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Online Casinos in Tanzania 2023

Millions of people visit Tanzania each year and the country is doing quite well in tourism. Still, since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a significant increase in online gambling profits. Luckily, gambling is legal in Tanzania and there are no restrictions when it comes to gambling.

Online casinos from around the world gladly accept players from Tanzania but there are licensed casinos in the country as well. Players can choose from a variety of good sites but how to choose them and what to expect? Read on to find out more about the best casino sites in Tanzania for 2023.

🏆 6 Best Casino Sites in Tanzania (Top Rated Sites in Sep 2023)

Make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus
4.7 (148 ratings)
  • 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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3.8 (130 ratings)
  • Fantastic Live Casino Game Offer
  • User-friendly Interface
  • 1100+ slots games
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100% Up To €120 + 120 Free Spins
4.5 (129 ratings)
  • Incredible Casino Selection With More Than 4000 Games
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Vast Selection of Payment Methods
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3.6 (129 ratings)
  • License From the Gibraltar Gaming Commissions
  • Over 800 Slots Games
  • Varied Payment Methods
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100% Match Bonus to all three first deposits!
4.8 (94 ratings)
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Wide variety of casino games
  • Tournaments and Loyalty Program
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A 100% Four Deposit Match Bonus of up to $1,600
4.6 (147 ratings)
  • Over two decades in the gambling industry
  • A wide range of payment methods available
  • Fantastic mobile casino
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⚖️ Tanzanian Gambling Laws & Regulations

Tanzanian Gambling Laws & Regulations

Gambling in Tanzania has been legalized and every person of age can enjoy a variety of casinos, both brick-and-mortar and online ones. All gaming, including gambling, is conducted in accordance with the Gaming Board Act No. 4 of 2003, Chapter 41, and its regulations. By law, no person or institution is allowed to operate a gaming business without a license from the Gaming Board as well as other permits issued by other trading authorities. Also, the law prohibits children under the age of 18 from engaging in, entering, sitting, or roaming around gaming areas.

Anyone who allows a child under the age of 18 to participate in, enter, or stay near a gaming area is considered guilty of an offense and is liable to pay a fine of 500,000 TSh or imprisonment for not less than three months or both. In addition, if this offense is committed by a gaming operator, the Board has the legal authority to revoke the license. Therefore, the Government’s responsibility is to prevent children and adolescents under the age of 18 from playing gaming.

Gambling in Tanzania is one of the economic activities conducted in accordance with the law like any other activity. According to the state, the key is to make sure that all gaming operators adhere to the rules and regulations.

Is Online Casino Legal in Tanzania?

Gambling is legal and well-regulated in Tanzania. There are state entities that adhere to the law and regulate all forms of gambling in the state. However, there is still a lack of regulations for online gambling. Be that as it may, online casinos are being licensed in Tanzania, which means the general law includes online gambling as well.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Casino Site in Tanzania

How to Choose the Best Casino Site in Tanzania

It is very important to carefully choose among the best casino sites in Tanzania before completing a registration form in a virtual gaming room. To create a player account, it is essential to examine it from all angles. Make sure the casino meets a set of qualitative criteria, such as:

✅ Secure Software Platform

The security of the best online casinos in Tanzania is the selection parameter to place at the center of your decisions. In fact, nobody would take the incongruous risk of registering on a platform with a dubious reputation. Luckily for Tanzanian players, online casinos have legal support in Tanzania. Do not forget to check if the site has a security seal from one of the best licensing authorities in the world.

✅ Bonuses and Promotional Offers at Tanzanian Casinos

It would be frankly unacceptable if the best online casino sites in Tanzania did not have commercial gestures with their users. Logically, online casino rooms will make it an honor to give you a welcome bonus, when you have completed the registration process and have deposited money into your account.

In addition, the best online casinos in Tanzania usually reward their most loyal customers with various promotions – free spins, reload bonuses, cashback, etc. Therefore, it is the duty of the best casinos in Tanzania to be generous, both with new players and with the best existing ones.

