, Margins & Lines in Serbia

Online Gambling Odds, Margins & Lines in Serbia

Physical and online casinos offer a wide variety of games to the most experienced gamblers and beginners in Serbia. They all have in common the desire to get the most out of their money, whether they are small amounts or larger sums. In a brick-and-mortar gambling house or online casino, these are the games with the best chance of winning.

✅ Roulette

Roulette is one of the online casino games that offer the highest probability of profits to the player in Serbia. Its simplicity makes it especially attractive for bettors who are just starting out. Whether it’s French, European, or American roulette, the odds on your simplest bet are almost 50%.

Betting on red or black, even or odd, or high or low, roulette offers many chances to win. If we enter other combinations of bets, and even the simplest ones with the double zero of American roulette, our chances decrease.

✅ Craps

In a similar way to roulette, craps also present many profit options for even less experienced players in Serbia. On your simplest bet, the house edge is very low and the odds of winning are closer to 50%.

With craps, as with roulette, the key is knowing how to fold early before challenging those odds, both when you’re winning and when you’re losing. And, above all, knowing how to play your chips when you enter more complex bets, where the odds in favor of the bettor go down.

✅ Blackjack

Another casino game where you bet directly against the house with solid winning odds is Blackjack. Even a little higher in online casinos, where the game of counting 21 is one of the most reliable options to recover money.

Especially if you know the dynamics of the game and you already have some experience, spending a month of Blackjack is a good option in casino sites in Serbia. You will not become a millionaire with it, but you will be able to earn some money or recover from losses.

✅ Baccarat

Baccarat is another online casino game that has good odds of winning money. With an even simpler game system than the popular 21, the traditional game can allow you to make small profits without too much risk.

✅ Poker, Slots, and RTP

In other casino games in Serbia, the skill factor comes into play. Poker is a good game to profit from at tables played against other players, not the house. But to make a profit you will have to be better than your opponents. And that requires practice, strategy, and also luck.

Other games, like slots, have a much smaller rate of return than roulette, blackjack, or craps. You can always be subject to the luck of a prize pool, but it usually takes a long time to compensate for your time.

Finding out about the Return To Player, the rate that measures the profitability of games, is a good strategy when betting in a casino. In the case of slot machines, this rate is much more attractive in the online version than in physical gambling houses.

Return To Player represents a percentage of invested money that the player can expect in return. When a developer develops a slot game, he estimates the amount of payout that the slot will give to players over their lifetime. Depending on the slot in question, most modern online slot games in Serbia have a percentage of RTP between 94% and 99%.

These percentages give you an insight into how much money will be returned to you. If you spin the reels on a slot that boasts a 93% RTP, know that you will get 9.3 euros for every 10 euros invested. However, keep in mind that this rule applies in the long run, ie. for a longer period of playing. When you decide to spin the reels on the slot whose RTP attracted you, know that each RTP listed is calculated based on millions of spins!

✅ What is a Good RTP

As mentioned above, RTP typically varies from 94% to 99% in slot games in Serbia. Of course you want the best for yourself. Therefore, target those slots that offer RTP greater than 96%.

Lately, almost all online slots have an RTP between 95% and 98%. It is clear to you that anything below 95 is low, and anything above 98 is high and good for you. So, the better the RTP in the slot, the more fun and excitement you will get for your money. But it can happen that the same slot game has a different RTP from casino to casino.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Spins and Promotions in Serbian Online Casino Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Spins and Promotions in Serbian Online Casino Sites

As with sports betting, especially in terms of casino games, casino sites in Serbia offer various bonuses and promotions with which they reward the players. There are various forms of bonuses and benefits that the casino rewards you with. It is important to look at the offer as a whole, i.e. to be informed about all the conditions and details of using a certain bonus. There is certainly customer support available to the players, and in this regard, you can eliminate any doubts you have.

🎁 No Deposit Bonus at Serbian Casinos Online

This type of bonus rewards newly registered players in Serbia and as such rewards them with a bonus from the casino. A characteristic bonus that could be heard in other segments of gambling, and by registering the player’s account, he expects a gift bonus. They usually range from 5 to 10 EUR minimum and even up to 20 EUR. This is a very grateful bonus that you get by registering at the casino, so you do not need to meet additional conditions to get it. So you get a bonus without a deposit.

