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103 ratings
Bonus 10% Off Most Lotteries + VIP Points
  • Reputation: Average
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto
  • Total Lotteries: 20+ Lotteries and 4 Raffles
  • Payment Options: Bank transfer, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets
  • Fees: Slightly above average
  • Countries Available: Excludes U.S. and specific countries
  • Support: Live chat, email, and telephone
  • Languages: EN, FR, PT, ES, DE, PL
  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry
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We decided to give WinTrillions a try after reading inconclusive reviews on the web.

Our complete analysis revealed that most information out there needs an update, which we brought in detail.

In summarized topics, understand how our experience impacted our view on WinTrillions and how it can impact yours.

Pros / Cons

  • Operating Since 2005
  • Fast Live Support
  • Responsive Mobile Website
  • Extra Casino Games
  • Duly Licensed and Encrypted
  • Could Provide More Info on Payments
  • Limits Withdrawals
  • Fees Slightly Above Average

How Does WinTrillions Work?

WinTrillions offers the chance of betting on lottery results, similar to what a bookmaker does to sports. As we did with Multilotto, we evaluated all the basic security and navigability parameters that classify a good lottery website.

As soon as we created an account – which took us less than a couple of minutes – we were already eligible to deposit and place our bets.

Choose WinTrillions Lottery

The entire process is quite simple, and players can decide to register after they choose their numbers. Clicking on the “Play Now” button on any lottery redirects to a user-friendly and original design, where players decide how many draws and numbers they want.

Pay for the Tickets

Although the standard for every ticket is the Quick Pick alternative, players can always choose their numbers. Once satisfied, all tickets are added to a cart, from where we could proceed to checkout.

The confirmation comes via email and on the WinTrillions website. However, due to its nature as a lottery bookmaker, there are no scans of real tickets. That is agreeable, as that is exactly how those websites work.

How does WinTrillions Work

If you win, WinTrillions will let you know, and your account will be updated with your winnings. We did not have that luck, and our numbers became statistics.

WinTrillions Winnings

What is the Difference Between WinTrillions UK and

We registered and reviewed the website, for that is the global version. Even so, we collected some information on the website.

First, we need to correct the information spread out there that says WinTrillions UK acts as lottery agents for syndicates. In fact, it works exactly like, except for two major differences:

  • The UK website is meant for United Kingdom residents only.
  • It only allows syndicate plays, but as a bookmaker and not as a lottery agent.

WinTrillions UK

Also, we checked the information that their SSL certificate by GoDaddy does not carry the URL. However, as we did verify, the website does belong to the same company. Therefore, the different SSL URL might be more like a curiosity than an issue, as they do own several domains.


That said, we concluded that the vast majority of players that do not reside in the UK should not even bother considering its existence. Simply proceed on playing your favorite lotteries on the website.

Is WinTrillions Legit & Safe: License and Security

As a lottery bookmaker, we cannot provide scanned tickets to prove its legitimacy, similar to what we did with LottoAgent. Even so, we can use other parameters to prove WinTrillions is not a scam.

We verified that WinTrillions carries a valid certificate that states it is duly licensed in Curaçao. In other words, WinTrillions legally operates its lottery betting website.

WinTrillions is Safe

A real GoDaddy certificate also states that the domain is duly encrypted. Its 256-bit SSL encryption protects both personal data and payment transactions.

That information is also provided from the first moment of the sign-up process. Of course, we tested and confirmed it.

WinTrillions Payments

Our malware-check also revealed that the domain, the same one that is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate, is clean:

WinTrillions is Safe and Legit

How to Register on WinTrillions and Bet

WinTrillions differs from most lottery betting websites due to its unique layout. We liked that registration is summarized in a single form, which collects details such as:

  1. Full name
  2. Full address
  3. Email and password for the account
  4. Valid mobile number

Register on WinTrillions

After completing the entire form, the account was immediately ready to play and deposit – but we recommend checking our section on the bonuses we found first.

Restricted Countries

As always, we made sure to check what countries cannot register on WinTrillions. We contacted them, only to be informed that they do not disclose that kind of information – differently from transparent websites like theLotter.

On the other hand, we know that they have a separate website for UK residents, and this information within their terms:

Restricted List

However, that does not mean everyone else is eligible to bet on WinTrillions. To avoid having problems with the local jurisdiction or never being able to claim winnings, they advise looking at the local legislation on gambling.

ResponsibilityFees and Commissions

When investigating fees and commissions, we understood the importance of bringing our readers some updated information. WinTrillions does not charge commissions on winnings, and their fees on lottery tickets are not as high as some websites claim.