✅ Variety of Casino Games at Online Casinos in Tanzania

The best Tanzanian online casinos can boast of providing a sufficiently wide range of games to their customers. You will find the timeless games of blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, baccarat or craps and much more. It is true when they say “the more the merrier,” but sometimes it is not as important to have a casino with thousands of games as it is important for it to be safe.

✅ Efficient Customer Service

The efficiency of the customer service unit is also one of the main criteria. They help determine the respectability of an online establishment. It is necessary to evaluate the professionalism of the customer service of each online casino before registering.

Its accessibility should be, if possible – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, through different channels, such as email, live chat, and telephone lines. Also, the relevance of their answer is important as they should give you valuable indications about their seriousness.

✅ Variety of Payment Solutions and Speed of Transactions at Tanzanian Casino Sites

Online casino sites in Tanzania worthy of the name will inevitably make a wide range of payment methods available to you to make your deposits and withdrawals. Usually, bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, ecoPayz), prepaid cards, and alternative means of payment (checks and transfers) should be present. They will be part of the range of monetary solutions of the best online casino sites in Tanzania.

✅ Protection and Security

Some sites don’t care about security, preferring to promise their players the moon instead of protecting their personal data and ensuring a fair game. The best online casino sites in Tanzania take care of your security and protect your interests. When you enter an online casino, always look for some data that reveals the legality and security of the site.

✅ Mobile Phone Compatibility

Many online casinos nowadays offer dedicated smartphone and tablet apps through which players can enjoy their games. If no apps are available, then it can be possible to access the casino site via a mobile internet browser. Having a casino site in Tanzania that is compatible with Android or iOS phones and tablets is always a big plus.

💵 How to Gamble Online in Tanzania

How to Gamble Online in Tanzania

1️⃣ Step 1: Select Your Tanzanian Online Casino

This part is the first step in diving into the world of gambling in Tanzania. Simply follow the suggestions provided, or go with the list of the best casino sites in Tanzania, and you will be fine. Select one casino that you find the best (or even several) and go to their official website.

2️⃣ Step 2: Create Casino Account at Tanzanian Gambling Sites

Once on the site, it is time to create an account. In some online casinos in Tanzania, the process of registering and activating an account to start playing and betting can be tedious. Although it seems simple, either because of inconvenient interfaces or a complicated registration funnel, it is not always within everyone’s reach.

That is why we want to guide you so that you learn the necessary steps to register in any bookmaker or online casino, and also take advantage of your bonus offer for new players.

The first thing anyone should pay attention to is finding the “Enter” or “Register” buttons, which are usually at the top of the casino website. Once you have accessed that screen, you must necessarily register with your phone and email. This is a basic requirement to meet.

Later you must select the country you are in, and the currencies you want to use. Something that may not seem important at first, but it is since your promotions and offers will have a lot to do with the country where you are. Each market has its specific offers.

Once you have completed the information, you must accept the terms and conditions of the company. It is recommended that you read them to avoid future surprises, although they are usually standard texts and very similar.

3️⃣ Step 3: Score Your Welcome Bonus at the Tanzanian Casino

Another aspect that you should pay special attention to is obtaining the welcome bonuses that online casinos usually offer to their new users. Some are clueless, forget about this offer, and end up not requesting it. Big mistake!

First, make sure you find an online casino in Tanzania that offers an attractive welcome bonus. If possible, with the maximum payment percentage, you can get the entire bonus with just one deposit.

Once you have found it when registering you will see the option to claim your welcome bonus. If you don’t see it, or it’s not activated on that screen, don’t worry. When you have received your account confirmation email, and enter the platform with your username, you can contact a casino worker and request your bonus. It will not take long to receive it, since it is a highly automated process by online casinos in Tanzania.

To contact a professional agent, it is best to use the live chat that all platforms usually have. Simply tell them about the welcome bonus and they will give you the necessary code so you can enjoy it. Bluntly! If you have a promotional code, it will be time to add it, and thus obtain a bonus or future discount.