🎁 Deposit Bonus Offers at Serbian Gambling Sites

A very well-known bonus is often called a welcome bonus. Very widely represented and well known to all players both new and old. It is a casino reward for each player who registers and pays a certain deposit to his account. They range differently from the casino and the offer itself can amount from 50% of the deposit up to even 100% of the bonus on the first deposit. The difference is big or twice as big, but it’s not just the bonus segment you need to watch, but their requirements as well. So it’s certainly commendable to deposit big to get the bigger bonus on the first deposit.

🎁 Free Spins

The name alone says that when a player accesses an online casino in Serbia, the casino takes this into account and thus allows free spins for various slot games, which certainly increases your chances of winning. Very popular games are included and any of that bonus options are provided in advance. The fact is that you have to meet certain conditions after which you can pay real money. This is mainly in terms of how many times you have to turn a certain amount or how many turns you have to make, but certainly, if that is your choice, it will not be problematic to meet such conditions.

🎁 Cashback Bonus at Serbian Casinos Online

It is about returning money in different ways, so whatever your choice, it is great to know that it is possible to return part of the lost funds. Of course, there are conditions prescribed by each casino site in Serbia, but by informing yourself before registration, you resolve any doubts about the realization of this bonus. It is a great bonus as you simply return some of the money you lost.

🎁 VIP Bonus at Serbian Online Casinos

As the word itself says it is a bonus for special clients or players. The bonus applies to loyal players and players who make certain payments and combinations played, so they have special treatment from the casino itself. This offer gives you many advantages and benefits when playing, so it all depends on the offer that the casino includes in the current games. Be sure to expect above-average treatment due to the loyalty itself (the clients who are classified as VIP clients).

💳 Payment Options at Serbian Casino Sites

Payment Options at Serbian Casino Sites

This section is about the best and safest ways for depositing and withdrawing funds in online casinos in Serbia. In general, almost every online casino offers its users a wide range of deposit and payout methods. The most important thing for Serbian players is to have in mind all the payment methods that are available for use in Serbia when choosing a casino site.

There are several options available to players in Serbia:

  • Payment cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro,
  • bank transfer options,
  • electronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Using an e-wallet is extremely easy, efficient, cheap, and safe.
  • online/phone payments and payment cards.

These are just some of the most popular payment methods used in online casinos in Serbia:

Visa – Credit or debit cards that use the VISA circuit are certainly among the most popular in the world and above all they are accepted in all online casino sites in Serbia. Some of them will offer different bonuses for using Visa cards as a payment method. They have several advantages in their favor, most notably – availability (all casinos accept Visa), ease of use (almost everyone has one), and safety (payments with Visa cards are well protected).

MasterCard – For this type of card, used both between withdrawal methods and deposit methods, the same argument applies as we did for VISA cards. They are among the most used in the world and every casino will accept them without any problem, even when you need to take advantage of a bonus or promotion. They therefore guarantee full efficiency and maximum convenience as it also has a truly exceptional customer service system.

Maestro – Although this digital payment system is part of MasterCard, it does not have the same prestige and, moreover, it is not as frequent as the two circuits we have just talked about. That is why, if you have a credit or debit card that uses Maestro, it is always worthwhile to take a look at the payment methods in online casino sites in Serbia to avoid any nasty surprises. Of course, it also has so many benefits, like all credit and debit cards in Serbia.

Bank Transfers – This is instead the perfect system for those who want to transfer or withdraw large sums of money, even if at the same time, it is probably both the slowest of both deposit and withdrawal methods, and the most expensive. Sometimes, in fact, both the bank and the casino site in Serbia may apply management costs which, of course, will fall on your shoulders.

Electronic Wallets – If until a few years ago in this world, PayPal was the undisturbed master of electronic wallets. Over time, the situation has changed considerably with the arrival of Skrill and Neteller – the other two e-wallets, two systems that have strongly established themselves in the online gambling sector. In Serbia, they are not yet well known, but more and more users are starting to use PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller both for playing in online casinos and for personal purchases.