In fact, we calculate a mark-up of around 180%. That is more than the lottery operators we reviewed, but still agreeable, as that is how WinTrillions makes money.

WinTrillions Winning Fees

User Interface and Experience

While the homepage of WinTrillions resembles several other websites connected to online lotteries, its platform is completely different. Even so, it was easy to select any lottery or other game we wanted to play.

We were not fond of having to deselect from Quick Pick to reveal the lottery tickets, but that should not affect the overall user experience.

Adding funds was also easy. Although we had no winnings to collect, the availability of withdrawal methods seemed to match our needs and those of our readers.

Those same features, from the games to their payment and support resources, were also available for mobile devices.

Best Lottery Games Available on WinTrillions

WinTrillions features its lottery games according to the biggest jackpot prizes. In total, we counted 22 lotteries, all immediately available.

Lotteries on WinTrillions

A couple of clicks is everything between selecting those lotteries and actually betting on them. Among the options, they include the most important online lotteries around the world, open to bets regardless of where the player lives.


The jackpot prize starts at US$20 Million but usually reaches more than US$100 Million. WinTrillions gives additional help to players who just started. We received 10% off our first draw, as our pick was Powerball due to its popularity.

There are a total of 8 secondary prizes, and even the special Powerball number alone gives a prize. Occurring every Wednesday and Saturday, Powerball draws always constitute a good addition to any cart – in both lottery agents and betting websites.

Mega Millions

WinTrillions also allow players around the world to gamble on the results of the official Mega Millions lottery. It counts on the highest minimum jackpot, US$40 million, and its rollovers are quite frequent and high – it reached almost US$1.6 billion once.

It is usually played together with Powerball, and they both combined result in a wonderful mix of prizes. In total, Mega Millions alone has 9 different prize tiers.


While the record jackpot of €177.7 Million is far from Powerball and Mega Millions, the Italian lottery SuperEnalotto is quite popular. The minimum jackpot prize is €1.7 million, enough to change anyone’s life. As a matter of fact, the attractive odds of SuperEnalotto make it appealing even if it does not rollover.

Draws occur three times a week, differently from Powerball and Mega Millions. Jackpot winner or not, any player of WinTrillions is eligible to the 6 prize tiers.

Other WinTrillions Games, Syndicate, or Group Play

Almost 15 different lottery games are open to syndicates or simply group play. We checked games like SuperEnalotto and Powerball, and they had between 100 and 250 shares. Each one of those shares gives access to at least 60 chances to win.

Lottery Syndicates

Except for the normal individual draws, WinTrillions does not offer additional lottery options, such as a system bet. Instead, players can opt for a subscription.

Millionaire Raffles and Scratch Cards

We verified that WinTrillions offers millionaire raffles, which is an interesting way of betting on lotteries. Unlike normal lotteries, raffles do not rely on draws, and the numbers are preselected by automatic and random generation platforms.

At the moment, there are four different raffles available, and some of them may take up to 3 months to release the results. On the other hand, scratch cards offer the opportunity to get instant prizes.

WinTrillions offers 10 of those, with prizes up to US$50,000. We even played the demo version of a popular one to check it out:

WinTrillions Scratch Cards

Results and Info

Through the website of WinTrillions, we were able to check the results of all the lotteries available to bet. The same applies to raffles, with the winnings’ history of up to 8 years ago. That is as much information as we could get from WinTrillions.

WinTrillions Slots and Live Casino

Virtual Casino is the section of WinTrillions where we found over 210 slot games published by excellent and reliable providers. Some great examples found there are Gonzo’s Quest and several other Megaways slots.

Together with them, there are almost 10 table and card games, including blackjack and roulette. Every single casino game on WinTrillions is available in an unlimited demo version.

WinTrillions Casino

On the other side, players looking for an experience that somehow resembles land-based casinos can access the “Live Casino” page. The live dealer rooms available are distributed into the following genres:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Game Show
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo

Unlike most online casinos, WinTrillions will only let players watch once they have deposited.

While WinTrillions does not make it easy to figure out about its promotions, the lottery betting site has a few decent offers you can exploit. We checked for all the possibilities, even used one of the 10% discounts, and brought them all here.

Daily Deals, Vouchers, and Discount Codes

The Daily Deals is by far the most interesting page of offers available on WinTrillions. Although they tend to change, they usually provide promotions like discounts from 5% to 10% off most lotteries.