4️⃣ Step 4: Make the First Deposit

Now that you have created your gambling account and have claimed the bonus, it is necessary to deposit some money in order to play casino games and earn some cash. Luckily, there are many well-reputable casino sites in Tanzania and players can use a variety of options to transfer their money to and from the casino account. Simply go to your account, find banking options, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Then deposit as much as you want and use that money for gambling.

5️⃣ Step 5: Play the Games!

The final step is to start playing your favorite casino games! We recommend checking any game in free mode first before putting real money on the line. Safety first!

✅ Is It Safe to Gamble Online?

One of the biggest fears that players have is to carry out transactions through the internet since in a certain way, they feel a sense of vulnerability. For this reason, we recommend reading all the sections on licenses and web security beforehand, to be calmer.

In any case, nowadays, all the casinos that operate in Tanzania on the internet are really safe since they are regulated and controlled by the authorities. To operate, they have to follow the jurisdiction of a specific license. It will not be difficult for you to find which license each casino has approved. At the bottom of the websites, there is usually all the information about it.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear in this regard. Illegal casinos, or the “darkest” practices of the internet, regarding betting and casino games, are almost over. Currently, online gambling is something very guarded and safe, and they offer all the guarantees of payment and withdrawal of money.

🏈 The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Tanzania

The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Tanzania

The world of online casinos is booming. In Tanzania, more and more people decide to go to these temples of Internet gaming. If you want to know which are the most popular online casino games in the country and the ones that players play the most, then read on.


Also known as slot machines, slots are is the most requested online casino game by users in Tanzania. This is due to the great variety of features, among which its numerous themes, pay lines, and also the combinations to win, and the bonuses that they offer could be highlighted. Their minigames are also one of the main options that make them preferred by players.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

They are one type of the slot machine modalities that are highly demanded in any type of Internet casino in Tanzania. They are also known by the name Jackpots. This means that the jackpot is accumulated according to the number of bets made by users. This amount is distributed as a fat pot and players in Tanzania can even become millionaires.


Another of the classic games in any casino that also triumphs in its online versions is Blackjack, also known as “21”. Its mechanics are simple and consists of adding a value of 21 with two or more cards, or as close to this number, but without going over. Blackjack is a game for a group of 4 to 7 players and the bet is always made before the first card is put into play.


Roulette is, without a doubt, one of the most popular casino games in Tanzania, probably coming right after slots. Its traditional style has changed very little over the years. Although, today, digital images add a touch of greater excitement and fun when playing on devices such as PCs or other laptops such as tablets or smartphones.


Baccarat is a much simpler version of Blackjack and it became popular in Tanzania mainly because it is the favorite game of the popular movie character James Bond. The objective of Baccarat is to add a number of points as close to 9 as possible. Normally, it is played between a player against the bank. The only advantage of the house is that it knows the third card that the player receives.

Video Poker
Video Poker

In recent years, poker has undergone a real revolution and video poker has contributed to it. The game offers several versions and is played against the machine. This type of game includes 5 cards and there are versions with different lines of the play: 10, 25, 50, and even 100.

As you can see, there are many different types of games that you can find in any online casino in Tanzania. They are for all tastes and for all types of players.


Without a doubt, Bingo is the quintessential game for any player who approaches an online casino in Tanzania, since it is the easiest to play. The most classic version of bingo has 90 balls, although there are also other versions with 75 and 80 balls. One of the main advantages of online bingo is that it allows you to interact with other players and also with the casino moderator.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are being played with real croupiers and other players who enter the virtual room. Croupiers can be seen on the screen and players can interact with dealers and even other players in the room. Many classic games can be played this way, such as poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.

If you are used to playing in virtual casinos in Tanzania, you will quickly realize the benefits that this modality offers. Although an online game is nice, doing it live multiplies the experience.

  • You will feel like you are in a real casino as these sites employ very realistic scenarios.
  • You will have professional dealers who use diverse equipment and technologies to transmit the games. For example, the analyst room, the CGU, and monitors that guarantee a legal and safe game. These shuffle real cards instead of digital versions of them.
  • You will have a chat at your disposal to communicate with the dealer and the other players.
  • You will experience greater security as there is human action involved and not just a random program or RNG.
  • Playing live with a dealer is not risky as these sites have high security and your data will be protected.
  • They have versions that adapt to your mobile devices, so you can play anywhere and anytime. They have an interface that adapts to the screen of your cell phone and is compatible with Android and IOS.