Among their advantages is the fact that you do not have to enter your personal or bank details. Naturally, e-wallets are incredibly fast, convenient, and secure, being online payment methods.

We must also emphasize that lately gambling using cryptocurrencies has become very popular, the most popular of which is gambling with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. It should also be noted that Serbian players in local online casinos have the opportunity to use the local money transfer service, which is a competitor to e-wallets, but intended for local use. With all this in mind, players in Serbia have a huge selection of payment and payout options in online casinos, ie. depositing in a licensed online casino does not pose any danger to you.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Serbian Players?

As gambling is well-regulated in Serbia, local payment methods function the best - credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers, are secure and most commonly used. Be that as it may, they are not as fast as other more modern payment options. Other forms of payment, such as e-wallets and crypto, are also available and equally good but not many Serbs use them.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Gambling in Serbia

7 Expert Tips for Gambling in Serbia

  1. Casinos in Serbia are not as widespread as bookmakers – there are only a few big casinos, mainly in Belgrade, the capital. Therefore, most Serbian players seek their luck online, where the offer is more than good.
  2. There is no jurisdictional body that will oversee the licensing of foreign casino sites. It is, therefore, very important to choose licensed and safe casino sites in Serbia, as there are quite a few that are scams.
  3. As some online casinos from Serbia are mainly provided by the already existing bookmakers, the majority of offers will be sports bets while casino games can be limited. Be that as it may, betting at online casinos can be quite rewarding.
  4. Bearing this in mind, it is often recommended to go with foreign casino sites that can be accessed from Serbia, in order to get a full selection of casino games.
  5. Many Serbs love gambling and therefore live rooms will often be filled with players. Those who love the traditional casino experience will love live dealer games.
  6. When looking to win big, many smaller casinos will join forces and provide a single jackpot prize. These prizes will make lucky players millionaires, although in Serbian currency.
  7. Many Serbs will look to earn much-needed money via online gambling but the risk of getting addicted is quite high. When gambling in Serbia, it is often recommended to notify people around you to keep track of your expenses.
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Gambling is legal in Serbia and people can enjoy all casinos and bookmakers with ease.

There are many national but also international gambling houses in Serbia that are completely safe and quite reputable, with decades of experience.

The Serbian market offers a great variety of betting houses that are safe and legal. Players can also access foreign betting sites but with caution as there are some that are shady.

In general, there are no mandatory limits set by the state, therefore any limits that may occur will come from casino sites and deposit methods. You can find more information about payment methods and deposit limits in Serbia here.

Everything below 300,000 dinars is not taxable. All winnings from gambling above 300,000 have a 20% tax that is mandatory and needs to be reported,

When a player wins money from gambling online, the money will be immediately transferred to the betting account. Next, you can request a payout and in a few hours, the money should be on your account. Interestingly, credit cards are the fastest in Serbia while e-wallets take days (it is usually the opposite in the rest of the world).

The market is so competitive that there is no best casino site. Every casino site in Serbia will offer something unique and will constantly bring new features in order to attract players. It is important to find safe and reliable casinos as there are some shady ones. The rest will depend solely on the player’s needs – games offered, limits, free games, etc.

Serbian casinos offer all the casino classics, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, etc., although in a somewhat limited quantity. If that’s not enough, players can always look for foreign casinos.

Slot machines, roulette, and video poker have been present in Serbia for many years and players simply love them to this day, therefore they would be the most popular ones.

Some casino sites offer free spins but these are rare or not that great. The best bonuses are matching deposit bonuses, which most casinos in Serbia will offer. Free spins can be found in-game, but that depends on the game itself.

It is necessary to create a gambling account first at a casino site. The casino will then offer a bonus to welcome the player. Sometimes it might be necessary to enter a promo code, or even deposit some money first.

Since the majority of people in Serbia occasionally or regularly gamble, there are many institutions, helplines, and psychiatrists that offer help to those suffering from gambling addiction. By googling them, a whole list will pop up.

🔎 Looking for betting sites? Here are the best betting sites in Serbia.