Daily Deals on WinTrillions

Most of the time, players can receive a prompt informing of a discount as soon as they choose their lottery. Therefore, we recommend checking your favorite lottery games before placing bets.

Inviting friends to bet and play on WinTrillions gives a free entry to the user and the invited friend. The referred user should play before they both receive their free entries. For those who do enjoy the conditions on WinTrillions, it is a good offer.

Refer a Friend

As soon as you sign up, WinTrillions sends a special offer that counts as a welcome bonus. We did not intend to play their casino games for real money and were not looking for a subscription. However, they do sound like good opportunities:

Welcome Bonus WinTrillions

Even though we did not want it, we investigated the terms, and they seem quite reasonable. Casino bonuses of 100% up to $300 from only $10 and 30x wagering requirements are not common in online casinos. Besides, they do count on a relevant slot catalog.

WinTrillions Membership

Every US$2 results in 1 VIP Loyalty Point, which can be redeemed for discounts and even the chance of playing for free. There is no need to accept any terms or do anything else, as every user, including us, is automatically participating in it.

Annual Subscription

Before proceeding to checkout, players can click or tap on “See other options” instead of purchasing for an individual draw. Monthly, semiannual, and annual subscriptions are available to all lotteries. However, only semiannual and annual subscription deals actually apply a discount.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and might be a good alternative to recurrent players.

Subscription Bonus

Is There a WinTrillions Mobile App to Play Lottery Online?

Unfortunately, WinTrillions does not offer a lottery betting app with its lottery and casino games. Instead, we could easily access the same resources and our account using our mobile browser.

WinTrillions Mobile

Therefore, do not download any app unless WinTrillions starts to provide it through its official website. Other than that, Android and iOS users can easily bet using their browsers.

WinTrillions Payout, Deposit & Withdrawal Options

We purchased our lottery bet using a Mastercard credit card, and it was a smooth transaction that we knew to be secured. While there were around 7 deposit methods available to us, they tend to vary according to your region.

Payout Rules

Withdrawals may incur extra charges, although there is only a single mention to it on the terms and no further information. Our major concern relates to the claimed maximum withdrawal of €4,000 per week. While that is a good range for online casinos, jackpot prizes of millions would take an eternity to be withdrawn. However, after we took the matter to the hands of the customer support team of WinTrillion, we uncovered there isn’t such an applicable withdrawal limit.

How to Withdraw Money from WinTrillions

As soon as your account funds are updated with winnings, it is possible to request a payout. The payment methods may be chosen under “Your Payments” in the “My Account” menu. In our case, we could only find credit cards as an option.

WinTrillions Withdraw

With at least one payment method added, it is possible to withdraw according to the payout rules.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

WinTrillions fails to provide enough information on how deposits and withdrawals vary according to the country. That said, we collected a screenshot of the most common ones, including bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, cards, and e-wallets:

Payment Methods

Service and Customer Support

We tried their main support channel, a live chat, several times on three different days. Every single time, they did not fail in answering our questions.

WinTrillions Support

Other than that, WinTrillions offers a contact form on their website, besides their email address and two telephone numbers. That should be enough in most cases if any question remains after reading our review.


Does WinTrillions Hold a Percentage of Any Prizes I Win?

No, WinTrillions does not charge any commission on winnings;

How Do They Make Money?

They charge a fee on every lottery ticket representing a bet on the official results.

How Do I Know if I Won a Prize?

WinTrillions will let you know if you win any prize. On the other hand, you can also check the results on their website and elsewhere.

Did Anyone Ever Win With WinTrillions?

WinTrillions does not provide information on the winners on its website. The only two testimonials available could not be checked.

How to Get Paid?

Simply register a payment method once you receive your winnings and withdraw them to your account.

Why is WinTrillions Different from Lottery Operators?

It does not purchase an official lottery ticket in your name. Instead, you can gamble on the results and receive your prize separately from the official winners.

Who Can Play at WinTrillions?

Anyone above their local legal gambling age can play on WinTrillions.


WinTrillions is on its way to becoming a complete bookmaker website focused on lotteries. Players have the most popular lotteries there, together with an extensive selection of hundreds of casino games. However, they do not have as many lotteries as most operators.

Our overall experience exploring using a computer and a mobile device presented no issues. Their support live chat works perfectly, and that is one of the most relevant features, after confirming that WinTrillions is a legit website.

Those players who find their terms agreeable can enjoy their several discounts and VIP program. If not, they always can choose any appropriate lottery for themselves with our lottery sites review, and try their luck!

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10% Off Most Lotteries + VIP Points