🎰 Online Gambling Odds, Margins & Lines in Tanzania

Online Gambling Odds, Margins & Lines in Tanzania

There would be no casinos if they were all losing money. Naturally, there are ways in which casinos (online casinos in Tanzania included) are getting richer. The most common way is, of course, the casino margin.

The advantage of casinos with their games over players is called margin. It is the opposite of return to player values (RTP in short). If, for example, a slot has a margin of 3.5%, its RTP would be 96.5% (100% – 3.5%). Usually, casino operators in Tanzania talk about margins when it comes to their profitability goals. On the other hand, for the players, the interest goes on the redistribution rates (RTP).

It’s all about the interests of each party. Typically, on slot guides, players can see RTP numbers. These being attractive, web editors do not hesitate to show them. On online casino guides in Tanzania, the return rates of the slots are often visible, but not the margins. Imagine seeing slot offers with margins of 3.5%! It wouldn’t be exciting and you wouldn’t want to play.

✅ Slot Casino Margins at Tanzanian Casinos Online

  • The higher the casino margin (from 8% to 20%), the higher the jackpots to be won,
  • The lower the casino’s margin (from 1% to 3%), the less cash there is to win,
  • Slots with a margin of 3% to 4% are the most played.

You might think, seeing the margins of casino slots, that games with a low margin are the most popular in Tanzania, but in practice, it is different. Indeed, with the games that benefit the casino the least, the prizes to be won are small (low jackpots). One could also think that the slots that benefit the casinos the most are boycotted, but this is not the case.

In fact, the games that benefit gambling houses in Tanzania the most are those that attract the most curiosity from players. The reason for this paradox is that the games that favor players the least are the ones that offer the most money to be won. These games that have low payout rates are programmed with giant jackpots. These very special slot machines can be compared to wheels of fortune. Any player can therefore win a fortune, but to get there you have to be very lucky.

✅ Slot Machines With a Margin of 3 to 4%

These games are neither too volatile nor too much to the advantage of the gambling houses. In fact, they are the slot machines most loved by players looking for profitability in Tanzania. The strength of these real money slot machines is that they often offer the chance to win massive jackpots (from 1500 $/€ to more than 100,000 $/€). Moreover, with a budget of 100 $/€, any player can win without taking too much risk. With 100 $/€ there is enough to play a lot of tricks on this type of slot. In this niche, the most played titles are those that most often produce gains. These games are in the catalog of the highest-paying casino sites in Tanzania. To play it, just go to one of the guides from the provider of these slot machines.

Playing slot machines in a physical or online casino does not change much. However, whether you go to a real casino or an online casino, what can change is the reputation of the casino and the customer service. If you want to be sure to choose a reputable gambling house it is always advisable to give priority to a certified and paying slots site. To achieve this, it is crucial to go to a casino established in a country that guarantees fair gaming. By doing so you will always have access to slot machines verified and fair vis-à-vis the law.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Spins and Promotions in Tanzanian Online Casino Sites

Make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus
  • 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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100% Match Bonus of up to £100 now!
  • Fantastic Live Casino Game Offer
  • User-friendly Interface
  • 1100+ slots games
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100% Up To €120 + 120 Free Spins
  • Incredible Casino Selection With More Than 4000 Games
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Vast Selection of Payment Methods
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Best Bonuses, Free Spins and Promotions in Tanzanian Online Casino Sites

The casino bonus is one of the reasons for the popularity of betting establishments operating on the web in Tanzania. It consists of an incentive that offers its beneficiary, in this case, the player registered in a casino, the possibility of playing and possibly making winnings without spending his money. The bonus of the casino is, therefore, in a way, considered to be the player’s gold.

In addition to allowing free betting, casino bonuses arouse so much interest among players in Tanzania because they are both multiple and multifaceted. With the variety of offers that operators have in store for customers, bettors of all stripes have plenty to be won over as casino bonuses are concocted with a view to matching all tastes and preferences.

🎁 The Welcome Bonus at Tanzanian Online Casinos

This is the very first incentive you will get when you land at an online casino in Tanzania. As its name suggests, this offer, also called the registration bonus, is concocted in order to warmly welcome you to the site. To qualify, all you have to do is become a member of the establishment by opening a real account. The welcome bonus is available in various other incentives such as free spins, the no deposit bonus, or the deposit bonus.

🎁 The Free Spins Bonus

This incentive is given to play slot machine games for free. The principle of this type of promotion is to offer the possibility of spinning the reels of the machine on which it is granted, with a predefined bet which cannot be modified and is the responsibility of the casino operator. The amount of free spins granted as a bonus varies from one casino site in Tanzania to another. It, therefore, depends on the generosity of the operators.

🎁 The No Deposit Bonus at Online Casinos in Tanzania

The definition of this casino bonus makes sense – you are entitled to it without having to make any payment on a platform. However, you will need to register, as your potential winnings will be credited to the account you have created.

The no deposit casino bonus aims to encourage players to become members. This offer can be granted in the form of free spins, but also as free credits. The latter are a sum of money which, unlike free spins, gives the opportunity to try to win money on entertainment options other than slot machines.

🎁 The Deposit Bonus

Depending on the online casino in Tanzania, this promotion is also referred to as the “reload bonus” or “deposit match”. It gives the right to free credits which are a sum of money that cannot be withdrawn and is intended solely for playing. In order to grant the deposit bonus, online casino operators establish a percentage that they apply to the sum of money paid by the player, and this, for the calculation of the casino bonus to be granted. For example, for a 100% deposit bonus, the bettor who deposits 100,00 shillings into his account will be entitled to an additional 100,000 as a bonus.

🎁 Promotions at Tanzanian Casinos

Receiving a welcome bonus is good, it can be used to play for free and even win some money without investing anything. But that will happen only once upon account creation. Therefore, the best online casino sites in Tanzania will offer various promotions to their existing players.

These can come in various forms and are a sign of a respectable casino. Attracting new players is always good but keeping the existing ones is a must. Finding casino sites in Tanzania with good promotions is always a good choice. Here are some of the most famous promotions that players in Tanzania can find.

🎁 The Cash Back Bonus

If the world of casino bonuses is new to you, this type of promotion most certainly does not appeal to you. This is an incentive that entitles you to a return of money on all of your deposits or losses made on a casino site in Tanzania. In other words, players who deposit and lose a certain sum of money will get a bit back.

🎁 The Birthday Bonus

You will only be entitled to it once during the year. And for good reason: it is logically granted on a single date which is the one entered during your registration and corresponding to your day of birth. The content of the birthday bonus is based on the generosity of each operator in Tanzania. You may be eligible for a no deposit offer (free spins and/or free credits) or a deposit match.

🎁 The Referral Bonus at Tanzanian Casinos

This is money that an online casino platform in Tanzania gives you for free when you invite a friend or a player you know to make your casino their new gambling destination. The amount of the referral casino bonus is not marvelous, being rarely higher than 100,000. To qualify for this offer more than once, you must multiply referrals.

🎁 The Bonus Linked to the Payment Method

Among the variety of payment methods made available to fund your account, the use of some is much more advantageous than others. The reason is that a special bonus is sometimes associated with banking options. Indeed, there are payment methods that offer the possibility of receiving a small incentive when you use it to deposit money into your account. As a rule, the player receives a 15% deposit match, which allows him to play with an increased budget.

🎁 The Loyalty Bonus at Online Casinos in Tanzania

This promotion is very often associated with a VIP program which is concocted in order to reward the regular activity of the players in Tanzania. Regular players in their sessions are offered all forms of incentives. When they are enrolled in a VIP club, they have the possibility of accumulating loyalty points which are convertible into casino bonuses or cash which can be withdrawn immediately. Joining a loyalty program also allows you to benefit from many advantages and gifts in kind.

Apart from the previously mentioned bonus casinos, you will also find other incentives such as high roller bonuses for players who make large deposits of money, free play time which allows entertainment for a defined period of time, and promotions and one-off specials that include rewarding challenges with great prize pools.

💳 Payment Options at Tanzanian Casino Sites

Payment Options at Tanzanian Casino Sites

As gambling is being done online at casino sites, naturally, there will be no cash to pay for chips. Therefore, all monetary transactions will be done online as well. Luckily, there is a huge variety of deposit and withdrawal options for players in Tanzania to choose from. We can categorize them into bank transactions, bank cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrencies. Here is what is available to Tanzanian players.

Bank Transfers – Bank transfers are considered classic payment methods, even obsolete according to some, but they remain popular. It must be said that they are still the safest way in terms of financial transactions.

Bank Cards – Bank cards are often offered by the best online casinos in Tanzania, as well as other similar sites around the world. This transaction support is practical and easy to use. The disadvantage for those who want to remain discreet is that the fees for the activities appear on the bank statement.

Visa – Many players opt for a Visa card. This payment method is compatible with almost all gaming sites in Tanzania and around the world. It allows deposits and withdrawals to be made in complete safety thanks to an efficient electronic encryption system.

MasterCard – Payment by Mastercard is reliable and secure. Users also have the right to quality services. Many players trust sites offering this payment method in Tanzania.

Maestro – Several types of transactions are possible with Maestro, including deposits and withdrawals. With this safe and easy-to-use card, all you need to do is fill in a few numbers to initiate a transaction. Money transfers are free and fast.

Electronic Wallets – E-wallets are virtual platforms for storing, depositing, and withdrawing money. These virtual wallets are monitored and controlled by regulatory bodies such as FCA or Financial Conduct Authority. They are as reliable and secure as bank accounts.

PayPal – PayPal is the choice of many players in Tanzania wishing to transact securely on the Internet. With this e-wallet, you can withdraw, deposit and use the money in virtual gambling halls.

Skrill – Skrill is used to manage the movement of funds on a virtual platform. This tool allows you to make secure payments. It is appreciated for the speed of his transactions and the reliability he demonstrates. Skrill offers a wide range of remote financial services. Whether it is to deposit or withdraw money, security is assured.

Ecopayz – In an online casino with ecoPayz, the withdrawal of funds will take some time. In this case, your online transaction will not be instant as when making a deposit. At most ecoPayz online casinos it will take 2-3 business days to receive the money from your gaming account. Still, it is a widespread option in Tanzania and as safe as other e-wallets.

Sofort – Sofort is reliable, safe to use, and can quickly transfer money to the account. The payment method is convenient to use when other popular online banking payment services are not available. If these services are not available in a casino where you want to play, Sofort is a good option. The service offers a secure way to deposit money and can be used to transfer money from your own bank account.

WebMoney – WebMoney’s advantage over other payment systems has always been in the speed of transaction processing. With the advent of smartphones and other devices, using an electronic wallet has become even easier. With the device and the downloaded application, it is even more convenient to replenish the balance of your mobile phone, pay for services and replenish your account in an online casino in Tanzania.

Prepaid Cards – Prepaid cards are great alternatives for players who don’t have a credit card or e-wallet. They help manage gaming spending closely.

Paysafecard – Paysafecard is a physical card, with codes, accessible in newsstands, shops, and petrol stations. Many people in Tanzania use it to gamble online. You just have to buy the card and enter the code before making a transaction.

Neteller Prepaid Card – Neteller is a payment method allowing different kinds of transactions, including fund transfers to an account. It is popular with amateurs and followers of online casino games in Tanzania. Neteller now offers a prepaid card that can be used after a simple registration.

Not all payment methods are created equal. It is important to choose the method that suits your needs. For example, you want to hide your personal data during transactions. It is also possible that you want to obtain a guarantee on the security of your money. So make your choice accordingly.

Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies have become a very popular alternative that can be much more viable in some cases. Using cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw money on online gaming sites we will not need a bank account, an advantage over credit or debit cards, and other options.

It is also important to note that cryptocurrency transactions are very, very safe, especially when it comes to Bitcoin. In this way, we avoid taking risks when depositing at any online casino in Tanzania.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Tanzanian Players?

In theory, crypto transfers are the best as they are the fastest, safest, and most convenient. In practice, not many people nor casino sites in Tanzania deal with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, e-wallets come as the best alternative - they are faster, safer, and more widespread than other forms of payments. Lastly, bank and card transfers are the slowest but most convenient ones.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Gambling in Tanzania

7 Expert Tips for Gambling in Tanzania

  1. There are many online casinos that are legal and licensed in Tanzania. In general, these are the safest options to go. But since gambling is legal in the country and there are no specific regulations towards online gambling, players can access any foreign casino site that accepts Tanzanians.
  2. Although it may seem like too much work, creating several casino accounts is possible and recommended. This way, you can compare what both Tanzanian and foreign casinos have to offer. Also, you can enjoy more welcome bonuses.
  3. When accessing foreign casino sites, it is recommended to use VPNs (virtual private networks). These will keep both your location and personal information safe from prying eyes. Players should always go for reputable VPNs, but those usually require a paid subscription.
  4. Some online casinos in Tanzania offer sports betting as well, apart from all the classic casino games. Having it all in one place is always a plus. Additionally, some casinos offer great odds and various bonuses for sports betting.
  5. Tanzanian players are smart and go for slots that offer lower but frequent winnings. Be that as it may, jackpot slots can make you a millionaire in a matter of minutes. If opting to go for such slots, it is recommended to check out how machines work – keep track of their payout timings and suitable wagering.
  6. As gambling is legal in the country, there is no need to hide from anyone. You can freely download casino apps or simply access casino sites via mobile phones. This way, you can enjoy casino games anytime, anywhere.
  7. While it is possible to earn money, online casinos should be considered a form of entertainment. In case of losses or huge winnings, it is best to simply stop and avoid gambling addiction.
Make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus
  • 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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Yes, gambling has been legal in Tanzania for a while and players can enjoy a wide variety of games.

Gambling is well-regulated and therefore it is quite safe to gamble in Tanzania. Of course, players should go with reputable and licensed casino sites and avoid any shady ones.

Gambling is well-regulated and therefore it is quite safe to place sports bets in Tanzania. Of course, much like with online casinos, bettors should go with reputable and licensed bookmakers.

Deposit limits will vary depending on a casino site, as well as the preferred payment method. It is always necessary to check this information out before joining a casino site. Be that as it may, almost all casinos will provide quite acceptable limits for everyone.

Gamblers are required to report winnings and pay a 10% yearly tax on all winnings at Tanzanian licensed casino sites. Consequently, people are looking to join foreign casino sites anonymously and avoid such taxes.

All casinos process transactions differently but most do it in a matter of hours. What’s more important are the player’s payment options – not every option is fast. The fastest ones are cryptocurrencies which take only minutes, followed by e-wallets that usually take 24h. Card transfers take 2-3 days while bank transfers take around 5-7 days.

Each casino is unique and every player has unique tastes. What’s important is that the casino is safe and offers a variety of good features that will benefit the particular player.

There are no limitations on casino games in Tanzania therefore players can enjoy classics, such as slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and craps, but also bingo, scratchcards, sports betting, and more.

Like in most countries, slots are the most popular at casino sites in Tanzania. They are easy to play, don’t require skill or strategy, and have low deposit requirements.

Many casinos will offer free spins to their players. They can come either as part of welcome bonuses or promotions meant for regular gamblers. They can be only used for certain slot games though.

To collect the sign-up bonus, it is necessary to create a gambling account with a casino site in Tanzania. This only takes a few minutes and after completion, the player will be awarded a bonus, although sometimes it might be necessary to deposit some money first.

There is a serious problem in Tanzania when it comes to gambling as many players will go in debt in order to gamble and then resort to alcohol or suicide when all money is lost. Unfortunately, there aren’t many helplines or institutions where gamblers can go for help. It would be best to contact a local psychiatrist or even authorities when problems become evident.

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